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Naruto character

Age 11
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Futago
Kekkei Genkai Elemental Forms
Current Location Training Grounds
Village of Origin Futago
Rank Genin


Kiddo Kenami is a very calm and collective boy, but in battle is the most obnoxious idiot in the world. He is very powerful when his Kekkei Genkai is activated. Once activated, he controls the element of Water. Since he is a Kenami, he is not the only one that can do this. His brother, Gonta, has not activated it yet, and he doesnt plan to because he wants to be a winner with skills and knowledge, using taijutsu and Time jutsu. Kiddo absolutely aloves using the teleportation jutsu. He would do it just to annoy his enemies.He uses a very small dagger, The Crystal Knife. Even though his family is rich, his father has a job of a demon bounty hunter. Kiddo wants to be just like his father, thin and swift. His father gave him the dagger because it is very powerful. He will do the same job his father does one day. His mother is Cienna Kenami. Gontai Kenami will take over Cienna's job once she passes it down.


  • Elemental Forms
  • many other water based jutsu
  • The Crystal Knife
  • Water Style: Leviathan Whirlpool

and much more


He is very skilled in battle, and with his knife and the elemental forms, he is unstoppable because he doesnt want to stop. His social skills and the other hand, are very bad, he has no communication skills at all.


He is thin and 5' tall. His favorite color is blue for some reason, so he wears a blue polo shirt and red shorts all the time. he has deep brown hair and tan skin. His eyes are a dark blue color.

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