This article, Kantsuugan, is property of Cold hard steel.

Name: Kantsuugan

Type: dojustu

Handseals: N/A

Users: Nik Ryu

Description: This dojustu (it is not a kekkei genkai) gives the user an enhanced form of eyesight, turning the eyes a jade color. These eyes have enhanced range of vision and can even slightly see chakra, spiritual power, magic, etc. in the form of heat waves(like those that rise from the asphalt on a hot summer day). The main ability, however is the power to paralyze an opponent by looking into their eyes. This paralysis is put into effect by firing a pin sized beam of chakra from the eyes into the opponent's eyes(the weakest point of entry into the nervous system), thus sending it into the brain and blocking signals from the brain to the body. No amount of chakra control could dispel this, lest it damages the brain of the defender. The only way to release this ability is if the user were to need to bring back the chakra or if they willingly pull it back.

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