Kanhebi emerging from a cave-in, having saved Anko and the squad she was leading during her mission to the Sea Country.

Kanhebi is Anko Mitarashi's favorite summon, a giant anaconda. She has many of the same abilities of Orochimaru's Giant Snake that he summoned in the Forest of Death, but she is quite a bit larger and is able to act as a form of transportation. Kanhebi can also act as a shield having high stamina and thick skin as evidenced by her surviving a cave-in.

As Anko rarely has to use her; she has only been seen summoning Kanhebi once by other Konoha ninja, other than the Third Hokage who helped her tame Kanhebi. However, on many solo A-rank missions Kanhebi has been summoned when Anko is outnumbered. Kanhebi has been used less since Anko became a jonin and got a squad, but she was summoned by her mistress during the invasion of Susugakure in order to help civilians get away from the wrath of invading Otogakure forces.

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