This article, Kinjutsu: Revenge of the Lost, is property of Cold hard steel.

Name: Kinjutsu: Revenge of the Lost

Type: rank S, short-range(5-10m)

Handseals: n/a

Users: unknown

Description: This jutsu is one of the few actually kept to the Guardians themselves, because of the amount of power it takes and unleashes.

When performed, the jutsu creates a ring of sorts, which degrades and destroys anything within its boundaries. While it takes no handseals to produce the full effect, the technique takes some fairly specific "ingredients". It requires that the user form a slightly elaborate seal on the ground, and to sacrifice their blood for the use of the technique.

On top of this, it also has a toll on the user, and the overall execution of it takes up a sizable chunk of time, so it is understandable as to why it is considered forbidden.

This fact is also contributed to how it attacks and destroys the target, in its ruthlessness and the way that many consider disgusting, which can range from a pile of ashes to a degenerated, half rotten pseudo corpse.

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