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Twelve Guardian Ninja

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Chunin, Genin

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Kekkyū (血球, blood cell) is a Shinobi from the Land of Fire. He has currently taken up a position with the Twelve Guardians Ninja, who are in charge of protecting the Daiymo. His nickname is Higure (日暮れ, twilight), as his techniques involve the control of darkness.


Kekkyū is a tall young man with messy black hair and red colored eyes. He wears a modified Chinese styled garment, a Panling Lanshan with smaller sleeves and a neck choker. He wears a pair of black fingerless gloves, with diamond seals on both of their palms. He has also shown to wear a large scroll, which often hangs on his back via a loose wire cord.


Often calm and timid, Kekkyū acts as a proper man at most times. He doesn't look down on others and enjoys the sport of battle to a degree. He takes his job seriously and will do it to the point where he will go insane. He has shown to break down mentally and reach a point where his enemies have never returned. By tapping into his Secret Technique: Blood Consuming Seal he will become a wild killing machine bent on completing the mission at hand upon performing the jutsu.


Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat

Skilled in close quarter combat, Kekkyū can effectively take on multiple opponents with his fists alone. He has shown to increase his physical combat by channeling chakra into his fists. The special gloves he wears allow him to absorb in chakra and manipulate them over his hands. With this he creates the Dark Release: Enhanced Performance.

Dark Release

A skilled user of the Dark Release nature, he has shown to use it to its farthest lengths. He has shown to manipulate the Dark Release chakra to absorb enemy attacks and reflect them or even use them to enhance himself. By using the seals on both of his gloves, he can intake chakra with one and release it with another, making him more of a medium more than the attacker. He has also shown to have the ability to use Dark Release to enter a "fit of rage" which increases his power for a limited amount of time.

Lightning Release

His secondary element, which he has shown to utilize quite well. He can discharge the electricity around him to work defensively which is his main form of combat with this element. He has shown to channel the electricity into his body to increase his physical performance, similar to his dark release. The main reason for this power boost is to help with the relapse after the Dark Release, which has shown to slowly drain at his life force.


  • He is proof of my obsession with Dark Release, which I am quite fond of.

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