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Naruto character

Kevin Kurokaze
Age 14
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Current Location Soragakure
Village of Origin Soragakure
Rank Anbu
Special Weapon: Kaze Blades
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140 Lbs
Current team: S.W.A.N
Former team: Unknown
Birthday: August 10th
Registration ID: 5345666
Name meaning: Kevin=? Kurokaze=Black Wind


Kevin Kurokaze is a ninja from Soragakure. He is in line to be the second Sorakage. Currently he is the leader of Soragakure's Special Wind Assassination Ninjas (AKA S.W.A.N). He and his team specialize in Fuuton techniques. He is notable for his two katanas that he carries with him. He calls these Kaze Blades. He amplifies his sword's cutting range by inserting his wind type chakra in to them. He has learned a new technique that currently no one uses. This technique is called the Wind Style: Shadow Tempest. This sends violent gusts of winds towards the opponent. He invented this move cause he thought that wind style jutsu were weak and wanted to amplify the power.


Wind Style: Shadow Tempest

Wind Style: Shadow Cyclone

Wind Style: Sword Cyclone

Sword Puppet Jutsu'

Wind Style: Razor Fog

Wind Style: Cyclone Imprisonment

Demon Wind Ultimate Taijutsu: Rebound Buster

Explosive Forest Jutsu

Fire Style: Demon Cyclone Jutsu

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