Naruto character

Age  ??
Birthday  ??
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Blood type  ?? (Possibly A)
Gender Female
Current Location  ??
Village of Origin Kirigakure
Rank Hunter-nin


Kikō wears her standard hunter-nin mask, a large amount of needles, a special glove on her right hand and a ANBU-like uniform.


Kikō's past is partly unknown, because she is a hunter-nin. She was often skiping classes through the academy, and the laziest student at the hunter-nin academy. During her battle in the Genin exam, she tortured her opponent, so she was disqualified, but proved herself Genin material when she captured an intruder inside the Hidden Mist Village.

Kikō was only thinking of becoming feared by the villagers, cause was angry at them for not seing her potential before. But, when she first saw a hunter-nin, killing missing-nin, she could only think of becoming one. She is now a hunter-nin.


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