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Kie Path
Ryun's Female Path
Kanji: 佛陀
Classification: Kekkai Genkai, Ninjutsu
Parent Jutsu: Four Paths of Ryun
Derived Jutsu: Space Vault, Time Vault, Temporal Distortion
User(s): Ryun Mazuka

The Kie path (キエ, Conversion) was the second of Ryun's Four Paths of Ryun to be shown and the only female path in the jutsu.


The Kie path has long brown hair, Taifugan eyes, and three multi-colored diamond marks on her head. She is tall for her gender and she is the only female addition to the Four Paths of Ryun.


She possess only three abilities, all control Space/Time. She is capable of freezing time within her range and she shows the ability to recover from debilitating or even fatal blows, where the attack literally phased through her, avoiding damage. She also possess a technique that literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the one place from another, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential chakra that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. She uses this technique to move herself or the other three paths around from place to place.


Her jutsu have one big noticeable flaw; five seconds before each technique, one of the marks on her forehead will glow, indicating which technique she is using. If one can memorize which technique corresponds to which mark, they can effectively set up a counter attack. Another weakness is the jutsu cannot be used in rapid succession, and require at least fifteen seconds to recuperate after use. Her final jutsu, which creates a portal, can only teleport the paths within Ryun's range, because if they get too far from him, they will loose connection and vanish.


  • As with many of Ryun's techniques, it is influenced by Chirsitan terminology. The second, Kie, is referring to the conversion of a human to follow Christ.
  • The Temporal Distortion technique used by this path is based on Garganta from Bleach.

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