Kaos is the god of chaos and was exiled to the absolute lowest section of hell. Kaos was once loving and caring but slowly the chaos he controlled corrupted him. He started to spread chaos and rape and murder humans and gods alike. It took the combined power of shinigami, kami, yami, galabriel, and the juubi who at the time hadn't split just to imprison him. He also gifted mortals with the Datenshi bloodline and the bostaff Calamity.


Kaos was once a loving and caring god who spread chaos only where it was needed and was the mate of juubi, yami, kami, and galabriel. Soon however the whispers of satan and lucifer was too much for him as slowly his personality matched with his kingdom. His corruption caused him to go insane and he raped al his wives and tried to kill his best friend shinigami. The 5 omnipotent beings reluctantly agreed to banish him but when he attacked them they were forced to imprison him in the lowest circle of hell. He spent millennia making a plan and by influencing the clan he created, set his plan into motion.


Kaos is considered one of the most powerful of the gods by many and is the creator of chaos chakra. He has the ability to manifest himself in the real world and is so powerful that he and lucifer and satan govern hell as the monarchies with Kaos being the leader of the trio. His strength has been shown to be monstrous because he holds the 9 hells together, literally as shown when he casts 8 of the hells into empty space as a performance of strength. His speed is considered godly even by the other gods considering he literally can run all the way through hell and back in a record 1.25 seconds.


Kaos is cruel, mischievous, and oddly enough, playful. However his temper is said to flare brighter than Amaterasu.

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