Highest Rank Unknown
Age 8
Height 3 ft, 7 inches
Weight 40 pounds
Gender female
Race Hanyou (half demon)
Village of Origin Takume no Sato
Nature Manipulation Types Yin/Yang
Kekkai Genkai Rin'negan possibly
Affilitations Takume no Sato, Team Minkai, Taisinkoha
Family unnamed father, unnamed mother
Teachers Minkai Zokatakei

Kimi Rosuto is an abandoned child that was shuned from her village. She was hunted by ninja because of the Soul Edge fragment imbeded in her neck. She was saved by Minkai Zokatakei. Kimi then stays with Minkai, similar to Rin and Sesshomaru in Inuyasha.


Kimi has eyes like that of a Rin'negan user. She has not been seen using it, so it is unknown whether or not this is Rinnegan or just an after-afect from the Soul Edge fragment.

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