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"Did I stutter? I'm going to kill you."

Katsumi Yosomono
Full Name Yosomono Katsumi
Highest Rank Unknown
Age 24
Gender Male
Village of Origin Sunagakure
Chakra Type Lightning, Wind
Classification Kumogakure

Yosomono Clan Kumogakure (formerly)


Katsumi is considered to be one of the most feared members of the Yosomono Clan. He is mostly calm and level-headed, but can be easily bored, and even more ill-tempered. Despite his awareness of his Eximo Espada leader's ranks, he will use mockery, brute force and coercion on them in the belief that they are doing something extremely "foolish". This has led him to several confrontations with his teammate Shunsatsu.

Another set of fearsome traits is his love of battle, sadism and lack of mercy shown on an opponent. Unlike most members of the Yosomono Clan, he enjoys to use physical and mental torture on his opponents for his own amusement. His fighting styles involve inflicting the most pain on his opponent without killing them, even forcing them to the brink of insanity.


Like many of his teammates, it is unknown what the exact level of Katsumi's strength is. They focus mostly on the concept of long-range combat and the use of arrows. Instead of a bow, however, he uses a custom-made crossbow, capable of firing multiple arrows quickly. This, along with his own high level of chakra control, make him a formidable opponent to be confronted with.


Utilizing the crossbow he commonly wields with him, his arrows are fired more accurately, acquiring a much longer range and force than the regular bow and arrow. His skillful accuracy, along with his own lightning chakra control, make his arrows a fearsome weapon to most of his opponents.

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