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The style of taijutu called kenotojutsu is a rare and, sometimes described as exotic form of combat.

It has three main requirements in order to be used:

  • Speed: The user must have extensive training in speed, as the technique requires more velocity and mass in the attack, in order to ounch through defense and penetrate any barriers that may have been used.
  • Strength: Although not as much strength is needed for this style as speed, it is still a necessary experience. This ties in witht he velocity and mass, as it provides the extra force behind the attacks that the speed gives the velocity to.
  • Weapon: The final requirement is a weapon. The teachings of this style in the scrolls located at a temple in the land of lightning do not specify what type of weapon is needed, so most users just pick their favorite. The force and velocity used in the technique are combined with the extra endurance of the weapon, making for an unstopable force.

This is what makes up the style.

The main reason the style formed under the name Art of the Sound sword alludes to the fact that no human can stop sound, and so a sword made of sound could not be stopped either. The speed and strength allude to the sword, while the weapon has been called the sound, for without it there would be no driving strength behind the sword.


  • The original scrolls used to teach this style are located in the temple of Strength in the land of lightning, where most warrior monks go to learn martial arts.
  • The scrolls are written in an old language, one which has not been known or taught for at least a century, so it would be rare that you would find a living person who could read them directly.

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