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A Kazekage is the leader of the shinobi village hidden in the sand known as a Kage.

The Known Kazekages:

First Kazekage

  • Name: Unknown
  • Rank: Kage
  • Facts: Probably founder Sunagakure, and the First Kazekage. He was killed, along with the first Raikage, and Mizukage by Kurisu Henley

Second Kazekage

  • Name: Unknown
  • Rank: Kage
  • Facts: Was the second Kazekage.

Third Kazekage

  • Name: Unknown
  • Rank: Kage
  • Jutsu: Iron Sand
  • Facts: The strongest Kazekage ever. The creator of the Iron Sand. Killed and turned into a puppet by Sasori.

Fourth Kazekage

Fifth Kazekage

  • Name: Gaara
  • Rank: Kage
  • Jutsu: Sand Jutsus
  • Facts: Son of the Fourth Kazekage, formerly host of the One-Tailed Shukaku, killed by Deidara and Sasori by sealing his jinchuuriki for the Akatsuki and revived by Chiyo.
  • Relatives:

Sixth Kazekage

  • Name: Alex Nara
  • Rank: Kage
  • Jutsu: Wind, Water, and Sand Jutsus
  • Facts: Friend of Seireitou Hyuga and Haizo Hyuga, holds the Shuichibi blade and is the jinchuurenki to the Kazeyajuu (wind beast).

Seventh Kazekage

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