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(風僧, Kazesō)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Capricorn January 2
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 52 (Deceased)
Blood type AB
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Nature Type

Kazesō (風僧, Kazesō) is a shinobi of Konohagakure, he claims Naruto Uzumaki trained him to use Wind Release, which he would later become famed for being a master Wind Release user. He would also be the instructor for Yoshitsune and Ninigi Senju, and acted as their father as well.


Much of Kazesō's childhood is unknown. He startered his career as a shinobi much later than most ninja, while in his thirties to help in the war effort. He saw very little battle though do to him having no teachings. He would discover his wind affinity which caused the man to be trained by Naruto Uzumaki, much to Kazesō embarrassment for having a teacher younger than him. Nonetheless he began to excel as a ninja, and was even able to master the signature technique of Naruto and the advanced versions of it. He would be entrusted to raise his brother Yoshitsune. When Yoshitsune became a genin, Kazesō was his sensei along with teaching Ninigi Senju and an uknown female. He trained the group to be the strongest they could, and when the team began rank up and no longer need a sensei, he would go on his final mission with Yoshitsune and died protecting his student, a fundamental role in him awakening his Rinnegan. He would go on to be buried with full honors.


Kazesō wears simple monk like robes, which he says is well suited for his style of Wind Release. Physically he looks like an elderly man with a black moustache and beard. He has thick black eyebrows and is bald. His eyes are blue in color. His body has a large tattoo over his body of light blue arrows on his head, hands, and feet.


Much like his claimed master, Kazesō was usually care free and fun loving while in Konohagakure. Though once he left he became stern and more mature. Profound in many ways, he is well known for his vast knowledge and value of human life. He is very calm and patient as well. He is a great teacher, being able to teach Ninigi the basic Rasengan.


Before retiring from being a shinobi he was well known for his speed and reflexes. Though he lacked high stamina he could still run for long distances and if he could run no more he would often find somewhere to hide that would be considered obvious though he was never found. He was known as one of the fastest men in the world. Once he grew older he lost a lot of his speed but made up for it with his physical strength.

Nature Transformations

Kazesō is a user of Wind Release and is well known for it. He was able to master the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken in only a week's time, though he refrains from using it often due to its frightening side effects. He claims he knows over one hundred wind techniques, though if this is true or not is unknown.


  • Kazesō is Japanese for "wind monk" (風僧).


  • "Konoha is precious to me, and so are Yoshitsune, and Ninigi, and all the other little ones of the village. I will be the wind to strengthen the flame. I will be the wind to carry the seeds into the place they will grow and strengthen!"

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