Naruto fanon character
Birth Date September 23rd
Age 15
Blood type B
Gender Male
Kekkei Genkai
Current Location Leaf Village
Origin Hidden Leaf Village
Chakra Type
Rank Jonin
Team Team Edge
Affiliation Konohagakure, Yamanaka Clan
Family Inochi Yamanaka (father), Ino Yamanaka (sister)


Kamino Yamanaka is the twin brother of Ino Yamanaka, born on September 23rd and son of Inochi Yamanaka. In their days at the academy, Kamino was good friends with Sasuke Uchiha and another boy named Takeshi Subeta and all three were considered very gifted. Kamino having mastered all aspects of the Mind Body Switch Technique at the age of seven. Shortly after, Kamino begins to have feelings for a girl named Mio Fuma. He then tells his friend Takeshi Subeta and finds out that Takeshi feels the same way about Mio. Despite this, they stay friends and always compete for Mio’s affection. Unfotunately, Mio sees them both as just friends.


1. Mind Body Switch Technique

2. Mind Body Destruction Jutsu

3. Animal Coin Summoning

4. Wind Style: Wing Burst

5. Tunneling Fang

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