Kijo Ankoku (lit. Demoness Darkness) is a young Kunoichi of Konohagakure that was taken in as a student to Sekidou Kaitenjiku.


Full Name Kijo Ankoku
Age 14-15
Blood type A positive
Gender Female
Birthplace Konohagakure
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Rank Genin
Bloodline/Clan Technique Chouinsou
Family Ankoku Clan


Kijo is a short, petite young girl with shoulder length black hair and black eyes. She wears a loose white long sleeved shirt with an opened collar. She has fingerless black gloves that are covered under her sleeves. She wears black shorts with white bandage around the middle of the left leg. She wears her Konoha protecter on her forehead, like most nija. On her back is a large 5 part seal, inscribed with a "Chakra Key".


Kijo is a calm non-talkative girl who keeps straigth to the point. She has a deep respect for Sekidou and will always stick by his side. She likes to spend her free time training and enhance her sealing abilities. Her family holds high regards to her as she is the one who re-sealed the Kyuubi chakra into Sekidou as well as being the top sealing expert in the Land of Tea.


Master Sealer- Her main skill is in Sealing Ninjutsu. Her clan inscribed a powerful seal onto her that has unknown ability. Due to her skill in sealing she devoted her life to keeping Sekidou's powerful chakra under control. Her family has had 5 generations in the Konoha Barrier Squad, meaning that she can also create powerful barriers as well.

Precise Chakra Control- Needed to keep seals and barries up, Kijo has spent her childhood in chakra training. She asked one of the most skilled Jonin in Konoha, to train her. He accepted and for about a year, Kijo was given the best training she could find.

Skilled Healer- Kijo has knowledge in healing and assits Sekidou often when he is injured. Without her healing ability, Sekidou's Fox Cloaks would destroy his body.


The Barrier Teams Symbol

Known Jutsu


  • Her stats are as follows
    • Her favorite foods are Fried Banana's and other fruit, while she dislikes Spicy food like Sekidou
    • She dreams to fight Kakashi Hatake
    • Her favorite phrase is "My life means nothing If I have no one to protect"
    • She has complete a total of 32 D-Rank, 11 C-Rank, 9 B-Rank, 2 A-Rank and no S Rank

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