Kazashi Akumuno
Highest Rank Chukanbushi
Occupation Samurai
Age 14
Height 167 cm (5'2)
Weight 44.2 kg (97 lbs)
Gender Male
Race Human
Land of Origin Land of Volcanoes
Nature Affinity Fire
Affiliation Land of Volcanoes
Family Unnamed father, Unnamed mother, Unnamed first older brother, Unnamed second older brother (deceased)
Teachers Unknown

Kazashi Akumuno (嘉座市悪ムーいいえ; Akumuno Kazashi) was a young Chukanbushi samurai of the Land of Volcanoes, fighting during the Second Great Samurai War. Kazashi comes from a lone line of samurai, including his immediate family. When he received the news that his second oldest brother was had been slain in battle, the newly promoted Kazashi is quick to take his older brother's place. However, Kazashi is quick to realize how brutal the samurai world and battlefields truly are. Kazashi Akumuno is the protagonist of Samurai Rising: Red Dawn.



Personality and traits

As the scion of a large legacy, Kazashi is extremely determined, loyal, and motivated. He has a bit of an inferiority complex due to the achievement towards his family, past and present, such as his father's position as a Kodenbushi, and both of his older brothers as a Seieibushi. Kazashi also still possesses naivete due to his youth, and has a noticeable stubborn streak. Despite his feelings of inferiority, Kazashi is in actuality a skilled prodigy. Although he was lacking in chakra shape transformation, he had long mastered the much more difficult nature transformation in conjunction with his sword.



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