Kei Arawa


Square-jewel Exposure圭 アラワArawa Kei


October 22






153 lbs


14px female

Blood type




Previous partner(s)



15px Kirigakure

Previous affiliation(s)




Previous team(s)

Team 5 (aka "Team Kei")



Previous occupation(s)

Chūnin, Genin

Highest rank




Home country

15px Land of Water


15px Kirigakure

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Jōnin Prom. Age


Chakra Natures
Kekkei Genkai


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Kei Arawa (圭 アラワ, Japanese for 'Square jewel Exposure) is a jōnin-ranked shinobi of Kirigakure and the former leader and teacher of Team Kei. She and her former students fought in the Fourth Great Shinobi World War as a close range specialist that destroyed enemy units using her skill with Wind Release and Fire Release.

Kei suffered serious injury during the war and was sent home to recuperate. The war having passed, Kei remains in Kirigakure and is now teaching a new team of genin.


Kei is a tall, strongly built woman of light complexion, standing at a five feet and eleven inches and weighing one hundred and fifty three pounds. She has a strong, athletic build, revealing physical strength. Her hair is done in a rather short style, drooping around her ears, and is black in coloration. Kei suffers from heterochromia, a condition were the eyes of the sufferer are two different colors. In Kei's case, the left eye is brown and the right is blue. There is a small scar across the bridge of her nose.

Kei wears a standard Kirigakure shinobi outfit in addition to shin guards and a pair of long pin stripped arm warmers that extend up to her shoulders. Her flak jacket has a neck guard and further elongated padding over her left shoulder. Her forehead protector, blue in color, is worn in the standard fashion.


"Kei-sensei? Let's just say she's rough around the edges. <laughs>" -Chairo Umi.

Kei has a very fiery and brash personality, coupled with quite an aggressive streak and temper. She comes across as rude, insensitive and uncaring to others, but she is quite loyal, fiercely protective and caring of her fellows - especially her students. Her training methods were often criticized as harsh or strict, but Kei rationed that pushing her students far past their limits would only benefit them in the long run.

She has a habit of being nosy and making the business of other people her own, which causes friction with others, even her own villagers. Beneath her rough exterior, she has a gentle streak and a surprising amount of wisdom. And despite her typical battle strategy and attitude of "might makes right", she has a keen intellect and is a brilliant tactician.

Kei is never one to turn down a fight and relishes combat. Fellow villagers have compared her to a "charging bull - there is no stopping her."


"Might makes right."

Taijutsu Expert: Kei is strong in the field of close quarter and unarmed combat. She is an advanced taijutsu user. She uses her larger size and strength to great effect when utilizing taijutsu skills. She has honed her fighting prowess greatly over the years, with taijutsu becoming her most preferred form of combat. While far from a master, Kei can hold her own quite against most opponents with taijutsu alone.

Tactician: Despite her attitude and harsh exterior, Kei is not an imbecile or a barbarian. She is a veteran of many missions and many battles and has the experience to speak for it. She can formulate fairly complex strategies during a battle without losing composure and can coordinate larger strategies with larger forces.

Behind the Scenes

  • If according to a Naruto Databook:
  • Kei's hobbies are fighting, training and cooking.
  • Kei wishes to fight the Fifth Mizukage, Might Guy and Kakashi Hatake.
  • Kei's favorite foods are chocolate and fried fish, of any kind. Her least favorite are plums.
  • Kei has completed 788 official missions in total: 86 D-rank, 270 C-rank, 210 B-rank, 199 A-rank, 23 S-rank.
  • Kei's favorite word is: "Victory." ("勝利")

Kei's themesong is: Kick Him When He's Down by The Offspring. Her battle music is: Triad by Tool.