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The Kawahira Clan is a secret clan to which Seireitou Hyuga and Kenji Hyuga are truly from. It was a clan of very few beings with unusual powers. During Seireitou's final fight against Kenji, he discovers that he was never a Hyuga to begin with, that infact, he is a Kawahira. He was placed into a Hyuga family at his birth and his father, Dai Yōko, used his power to force that family to accept Seireitou and Kenji as their own. Kenji, who had discovered the truth long ago, relayed the info to his younger brother, Seireitou right before his death. Seireitou was told that Dai Yoko, their father put them into the Hyuga in order for their powers to grow. Dai Yoko would then proceed with a family ritual, the extraction of his eldest son's soul to amplify his own powers. Since Seireitou had slain Kenji, Dai Yoko would soon set his sights on his youngest son, Seireitou.



It was said that the Akkonbi Clan were the descendants of the Kawahira Clan and specialized in unique spells.

General Spells

Dai Jaen

Specialized Spells

Haja Kekkai - Nishiki Shikokuchuu
Hatsuro X ? - Rengoku
Haja Soukou - Hatsuro X ? - Rangoku
Haja Kekkai - Massive Fan Barrier
Haja Kekkai - Ishiki Kogetsubaku


Kitsukami are demons that are in kitsune appearance and take the form of a human, some cases, they may possess a tail in their human form. They are capable of extreme power and use special spells against their opponents. Kitsukami, with the exception of Seireitou, Kenji and Dai Yoko who have transcended into Xiaochu, bond with a Kawahira family member, known as a Kitsukami Tsukai.

List of Kitsukami

Kitsukami Tsukai

Kitsukami Tsukai are members of the Kawahiru Clan who have made "contracts" with Kitsukami and have bonded with one. It appears that a male member will usually make a contract with a female kitsukami and vice-versa.

List of Kitsukami Tsukais

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