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Name:Katana Hyyuga Rank: Kiamantattakage (Lord Of The Wind) Age: 14 Special Jutsu: Wind Rasengan: swirling fire and darkness!

Katana Hyyuga is a 14 year old who lives in konohagukure. He has long white hair (like nejis but white) and a large katana filled with fusion chakra elements each being: Matamamo (Fire) , Katannkot (Wind) And Otamaoppted (Darkness) He has a special headband obtained by defeating a jonin before he even entered the academey

[u] Academey Days [/u] In his academy days he easily beat others. He wore a long robes back then. He was easily noted for his special jutsu God Wonders Of Flames a jutsu where the user attack with a small explosion entering the next 2 kilometres with fire. He took his test and easily passed.

[u] Genin Life [/u] In his team he could easily knock out his teacher and in his exams "accidently" killed all the other genin teams. He wore a large roll of paper to cover up all of hi body except for one of his byakugan eyes during this time.

[u] Chuunin [/u] When he became a chuunin he battled in the battle of kohona

[u] Battle Of Kohona [/u] In the battle of Kohona Katana killed all intruders

[u] Kiamantattakage life [/u]

After being elcted as Kiamantattakage Katana made his sword and prepared to battle against the main branch of his clan

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