Naruto fanon character
Kakashi by 1ace

Keinichi Takeda

Keinichi Takeda
Birth Date June 6
Age 36
Blood type B
Gender Male
Rank Kage
Team None
Affiliation Villa Oculta En La Vida
Partner None
Family Jun and Pei Takeda


Is the leader of "Villa Oculta En La Vida" and is the Strongest Kenjutsu User in the entire world.His skill with a sword is so great his slashes cannot be seen by the human eye.He can slash up to 1,000 times per second which is an incredible feat.


His Espada (lit.Sword) Is called "Primera"(lit.First).It is the strongest espada in the entire village though no unique things abilities have been shown,Except that it makes him faster than then any other ninja,so that he always strikes first hence its name Primera.


The only Family that has been revealed are his 2 twin daughters Jun Takeda and Pei Takeda.

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