Kazutora Rokugo is a member of the Akiro clan. The clan was slaughtered when Kazutora was twelve years old by an unknown enemy. Feeling useless, Kazutora trained for hours without a break and finally developed his own technique, Demonic Wind Release:Demonic Cyclone. Exhausted, Kazutora collapsed. A few hours later, he was discovered by the Akatsuki. Which member discovered him is still unknown. The member took him to amegakure and trained him. When his training was completed, he was sent to Kirigakure to infiltrate the Seven Swordsman of the mist and force Kisame Hoshigaki to join akatsuki instead of ending up getting killed by Hidden Mist ANBU. At that time he was considered an "Elite" member of the akatsuki by Pein. While part of the Seven Swordsman, he studied a scroll written by the second Mizukage. After studying the scroll, Kazutora was able to use Demonic Fire Release: Eternal Flames.

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