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Kirigakure Clan
Kirigakure (clan) Symbol
(霧隠れ一族, Kirigakure Ichizoku)
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Clan Data
Kekkei Genkai

The Kirigakure Clan (霧隠れ一族, Kirigakure Ichizoku) is one of the more powerful clans in Yamagakure. The clan is known for their silver hair.


Like most shinobi clans in the land, the Kirigakure Clan was a nomad clan prior to the Third Shinobi World War, fighting with whomever they encountered. This changed during the Land of Mountains Civil War, where Ryun Uchiha brought them into his village of Yamagakure. They then assisted Ryun in exterminating rebellious clans.


The clan is famous for their Metal Release kekkei tōta, which allows them to produce metal from their body, or some other platform, and use it as a weapon or defense. It is said that such a technique was used in the creation of the village. As users of Metal Release, clan members will often have lightning, earth, and fire nature types as well.


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