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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Keiji Symbol

Keiji (啓示, Revelation) is a unique group founded in Konoha by Kan Korimachi after the founding of Konoha and later expanded to include all Five Great Nations. It is responsible for the investigation and coverup of events and beings deemed supernatural in nature. Specially selected Shukage directly serve under this organization and carry out the missions. Because of the top secrecy and immense nature of an agents mission, neither police, Anbu, Root, and not even Kage can arrest these Shukage without significant merit and are excluded from all forms of Bingo Books, public databases and libraries. Their existence is classified as being above top secret, and if need be they can directly interfere with and take over investigations they believe is related to their cause or mission. They also keep tabs on all jonin and greater ranked shinobi within the any village and even deploy spies to track them if need be. As such, nothing escapes their eyes.


In the event that a target or event can't be contained...


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