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He never really uses it much. But this move is known to have the power to reflect weaker energy attacks. I does require chakra but he transfers it to his staff, to relfect oncoming projectiles by spinning it. This move also has pinpoint accuracy while relfecting it. It send it back toward the opponent or negates it. It does require timing however. It's not really practical, you could just move out the way. But if its too close to dodge then thats when this technique comes in handy.

  • The second ability of Kamui Ryusei, it seems to affect the surroundings around gaoh, such as if a kunai was thrown at Gaoh he could use this technique to slow down the kunai, within 1ft of his person and halt it to a complete stop.
  • Uses 23% of max chakra, up to 3 times a day.


  • Gaoh has to be looking at the object to slow it down.
  • Bomb tags...unless he see's it before hand.
  • Cannot be used against big objects effectively.

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