Kikkikan Kodai is a member of Akatsuki who was sent to capture the 7 Tailed Demon Bat from Hokorigakure. However, it was only one of the Land of Beasts' many strange animals. He fought against Odayaka, and was able to easily deflect all his attacks with Frozen Air. However, Kagama was able to break through, and when the village leader arrived, he was in no shape to fight off both him and Odayaka, and so fled.


Not much is known of Kikkikan's powers. He is able to summon two Rhino-like animals, and appears to have several jutsu using them. He also has a shielding jutsu called Frozen Air. It would appear he is skilled at Taijutsu as well. He is one of the least senior members of Akatsuki, being weaker than most of them.

Six-Tails Arc

He watches, hidden, as Deidara fights Utakata, the Six-Tails host. When both are seemingly incapacitated, he taunts Deidara about needing help against the worm-boy. When Utakata accesses the Bijuu's power, both Akatsuki members flee. As they escape, Deidara plants clay on Kikkikan's back, which he later detonates, killing him.

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