Kinshara Aikawa (Golden Sal Tree) is a member of the Akatsuki as well as Second in Command. He is the partner to the Current Leader.

Kinshara Aikawa


Kinshara is a tall skinny young man with long black hair and violet eyes. He wears his hair up as well. His outfit consists of a loose white shirt and black pants followed by knee high ninja sandals. Over this he wears a loose fitting Akatsuki cloak, that comes with a hood. He carries a broken katana, which is referred to as a Shinogi. It resembles a tanto but in actuallity it is a katana.


Kinshara appears as a cam young man who acts good to his subordinates. This is in overall true as Kinshara never talks back, acts out or curses to others. His only problem is when somebody goes to strike the Leader. In anger he will go beserk and slay anyone threathing the Leader. He has gone as far as to behead a whole group of ninja with multiple swipes. He enjoys rare tea and sweet cakes, often offering them to his subordinates.


Born in Konohagakure, Kinshara was put into the Maximum State Facility at an early age. This was because he had short bursts of Anger, in which he would randomly kill. When he was about 13, he managed to kill multiple guards and break through the prison. He escaped the village, in anger and frustration wanting to overcome his anger. He came upon a young man who had a dream. A dream to bring peace and prosperity through the Ninja world through the aid of the Bijuu. He joined the man on his journey. The man helped Kinshara overcome his anger, venting it towards protecting the man. The two moved to gather multiple powerful ninja and recreated the Akatsuki. His current whereabouts are unknown


Metal Release- A unique Chakra Nature, known to Kinshara that lets him alter his skin or other objects. Almost all of the jutsu involve the Horse hand seal.

Master Swordsman- He is skilled with swordfighting and can take out multiple targets with his sword. It may also be because with the aid of his Metal Release, he can be a "human sword".

Taijutsu Expert- Kinshara is quite skilled in hand to hand combat, and can easily take out an opposint target without the aid of any weapons. Along with the Metal Release, he becomes a Human Weapon.

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