Kamui Ninjutsu is a Ninjutsu Style that utilizes the Kamui. The style first originated from Kakashi Hatake, the first person to use the Kamui. The only other person to use this is Enko Sarutobi.

While most users of the Kamui have the Mangekyo Sharingan, few ninja with high enough chakra levels can use it.

The Kamui Style involves the use of manipulating space. The "Original" Kamui, only allowed the user to manipulate a small amount of space, seen when Kakashi tried to trap Deidara in the Kamui Dimension. Enko Sarutobi, being a master of NinGenjutsu, created varitions of the "Original" Kamui.

Kamui Variations Created by Enko:

  • Kamui Youchi
  • Kamui Kenkon
  • Kamui Aijou
  • Kamui Kirai
  • Kamui Toukai
  • Kamui Yasuragi
  • Kamui Shinkan

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