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Main Theme
Arihant of The Stars
Pre-Timeskip - Six Paths Sage Mode - Post-Timeskip
Grand Sage Kisui
Name Kisui Iyoku
Kanji いよくきすい
Romanji Iyōkù Kisuǐ
Alias Kisui of the Celestial Rinnegan, (星眼の汽水, Seigan no Kisui)
Sage of The Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin)
Blind Sage (盲賢, Mouken)
Sage of The Six Memories (六甦仙人 Riyomi Sennin)
Paladin of Heart (気の義侠の士 Ki no Gikyounoshi)
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign TaurusMay 20th
Age 40 (Pre-Timeskip)
65 (Post-Timeskip, Deceased)
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 167 lbs
Blood Type AB
Hometown Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure (Exiled)
Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning (Exiled)
Land of Wind Symbol Land of Wind
Affiliation Sunagakure
Land of Rivers Symbol Land of Rivers (Leader)
Nankoku Alliance
Previous Affiliation Kumogakure
Occupation Arihant
Previous Occupation Wanderer
Family Iyoku Symbol 2 Iyoku Clan
Shinzui Iyoku (Sister)
Celestial Seal 2 Celestial Being
Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (Ancestor/Spiritual Guide)
Ōtsutsuki Clan Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan (Descendant)
Suzume Aburame (Wife)
Kakeya Iyoku (Daughter)
Rank Daimyō
Classification Arihant
Ninja Registration 5A6E06
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 16 (Held back due to lack of students)
Jōnin Prom. Age 17
Kisui's Stat Chart 2
Kekkei Genkai Celestial Rinnegan Rinnegan
Sharingan Triple Sharingan
Mangekyō Sharingan Kisui Mangekyō Sharingan
Nature Icon Lava Lava Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Akkanoyogenki
Animal Path
Arrival Of A Thousand Petals
Asura Path
Banshō Ten'in
Banshō Ten'in: Birth Of A Galaxy
Body Flicker Technique
Chibaku Tensei
Dance of the Valerian
Deva Path
Driving Meteor Blade Kick
Earth Release: Heaven's Tomb of Stone
Earth Release: Significance of a Single Stone
Flying Thunder God Technique
Genjutsu: The Sound of Drums
Human Path
Killing Intent
Naraka Path
Obsidian Rasenshuriken
Outer Path
Preta Path
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei: Gravitational Destruction
Shinra Tensei: Judgement of the Heavens
Six Paths Senjutsu
Tornado Knee: Counter Step
Truth-Seeking Ball
Yin-Yang Release: Blackbird
Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint
Yin-Yang Release: Complete Weapon Summoning
Zodiac: White Tiger of The West
Weapons Gizagiza Akuma

"There are things out there that rest beyond our comprehension. Things that hold unimaginable power. If fallen into the wrong hands, they would bring about the destruction of the entire world. My goal is to make sure that does not happen.."
— Kisui Iyoku

"It is the eternal struggle between these two principles - right and wrong. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time and will ever continue to struggle."
— Abraham Lincoln

Kisui Iyoku (きすいいよく) is a Sage of Six Paths hailing from Kumogakure and Daimyō of the Land of Rivers. The older brother of legendary kunoichi Shinzui Iyoku of the Hundred Fist art, Kisui is renowned for his own set of skills. Within Kisui's soul lies two more, the spirit of an ancient shinobi that guides him towards morally good paths, ensuring that the things he does leads to good for the people of the world, and the spirit of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the original Sage of Six Paths. This has led him to traveling around the world, looking for ways he can do good deeds that help people. Like Shinzui, Kisui is a bearer of Yin-Yang Release, a signature trait of the Iyoku clan. The primary difference separating the two is Kisui has a much more powerful grasp of it, capable of creating mountainous barriers with Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint, even creating mobile barriers that move according to attack patterns. This has given Kisui a reputation of being a shinobi to be feared by those who try to battle him. Kisui's Nindō is working towards the brightest possible future. He wants to one day see a world where suffering and wars are a thing of the past, and he'll fight for that future to the death if he has to. Death is something Kisui never feared, it's living with the knowledge that the ones he tried to protect ended up dying. He constantly strives to improve himself every day, making sure he's always strong enough to protect the ones he cares most about. Kisui has traveled the world for nearly twenty years, always finding something new, though it's usually in the form of increased political tension. Still, he doesn't let these tensions cloud his judgement, not like he used to. His path is towards one of peace and happiness, as such, he chooses to remain confident in the future. He wishes to find the one who gave him that new outlook all those years ago one day and thank her for giving him something to believe in.

Because it was discovered he possessed a powerful technique, the previous Raikage issued a ten million ryo bounty on his head, dead. Because of this, he has been on the run, keeping away from Kumogakure as much as possible. Thanks to a promise given to him by the former, provisional Kazekage Akagi before his death, Kisui evacuated to Sunagakure, where he became a native, all while keeping as much distance from Kumogakure as possible until things were calmed down. But with the crowning of the new Raikage, Kisui was granted amnesty and given the freedom to return to the village if he wishes. The direct descendant of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, Sage of the Six Paths, Kisui awakaned the Rinnegan through the awakening of Hagoromo's energies, granting him not just the physical attributes of a young Hagoromo, but the Rinnegan thanks to tapping into Hagoromo's energies, as well. This energy was awakened by the long and grueling trials of the Arihant. When he completed the trials, Hagoromo appeared to him, determining him as worthy of his energy. But after years of suffering under the influences of the eyes, Kisui had them sealed by Zenjou, which have been sealed into a peafowl for emergency uses. This has rendered him blind. Kisui is descended from an ancient group of Celestial beings, individuals that were responsible for the Shinju's creation. There was just enough residual, genetic code to pass from generation to generation, manifesting into Kisui's genetic code when he was born.

Kisui was made the Daimyo for the Land of Rivers, a small country that hugs the Land of Wind. For his deeds in helping Sunagakure, the Kazekage granted him ownership of the land and its main commodity; Gold, which comes from the Katabami Gold Mine, which exports its gold directly to the Land of Wind. His status as a kind and just ruler has earned him an idolized reputation in the Land of Rivers, making him a figure everyone in the small country looks up to. He's down to earth with the people, always getting to know them personally to help build trust between him and his people. His wise and kind hearted nature boosts morale to the works of the mine, who see him as a figure of inspiration. Every day, he takes a walk down to the gold mine, even chipping in to help the miners down there in order to show he's more than just a ruler, he's also part of them. He also takes the time to help the other people around the Land of Rivers with their daily tasks, just to help bond with the people he leads. He has ruled the Land very diligently, watching over its people with a sense of peace and strength within his soul, a feeling that he's confident will never falter. With the recovery of his sight, Kisui began pushing himself further than ever before, putting every part of his body, and his senses, to the absolute test.


Early life

Kisui's life was average, for the most part. At least, average for him, despite him being one of the most smartest individuals in Kumogakure. He graduated from the academy at the age of ten. Due to a lack of students at the time, he was the only one without a team and therefore couldn't advance like the rest of the Genin did. It wasn't until he turned fourteen that he finally was selected to be part of a team. One of the members would end up being Suzume Aburame, one he would grow close to. During one of Kisui's missions, he stumbled upon an old tomb outside of Kumogakure. The tomb was ancient, easily four hundred years old. Having found a seal on one of the graves, he peeled it off. The moment he did, a spirit emerged from the tomb and made its way inside of Kisui. This spirit had unfinished business, with the goal of wanting to spread peace in the world. By using Kisui, the spirit figured he could achieve this goal and finally rest in peace. The soul gave Kisui a mental voice that guides him, while also teaching him ancient forms of combat. A lot of the missions Kisui was a part of had him traveling around the world, seeing each of the great villages firsthand. All he saw was political unrest between each of the villages, all of them having some sort of distrust with one another.

The more he saw these villages, the more his tolerant views of political powers started to fade. How could they be so stubborn as to have such distrust with one another? It was something that weighed heavily on Kisui's mind. The more he was sent to these villages, the more pessimistic he became, doubting that peace could ever come between the villages. As long as they were willing to fight each other, he believed peace was nothing more than a folktale. Every mission that sent him to a village he hated, but he swallowed his pride and went through with them because even though he hated it, it was the "right" thing to do. Despite this, Suzume helped him carry his burdens, and she helped make the travels a lot more bearable. He always said he probably wouldn't have gotten as far as he did without her. Because of how he was held back, he would end up becoming a Chuunin at sixteen, using his book and battle smarts to land him into the spot of a young elite. By the time he turned seventeen, he was ranked up to Jounin, making him one of the youngest members to reach that rank. During this time, Kisui began making preparations to start a personal journey, one that will hopefully led him find some answers to his questions. He wouldn't take the journey until he finished his final mission, though, and held off on it until the time was right. During that time, he taught his sister, Shinzui, some of the basics of combat, hoping that it will help her with her dreams of making an impact in the village.

Kisui's travels and new friend

When Kisui finished his last mission, he packed his essentials, leaving Kumogakure after his promotion to Jounin. He has seen just how much political tension exists in the world and was growing tired of it. Before he left, he wrote Suzume a letter, sending it personally to her house. He told her parents what was going on and to look out for her like they always have. From the ever growing tensions between Sunagakure and Kumogakure, to the increased political unrest within Konohagakure. From his viewpoint, the world was preparing for war. But despite this, the ancient spirit within him believed that despite this potential oncoming war that peace could still be achieved. His viewpoint of the world was grim for most of his life because of the missions he had to undertake. All he saw was the darkness from the political tensions growing between the villages. It took just one person to change all of that; a girl he met on his travels. He could see that she had been through a lot, but she still looked... joyous, almost carefree. The spirit within him noted that her actions could potentially bring peace to the world one day one day.

As the two talked to each other, Kisui learned more about her. Her past, her pains, the things she had went through. He began to understand her and respected the fact that despite what she had went through, she was willing to show joy to be within the world. When she began to clean her equipment, he noticed how much care she took in keeping them polished and refined. He could tell the tools she used had some age, but the way she kept them cleaned made them look almost new. That's when he felt a motivation; To fix the present, one must find a way to clean it for the future. By watching her clean and inspect her equipment, even though it was something small, that difference gave Kisui a new viewpoint of the world. He was so focused on seeing the dark that he forgot to see the light, but this girl changed all that. He was thankful for being introduced to that new viewpoint, but he never got the chance to thank her.

Later life and present

While Kisui continued searching for the girl who turned his life around, he began to learn many things. He got more in sync with his ancient spirit, forming a sort of student-teacher bond with the spirit. He was always being taught new things, despite the techniques being older than the spirit himself, but he took them to heart. Having more confidence than he did when he started his journey, Kisui was ready to see the world again, but this time with new eyes. As ten more years passed, Kisui saw the world with a new, more confident and optimistic viewpoint. Even through the political tensions growing stronger within the village, he saw opportunities for them to strive for peace. He learned that all the Kage were going to attend a summit meeting to discuss an even bigger threat, one he did not know of, but chose not to think about it, instead looking towards a brighter future. This was his new path; to strive for a world of peace, one where suffering and wars are a thing of the path.

He began visiting the villages again during his travels, but rather than think about the political powers that ruled them, he went there to talk to the people, get to know them more. He learned that there were quite a good number of people in each of the villages who were optimistic that the villages could one day see peace. It made him feel more confident in his goals and it gave him much more optimism. He took this time to view the villages from their humbler portions; He visited their shops, ate at their restaurants and talked to their people. He learned it's not just the Kage that makes the village unique, but the people who live there and help it grow commercially and economically. In his free time, he'd write letters to Suzume about his travels so she wouldn't have to worry as much, making sure to always keep in touch.

Kisui's Bounty

When the previous Raikage was sentenced to power, he placed a bounty on every shinobi that left the village with the knowledge of powerful attacks and techniques. Having mastery over the Flying Thunder God technique, Kisui was given a ten million ryo bounty for his execution. Having caught wind of his bounty, he ran to the only place he knew he would be safe; Sunagakure. He was granted asylum there should he ever need it, and now would be the best time. His views were rocked to their very core when he was marked as a criminal by his own village. He could no longer trust any Kumo nin, no matter who it may have been, for they might come after him to execute him. He now lived as an exile from his own village, no longer able to carry the title of shinobi. What hurt him the most was knowing he might not be able to see Suzume again. He would have no doubt been killed on the spot if he stepped foot anywhere near the gates of Kumogakure. He felt lost, his soul was troubled, and he was in tremendous emotional distress.

The Search for His Friend

Despite Kisui being hunted by Kumogakure for his actions, he couldn't stand sitting idly by. He had a journey; he wanted to find the girl who changed his life all those years ago, and if it meant traveling again, he'd do it. Only choosing to travel for a week at the maximum, Kisui kept a kunai with his Flying Thunder God formula on the hilt within the gate to Sunagakure just in case. His mastery over the technique lets him teleport to a formula no matter how far away it might have been. Keeping out of the views of anyone who looks suspicious, he looked high and low for her, but still never found her. Each day, his motivation sank lower and lower, wondering if he'd ever find his friend again. After a week of traveling, having cleared the entire walkable region excluding Kumogakure, he made his way back to Sunagakure with lowered confidence. All he could hope for is a potential word of ear about her, but that was a slim chance. It got to a point where he stopped sending letters to Suzume, no longer having the emotional strength to write down what was going on.

A Tale of Reincarnation and a Lonesome Arihant

Every night since Kisui was born, he saw visions in his sleep; Visions of a young man with pale red hair and striking eyes showing the world the concept of Ninshuu. Every time he dreamed of it, he dreamed he was that man. They were dreams that he witnessed all his life, but couldn't put them into words. Every dream was of him as the same man, doing all sorts of different things, things not even the ancient spirit within him could put into words. When he fled to Sunagakure after Kumogakure placed a large bounty on his head for leaving the village with a powerful technique, his negative emotions began to slowly build up, sort of dragging him back to his old ways. After months of the negative emotions, he felt tired of them, and began seeking out ways to abolish the anguish in his soul. He embarked on a journey of self discovery, a journey to fight his negative emotions; The path of the Arihant. Kisui had did a lot of studying on these individuals, said to have fought their deepest anguishes to awaken a new path for them to follow. This was what Kisui decided to do. As per the ritual standards, Kisui set up a meditation zone meant to induce a trance-like state, to peer deep into his soul and vanquish his dark emotions.

Kisui found himself in a dark zone, little light around his surroundings; He was peering into the darkness of his soul, all the negative emotions that weighed him down. The biggest images that came to mind were everything Kisui looked at with great concern; The countries at war, Kumogakure abolishing him from the village, and what hit him hardest, was looking at Suzume, his longest friend. He always worried greatly about what might have become of her and it was one of the things that weighed heavily on his soul. The trial of the Arihant had begun. What seemed like long, grueling days, Kisui traversed through his anguish, his anger, his fear, looking to finally find peace. It was a painful journey, oftentimes being forced to fight through. As he made his way through Kumogakure, he found himself in a spiritual representation of the village, everyone setting their gaze upon him, even his sister. They all looked upon him with disdain, as if they were looking at the Ten Tails itself. They all attacked, all of them without mercy, even Suzume and Shinzui. Kisui fought back, but every time he did, he found himself being pushed further and further into the dark. Kumogakure had vanished from his eyes, but the villagers pushed on their attack. For what seemed like hours, Kisui kept fighting through, not making any progress.

It was then, he heard a voice, one that was ancient, wise. He didn't know where it came from, but the voice told him one thing; Don't fight it. Kisui was skeptical about letting his guard down, but for some reason, he felt like he could believe what the voice was saying. Letting down his arms, he knelt down to the ground, as if he was letting them prepare a finishing blow. In that instant, everyone stopped their assault, as if they were looking at the embodiment of mercy. As they looked down upon Kisui, they saw the pain he was going through. They began relinquishing their weapons and all stepped back, all except Suzume. Kisui looked up, worried that she was still angry, but he was wrong; He saw her smiling, as if she was proud of what he had done. Looking down at the ground, he saw light returning. He saw more than just Kumogakure, he saw the entire world coming back to light. After the spiritual equivalent of days trying to combat the pain in his soul, Kisui was victorious. He had finally vanquished the darkness on his soul, his ascendency to Arihant complete.

It was there he saw a figure, one with pale red hair, some of it starting to show signs of greying, striking eyes and a long beard. He was hovering on several, black spheres and held loosely onto a staff. It was here he knew he was looking at Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki himself. He wondered if he was the voice he had heard, and Hagoromo nodded his head in agreement. It was here, the Sage revealed that all throughout Kisui's life, Hagoromo watched over him, observing everything he did. He saw the good paths he took, and the bad paths. Hagoromo was concerned that Kisui's soul was becoming dark, and had questioned if he was right in choosing Kisui as his temporary vessel. But watching him take on the trial of the Arihant disproved any doubt in Hagoromo's mind, and he knew he made the right decision. Hagoromo told him when he wakes up, he won't remember who he is for a time, not until the Sage's memories and energy completely merged with Kisui's. Letting out a sigh of content, Kisui nodded his head. As he raised his head, he saw Hagoromo moving his hand up, snapping his fingers.

The moment Kisui woke up, he felt intense agony, pain he had never experienced before. His eyes were under so much pain, all he could see was pure white. He screamed in agony as the pain pulsated through his entire body, leaving it completely numb. It got to the point where one of his neighbors heard him screaming and rushed over immediately. She was shocked at Kisui's transformation; His skin was pale, his body weak, his eyes aching as if they were trying to change, but couldn't. She called for aid to rush him to Sunagakure's medical center, where he was bedridden for days, his body too weak to move. After four days, Kisui woke up and got out of bed; It was around three o'clock in the morning. As he walked up to a mirror in the room, he couldn't recognize himself. All he saw was a stranger with strange eyes, a man without a name.

For days, he wandered Sunagakure, seeing people he once knew being nothing but a blur in his memory. Day in and day out, it was the same thing; Not knowing who he was and still dealing with the bodily spasms. After two weeks, his memory slowly started coming back and the bodily spasms had ceased; His body finally accepted the Sage's energy into Kisui's energy. The more he walked through Sunagakure, the more his memory began to recover. Eventually, he finally remembered who he was; Kisui Iyoku; The man who once called Kumogakure his home. Now, Sunagakure was his new home, and he realized he was Hagoromo's reincarnation. Finally, his memories bonded with Hagoromo's, and he began seeing what the Sage once did in his life, as if he lived those memories himself. Finally, his chakra accepted Hagoromo's chakra, and his body's reincarnated transformation was complete. Hagoromo was finally able to speak to him once again whenever he needed help.

During this time, Hagoromo's spirit began teaching him how to tap into the Sage's power. Over time, Kisui pulled from Hagoromo's energies, pulling more and more with each session. For months, he would slowly pull energy a little bit at a time, with Hagoromo telling him stories of his past, the things he accomplished. Hagoromo believed one day, Kisui too, will change the world. He just needed a push in the right direction. Hagoromo allowed Kisui to pull on his energy for this purpose. As months turned by to a year, Kisui finally pulled enough energy to finally be able to draw on Hagoromo's Rinnegan. The changes were initially extremely painful, his eyes not ready for such a drastic change. As the eyes began to deepen into purple, the concentric circles slowly drew themselves out. Kisui likened the experience to "Acid being poured into my eyes while someone took a kunai to slowly carve the circles." Though despite the pain, Kisui realized it was nothing compared to what he experienced shortly after awakening the Sage's energy. Regardless, the transformation was complete, and the Rinnegan was awakened. Kisui felt his purpose was finally realized; He needed to bring peace to the world, and he knew just where to start.

Kisui's Celestial Awakening

After his reunion with Shima and his joining with her, there was something he still needed to do; Complete his Sage energy and become something else entirely. Looking to the teachings of his book, he got his answer. During the night, he would meditate, pulling in not just the natural energy from the world, but by using his Rinnegan, also pulling the energy from the cosmos itself. Cosmic energy poured through his body. With each night that passed, he continued meditating, absorbing more and more cosmic energy. After four nights of meditation, the cosmic energy brought upon a great change; His Anubian Sage energy synergized with the cosmic energy, giving him a new form of celestial energy. With this newfound power, he gave himself a new title, the Arihant of The Stars. With his new energy, he taught himself a new technique, the Banshō Ten'in: Birth Of A Galaxy. This technique, brought forth by the energy of the cosmos allows him to create artificial galaxies, making small "planets" and "moons" that orbit around the cosmic energy that serves as the black hole that keeps it in orbit. The gravity in this zone becomes immensely increased, causing the ground itself to form a small crater due to the intense gravity. This gravity also serves as an accelerator, allowing Kisui to launch the spheres with Shinra Tensei at blinding speeds.

Kisui was not the first to have harnessed this celestial energy. Many eons ago, long before Kaguya's life, there existed a group of people who were so in touch with the celestial energies above them, they managed to harness that energy. Only they had the power to absorb cosmic energy. Without a moon to light the way, the people used this cosmic energy to light up the world. Eventually, they found a group of seeds. By imbuing these seeds with cosmic energy, they would grow to be immense and larger than any other tree that ever existed. Thus, the birth of the Shinju began. These beings kept their power a secret from others who would out them as witches or other unholy beings. In secret, they tended to the trees, making sure their descendants did the same. This was to spread knowledge to those of the future, to show that their power is not unholy, but celestial. This went on for four hundred years. Then they just.... vanished. Nothing remained of their existence except the Shinju itself. The other seeds had long passed, no longer having access to the cosmic energy that gave life to the Shinju. All that is left is the God Tree. Kisui doesn't know it, but he is a direct descendant of these beings. He is the last of the Celestial beings that made this planet home.

Traveling Alone Once Again, A New Path

Once it was decided Shima felt the path she was walking needed to be done alone, Kisui respected her decision and began traveling once again. Despite traveling by himself for so many years, he never fancied traveling alone. But it was something he felt he needed to do. He wanted to see the world with awakened eyes, see the world through Hagoromo's memories and his own. He felt this would help him unlock the next four Paths and allow him to complete himself as an Arihant. He felt it would be a long path, so he made sure to keep in contact with some of his connections in Sunagakure to make sure he had supplies when he needed them. It was during this time that a new Raikage came into power, replacing the previous one who had walked away from the position, disappearing without a trace. During this time, she learned of Kisui's status as a criminal. Seeing that he's redeemed himself for the previous "crime" he had committed, she granted amnesty to him, and has allowed him to return to and from the village whenever he wished.

During this time, Kisui's nightmares have worsened since awakening his Rinnegan. He was envisioning not just the past bearers of the Rinnegan and the people they killed, but he began dreaming of himself and the destruction of Sunagakure, like it was some sort of twisted prophecy. The dreams haunted his every sleeping moment until he eventually stopped sleeping altogether. He could no longer think properly, and his sanity was slowly slipping from him. He didn't know who to trust anymore and began writing journals detailing his slip into madness. Each journal described the things he saw in his dreams, from the past, present and future. After writing the journals, he buried them in different parts of the deserts that surrounded the Land of Wind. After months of restless nights, he was told to arrive at the Kazekage's office. There, he told Zenjou, the Kazekage's most trusted adviser, the things he had been experiencing, the constant nightmares since awakening his Rinnegan. Fearing the threat Kisui possessed by traveling with his eyes, he had his eyes sealed to keep them safe.

After that, he went back to Kumogakure on Zenjou's request to reconnect with his sister and old teammate. He told them everything that happened in the years he had been gone, even the things he kept hidden from the letters he'd write to them. Kisui found himself at peace once more. When he was allowed to stay with Suzume, he was able to finally sleep for the first time in years, not having to worry about the nightmares that kept plaguing him. The next day, he continued to reconnect with Shinzui and Suzume, helping them out in the village and just catching up on the things he missed out on since leaving the village seventeen years ago. He found a lot of things had changed. He was also given an opportunity to meet the new Raikage, who was interested in the stories he told, keeping his Rinnegan a secret. This gave Kiyasui the idea to perhaps begin forging alliances with Sunagakure later on down the road, given the fact they had such a capable warrior with them. His inability to give up, even while blind, showed her that there's plenty of powerful warriors in Sunagakure.

Ruler of a New Land

In exchange for the services he had brought to Sunagakure, the Kazekage granted him ownership of one of the lands surrounding the Land of Wind, in particular, the Land of Rivers. It was here that he re-opened the Katabami Gold Mine and brought it back to prosperity. The gold they'd find would be sent to the Land of Wind to help keep its economy stable, and with the huge pockets of gold ore that had been discovered lately, Kisui benefitted greatly from it as well. He has been shown to be a kind and just leader, one the people of the Land of Rivers look up to, and the miners are compensated fairly for their hard work in the gold mines. Kisui ensures that the people of the Land of Rivers all lead a prosperous life under his rule. During this time, he made one last visit to Kumogakure, where he once again met up with Suzume. After catching up on what had went on, Kisui asked her to come live with him in the Land of Rivers. After being granted passage by the Raikage, Suzume agreed. During this time, Kisui ended up marrying her after rekindling the old spark they once had in the past. They would eventually bear a child, who they named Kakeya. As five years passed by, Kisui and Suzume have spent their time raising Kakeya, which Kisui has considered the true highlight of his life.

Sight Recovered, Newly Found Passion

With his training pushed to its absolute limit, Kisui began realizing that there's not much else he can do without plateauing out. Having hit another cliff in his training, Kisui began wondering what he should do to keep himself strong. It was here that his ancient spirit once again called upon him, saying that he should consider regaining his Rinnegan, saying that without the Rinnegan, his body is not at its peak capacity. Though Kisui does see a lack of physical peak without his Rinnegan, he was quick to tell the spirit about the near insanity it had brought him. All the same, the spirit told him it was because his body wasn't strong enough to withstand the Rinnegan's demanding presence. Believing that Kisui's strength, gained from years of intense training, would be more than enough to allow him to withstand the Rinnegan not just physically, but mentally as well. Pondering on the decision for a minute, Kisui came to an agreement with the spirit's recommendation, but still had to come to terms that his Rinnegan is contractually sealed within the peacock. Again, the spirit was quick to come up with a solution; Go to the leader itself, in this case, the Peacock Goddess. Though it took him some time, he was finally able to reach out to the Peacock Goddess. He gave his plea to recover his sight, not for himself, but to better protect the people of his land, and his family. Seeing genuine feelings in his plea, the goddess granted him his request, on one condition. On the day of his death, his Rinnegan is to return to the Peacock Goddess. Agreeing to the terms, Kisui accepts the conditions upon the recovery of his Rinnegan. As a peacock feather descended upon him, it pricked against his hand, revealing a drop of blood that the quill of the feather absorbs, fulfilling the contract. As the peacock who had Kisui's Rinnegan sealed within itself appears before him, it bestows upon Kisui the Rinnegan he had sealed. As Kisui unwraps his blindfold, the eyes make their way into Kisui's sockets. Gritting his teeth, he lets out a screeching yell as his body begins adapting itself to the Rinnegan's powers. The ground before him quakes and shatters as his energy grows higher and higher. Once the transformation was complete, his body was not changed, indicating that his body had full accepted the Rinnegan, both physically, and spiritually. With his eyesight returned, Kisui's passion grew ever more. As he departed from the realm of the Peacock Goddess, he returned home, ready to train once more.

Thirty Five Years, New Face

Having ruled the Land of Rivers for thirty five years, Kisui has spent much of that time looking over his wife and daughter. In a conflict with the Jashinists, the village was attacked. Kisui and Kakeya defended the village to the best of their abilities, but because of Kisui's incurable illness, he couldn't find the strength to keep going. The two were successful in holding back the brunt of the Jashinist threat, using their combined powers to try and push the offensive. But even their combined might wasn't enough against their raw numbers, and they swarmed through the Land of Rivers. Trying to stop one of the Jashinists from attacking Kakeya, he ended up mortally wounded. His wife, daughter and the village were killed as he watched, weakened by both his illness and the at. As the Jashinists left the Land of Rivers, confident in their victory, Kisui used what strength he had left to call upon the Statue of the Outer Path. Requesting that he pull in the souls of those who were killed in the Land of Rivers, he brought life back to them with the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, giving up his life to save the land. With his sacrifice, Kakeya found him, his life slowly fading away. But before his death, he had one last request. Activating his Mangekyō Sharingan, he gave Kakeya permission to inherit his eyes to evolve her Sharingan, which he noticed had also become a Mangekyō Sharingan. Closing his eyes, he felt content. At peace. As his old body burned in the funeral pyre, Kisui saw a glow emanating from his body. This glow seemed to take on a new figure, but he also found himself with a problem; The Peacock Goddess came to him, wondering why he wasn't dead, and where his Rinnegan was. It was then that he realized when he gave Kakeya his Mangekyō Sharingan, he also inadvertently gave her his dormant Rinnegan as well. Telling her he no longer has it to protect Kakeya, he makes a run to escape the powerful peahen, and put himself into hiding.


Kisui's Rikudou Jacket

Kisui's wisdom.

At a young age, Kisui used to be the kind of person who would keep to himself, always avoiding conversation whenever possible. This introvertive nature proved quite burdening to his team as he rarely, if ever spoke out a strategy to utilize. Because of this, most of his team didn't trust him much because of how quiet he was. He grew rather distant, his pessimistic personality isolating him from most other people in the village. The only one he'd really talk to that often was his sister, but mostly because she always asked a lot of questions he felt he at least needed to answer. It wasn't until his unity with the ancient samurai spirit did he find himself having to change his outlook on life. This spirit always communicated with him, which helped to revitalize his social life. Though there were quite a few topics he didn't wish to share, he was more willing to communicate thanks to the spirit. This helped him out greatly with his team; He was more willing to share strategies with them, communicate and socialize with them. One of the teammates who liked his company the most was Suzume, an Aburame that was quite different compared to the rest of them. He always found her to be an interesting one and was quite glad to have her not just as a teammate, but as a friend.

When he left, he made sure she was the first to know, personally sending a letter to her home proclaiming that he was leaving the village to begin his journey. From there, his journey began. It wasn't one he was too proud of, though. As he made his way around the world, all he saw was political strife. He became more and more discouraged about the outcome of the world, believing it was preparing for war. Despite this, the samurai spirit within him ensured him that as long as he kept his mind at ease, he will help bring peace to the world. Unlike Shinzui, who is hyperactive and care free, Kisui is laid-back and somewhat cautious. He's kind, but only to those he trusts. To others, he sides with an err of caution, making note that a lot of the people one can trust can end up stabbing him in the back. As such, he keeps a careful eye on people he meets on his journeys, having the voice within him letting him know whether or not the person can be trusted. He had trust issues with the spirit, until he learned of the spirit's intent. Having learned about the spirit's goal for peace, Kisui began to trust it to guide him on that path.

Kisui had initial pessimistic views of the world because of his travels, seeing only intense political tensions between each of the villages. It made him see only the bad in the world, even with the spirit's guiding words of peace. It wasn't until he met a certain individual, one who was joyous and carefree about the world around her, that he finally saw something; Even when the world is grim, there's still people out there who will look past that and live their life the way they want to. Kisui always wanted to thank her for showing him a new viewpoint in life, but he hasn't seen her since, which was years ago, when he was just starting out in his travels. Kisui has traveled the world several times over looking for the individual that changed his life, but he's never found her. During that time, even as the political tensions between the villages grew larger, his viewpoint was much stronger, all thanks to that one girl.

Kisui's laid back, but very protective, even when he's yet to find someone in his travels worth protecting. He chooses to protect them however he can with his ninjutsu, making sure that nothing happens to them as long as they are under his protection. Though he doesn't show it often, Kisui's feelings for the ones he cares about are strong. He has a big heart with the personality to match, even when it's laid back most of the time. All he wants to do is keep those close to him safe, and he will go to whatever lengths he has to in order to do so. If he's not pursuing these feelings, Kisui likes to read a good book every now and then. He enjoys delving into the story a good book can tell, almost feeling like he's one with the book itself. Reading also helps calm his nerves whenever he's stressed and it helps just keep him level headed. When Kisui travels, he travels with a steady mind and calm demeanor. Going through the villages, he greets people with a respectful abearance, always inquiring about their day and just trying to converse with them in any way possible. Though he enjoys conversation, Kisui makes sure to avoid any negative topics, choosing more to converse in causerie topics. He's grown to be well known by people he's talked to throughout the villages he's visited, even enough where some of the shops give him a discount whenever he visits. Years of talking to people in the villages has earned him a reputation as kind but stoic individual who strives for peace.

If there's any village that has a piano, Kisui feels he has to play it. Music is the sound of progress to him, and him playing music that few have considered trying out makes him feel innovative, makes him feel more alive. The music tone he chooses to play ranges from calm to serene and anything in between. When he plays, he's in his own little world, constructing a one man symphony with just the piano at his fingers. He plays not for money, but to feel the rush of musical relaxation course through him as each press of the keys delivers a musical message. When in combat, Kisui is calm, calculative, and focused. He lets nothing break through his concentration on the battle. When he's against his opponent, nothing gets to him, nothing changes the way he's thinking for that battle. A constant flow of information flowing through Kisui's mind gives him an advantage over those who try to use mental tactics to wear down their opponents. When his mind is concentrated and focused, nothing sets him off his strategies and he makes sure of that.

Having been marked as a terrorist by Kumogakure, he has lost all trust for any Kumo-nin. Now, he no longer makes his way to Kumogakure and nowadays stays within the safety of Sunagakure unless absolutely needed. As such, he keeps his travels as random as possible in order to throw off anyone suspicious of his actions. To further hide himself from being spotted, he does not wear the same clothes he once wore. His jacket was replaced with a Sunagakure hooded jacket that he keeps hooded over his head to avoid potential detection. Though he promised he'd never let Kumogakure's actions get to him, that combined with the failure to find his friend has found him slipping back to his old, pessimistic ways. Though still bearing some small forms of optimism, his pessimism began to grow. He was worried; Worried that one of these days, he'll just end up as another casualty to bury in an unmarked grave, and worried that he may never find his old friend again. All he could hope for was to catch wind of her somewhere by word of mouth, but he didn't expect much from that and continued looking towards the sky, hoping for some sort of sign.

After months of feeling nothing but negativity, Kisui felt it was finally time for a change. Having decided to undergo something called the "Trial of The Arihant", Kisui would undergo a spiritual journey to help fight off these broken emotions. It was a difficult journey, filled with pain and suffering brought right in front of his eyes, everything that had weighed down his soul was brought to life in ways he never thought possible. For days, Kisui would traverse through this path. A lot of his hidden emotions were brought to life here. It took the words of an old Sage to help understand why his emotions were weighed down so heavily; Because he tried to fight back feelings that make a person human. When he finally stopped fighting back, Kisui felt the trials slowly coming to an end, a satisfying end. When Kisui awakened the Sage's energies after the trial, what came through at first was intense feelings of pain and amnesia. He had no idea who he was, what he did, or how he got where he was now. All he knew was he had a lot of energy in his body and it was trying to cope with that energy. Day after day, he struggled to remember who he was and what he did, but nothing came up but a blur as his mind tried to process both his and Hagoromo's memories at once. Over time, certain things in his mind came back into memory as his mind came at ease with the memories. Within two weeks, his memory fully returned, along with memories of Hagoromo's life. With his memories restored, he felt happier than he ever had before, and he felt more determined than ever to find Shima once again.

Since awakening his Rinnegan, Kisui has become a much more kind spirited individual, showing a caring personality, especially to the one he deems closest to him. He shows no fear, bearing the heart of a warrior, a lover, and a thinker. All he wishes to live for is for his companion's protection and for the advancement of society. His groundbreaking theories about the universe are his hopes of providing an astounding change to the Shinobi world, showing that this world, and the universe that it inhabits, was created out of the biggest game of chance, and that people should live their lives respecting that. Since Hagoromo's forming of his spirit with Kisui, his second spirit has had conflicts with it, disagreeing with the Sage's methods of peace. Kisui's primary soul has also seen conflict with the two, but in the end, they eventually settle to an agreement. This is largely contributed to Kisui's willingness to listen to conflicting ideals, having seen more than his fair shares of them, choosing an alternative ideal that all three spirits can agree with. Though Kisui possesses a strong element of good, he knows there will always be a time when just being good won't always be enough to actually do good. There are times when he's aware that he'll have to get himself dirty, do things people would find questionable or wrong in order to keep the people safe. It's this sense of neutrality between good and bad choices that has ensured Kisui is always willing to make the tough choices that would make or break other people. He always knew that the world doesn't work on good intentions alone. Throughout history good people have had to make choices that would ostracize them from the people they love in order to bring peace to the world. The strength to make this sacrifice is one of the most powerful feelings of emotional neutrality one can hope to strive for.

After losing his sight, Kisui found a deeper understanding of clarity and peace. When he had his Rinnegan, his sanity was slowly slipping as the years went by, with visions of the past and future haunting his every sleeping hour. But when his vision was taken from the Rinnegan being sealed, Kisui found himself able to sleep again, his sanity slowly returning to him. With his renewed state of mind, Kisui is a much more proactive person, and it shows with his leadership over the Land of Rivers. He's almost always helping the people with their daily tasks, even working in the gold mines to help lend the miners a hand. He feels he should help those around him more often to show that he is content and at ease, like the storms in his mind had finally passed. But it wouldn't be long before his journeys would involve recovering his Rinnegan. Due to his memory journeys requiring that final key, he requested to the Peacock Goddess that his Rinnegan be restored, for he believed the only way to properly gain control of his emotions is to master the Rinnegan. Accepting his plea, the Goddess summons the peacock who sealed his Rinnegan, who bequeathes the eyes back to him. Because his body is familiar with the Rinnegan's energies, it accepts the eyes without any physical drawbacks. With his eyesight back, he saw the things he had missed out on, like being able to see his daughter for the first time. With a renewed sense of passion in life, Kisui used his new sight to begin pushing himself even further than he has ever pushed. Believing he needs to put himself at a position where every sense, including his regained eyesight, are vital, Kisui began training in sensory deprivation training to enhance every one of his senses, one at a time. During this time, Kisui found a sense of inner satisfaction with himself, finally coming to terms with his physical and mental improvements.


Cosmic Visage

Kisui's Cosmic Visage

Though there are physical similarities his shared with his sister, Kisui beared his own differences as well. Bearing a rather average height, one wouldn't see him strike out too much in a crowd. This often benefited him during his time on the run, allowing him to blend in with the crowd. He once possessed black hair, but this began to fade away, changing to a shade of light brown, influenced by Hagoromo's energies. He has worn many different outfits over the years, choosing outfits that were loose and comfortable. He didn't like tight fitting clothes as he felt they restricted his speed. He once used to wear a Kumogakure forehead protector, but after his forced defection from the village, he long discarded it. Now, he chooses not to wear one. Prior to gaining the Rinnegan, he once had deep blue eyes. After his awakening of Hagoromo's Rinnegan, his eyes changed dramatically, gaining the Rinnegan's signature form and color, a gradient hue of grey and purple.

This, too, would end up changing. By absorbing celestial energies from the cosmos, his Rinnegan reacted to it, transforming into a shade of blue, the concentric lines changing as well. Instead of all being within the same width, they start thin at the center, gaining thickness as the lines spread out. His physique had changed dramatically as he got older, once not possessing much physical strength, the only strength being in his legs due to speed training. But thanks to the physically demanding fighting style of capoeira, his body became trimmed, fit and muscled out, giving him a greater physical frame. Even at thirty years of age, he keeps a fit, healthy physique. As Hagoromo began granting him more of his energy over time, that energy intersected with Kisui's celestial energies, changing his Rinnegan for one final, dramatic time. The two colors of purple and blue collided, creating a gradient of the two. Twelve circles in a four by four diamond pattern adorned the linings of his Rinnegan, gaining greater circumferance as the lines got thicker. These circles possess their own shades of hue. Above the eyes, meeting at the forehead are two, distinguishable horns; A final inheritance from Hagoromo's energy becoming one with Kisui's

Kisui experimented with different hairstyles over the years, once letting it grow long during his capoeira training. He didn't like it long, and often tied it up as it proved to be distracting. Eventually, he grew tired enough of it that he cut it short, choosing to keep it that way. As his age hit thirty, he found himself growing facial hear, represented by a rough framed goatee, forming sharp angles near the upper lip. Unlike his long hair, he grew a liking to his facial hair, deciding to keep it, making sure it stays trimmed into its current shape, never letting it grow long like he did with his hair. Still keeping himself healthy, he continues training in capoeira, ensuring his physical fitness never falters. It's this dedication to keeping healthy that has helped him keep a healthy disposition over the years. His signature outfit consists of a red coat, sporting three blue tomoe on each side of the collar and an Eye of Horus on the back possessing a Rinnegan with nine blue magatama decorating below it in a three by three pattern, similar to Hagoromo's jacket. Below this is a simple black shirt, nothing special adorning it. He often wears a pair of tan pants, loose fitting and comfortable, with a pair of standard sneakers, not trusting the standard shinobi sandals that are commonly worn. After awakening all Six Paths, Kisui underwent one, final physical transformation. His hair grew out much more, tinted with a shade of white. His goatee followed suit, colored the same white as his hair. His Rinnegan was permanently activated by the awakening of his Sage energy, meaning his Rinnegan is always active in this state. After losing his Rinnegan, he replaced his eyes with synthetic variants made from celestial energy. This gives them a glossy look with various stars dotting the inside of them. The loss of the Rinnegan has also reverted his physical appearances, granting him short, black hair. During this time, he removed the forehead protector off of his haori and placed it onto the buckle of his jacket. His skin has also gained more complexion, no longer pale like it once was when he possessed the Rinnegan. His body, stuck within his Six Paths Sage Mode due to his inability to control it, left him with a bulky, muscled up state with long, white hair and his Rinnegan in full glow. Mastering the form, he was able to disable the transformation, turning him into a leaner, more finely toned being with short, white hair.


Kisui's abilities revolved solely around support for his allies. By utilizing Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint, Kisui could alter the landscape to give his allies an advantage. He could also buffer the landscape to better react to their ninjutsu should they choose to use it. Another thing Kisui can do with Blueprint is create defensive structures to protect his allies, like portable fortress walls. His structures could also react to an opponent's ninjutsu, reacting to the chakra signature of the technique in order to intercept and block it. By utilizing his Yin-Yang Release: Complete Weapon Summoning, Kisui could arm his allies with a weapon of their choosing, ranging from anything that his chakra can handle. Having learned the Flying Thunder God technique, Kisui's speed on the battlefield had been considered mythical, capable of being in several places at once. Awakening the Rinnegan enhanced his abilities even further, allowing him to perform more powerful techniques to expand into his role as a support fighter. His absorption of cosmic energy had purified his chakra, forming it back to the predecessor known as cosmic energy, granting him an immunity to a Byakugan and sensory nin's sensing capabilities, while also giving him resistance to Six Paths Senjutsu.


After losing his vision due to the sealing of his Rinnegan, Kisui has learned how to utilize his other senses to aid him in combat. His other senses have been sharpened greatly because of this, allowing him to sense his targets at a much more efficient level. With his sharpened hearing, Kisui can hear a pin drop in a noisy room if he wanted to, capable of isolating different sounds. This allows him to determine the location of surrounding objects and people via subtle echolocation. With his enhanced sense of touch, Kisui can feel even the faintest vibrations around him, allowing him to determine how someone is moving in an efficient and expert manner. This allows him to react to virtually any form of close quarters attack by picking up their body language from the vibrations and sound they give off. This also allows him to pick up the vibration of chakra, which allows him to identify various forms of ninjutsu and counter them. With the recovery of his vision, Kisui still is capable of utilizing his blindsense by keeping his eyes closed and sharpening his other senses.

Physical Capabilities

Thanks to his toned frame, and several years of dedicated taijutsu training, Kisui has incredible amounts of strength. The grueling sandstorms of the Land of Wind helped tone his body to perfection, and the amount of time he spent improving his strength has given his taijutsu a substantial boost. Simple taps could smash boulders to pieces, while full fledged punches could deal untold amounts of damage. With his capoeira specialization, Kisui's kicks can tear steel in half thanks to his dedication to his training. He was once seen kicking a piece of wood through a wall of concrete to demonstrate his strength. But his strength goes beyond that, and even further. Most of the time, he's holding back his strength, for at full power, he can demolish entire cities with but a mere thought. Even holding back against a full powered punch can leave a shockwave that turns a mountain into a flat plain. The sandstorms helped tone his body, making it incredibly durable. With his thick skin, Kisui can shrug off most forms of physical attacks save for the strongest, allowing Kisui to exploit openings in his opponent's guard to deliver a powerful punch or kick that can splinter bones. His supernatural physique comes from a closely guarded secret that had been hidden from him for quite some time until Hagoromo revealed it to him sometime after the awakening of his Rinnegan.

Full Power Punch

Kisui's unrestrained power can level entire landscapes.

Kisui had lived countless past lives, all of them under the guise of an incredibly powerful warrior. One of these was an esteemed taijutsu master, considered the original taijutsu master. His power was spoken of in countless legends and his strength, made possible by breaking the physical limitations of his body, was said to lend to the inspiration and creation of the Eight Gates release. It's said that when the master was training his strength, his different gauges of power ended up becoming the massive, mountain pillars that surround Iwagakure. Throughout the ages, Kisui has been there in many pivotal points. Thanks to one last aid from Hagoromo before the spirit left his body, he awakened the memories of that taijutsu master. With the master's knowledge at his disposal, he learned how to break the physical limitations of his body by utilizing his genetic energies. Thanks to a powerful burst of cosmic energy in his body, this energy now flows perpetually within his body, cushioning the muscle and nerve tissue within his body, allowing him to push his body to limits only dreamed of. Those who knew well the power of the Eight Gates compare his passive strength to that of the Fifth Gate, a testament to the amount of punishment he put his body through to strive for physical perfection. Pushing himself beyond his passive strength, Kisui has demonstrated physical capabilities that would put the Eight Gates Release to shame. With an unrestrained, full on punch, Kisui can turn great mountains into mere inclines. Despite all this, Kisui keeps his powers restrained at all times, rarely, if ever, relying on them. But if he's pushed beyond the edge, he won't hesitate to break his restraints if it means protecting those he cares for. With the recovery of his Rinnegan, he can utilize his strength even further after unlocking his true, physical potential.

Six Paths Sage Mode

Following the loss of his Rinnegan, Kisui began working on the leftover Six Paths energy he still had following the celestial repair of his eyes. This time spent on the energy he still had allowed him to awaken his Six Paths Sage Mode. If he's in an arid area where sand, or earth is abundant when Sage mode is engaged, he gains resistances to heat and sand while having a small control over the sand itself. He can also turn earth into sand by crushing it down if necessary. Kisui's speed is also increased greatly. His natural speed is pushed even further, allowing him to move faster than ever. This also applies to his Flying Thunder God Technique. He no longer needs to create a seal before entering the void as he can utilize the Sage mode's celestial energies to pull him into the spot he desires. He just has to concentrate on where he wants to go. His taijutsu also becomes greatly increased. By utilizing celestial energy, Kisui can deliver a multitude of dangerous physical attacks. Attacks that look like they have missed can end up making contact. But the primary thing Kisui has learned about his Six Paths Sage Mode is the effect it has on his barriers. When creating barriers, they become tremendously strong, up to ten times stronger than barriers created under normal energy. This turns him into a powerful ally who can give his teammates a near impenetrable defensive edge. While in Sage mode, Kisui's barriers can change in size depending on how they need to be utilized, capable of changing quickly to adapt to changing situations. When enough of his energy energy is gathered, Kisui can take it a step further. He can begin absorbing more energy from the stars to enhance his powers even further. With this, Kisui gains greater control over his Six Paths powers, even gaining some of their powers back that originally required the Rinnegan. Such a state is difficult to achieve, though, and requires time to gather the energy required to enter this state. With the recovery of his Rinnegan, Kisui's Six Paths Sage Mode is complete. Under this state, Kisui's transformation remains more or less the same, but his eyes glow under the blindfold, granting him sight. In this form, Kisui's barriers can block all forms of attacks except Six Paths senjutsu and incredibly strong forms of taijutsu, due to his barriers being created by the same energy that creates the Truth Seeking Ball.

Cosmic Summon

Kisui's Summon

Kisui's Cosmic Beast, Suijun

Being a cosmic being, Kisui's genetic branch was entrusted with their own special summon; In Kisui's case, his is a blind owl with eyes that match his own. When resting upon his shoulder or arm, the owl, named Suijun (水準, Lit; Surveyor), increases the effective range of his spiritual sight, allowing him not only to see his targets from farther away, but to also increase the clarity of his spiritual vision, allowing him to see his targets in perfect, silhouette clarity rather than subtle blurs. It also increases the effectiveness of his visual genjutsu greatly. When activated, Kisui can create a pocket reality around him and his target without his target even knowing it, not having to rely on the target as a catalyst for his genjutsu. All he needs is one quick glance and he can create a perfect copy of their surroundings, even without his sight. This reality can be manipulated to Kisui's whim, allowing him to change everything his target sees, even leading them into a false sense of security by letting them see what they want to see rather than what they're really seeing. With Kisui's Rinnegan recovered, Suijun also gained the visage. With their visions linked, Kisui can use Suijun to see through his blind spots, allowing him virtually three hundred and sixty degree vision. Suijun's reality manipulation also becomes much more powerful, turning from genjutsu into manipulation of reality itself. This involves creating entire dimensions that turn the battle to Kisui's advantage.

Cosmic Manipulation

Universal Orbs

Kisui's Cosmic Spheres.

Following the loss of his sight, Kisui gained the ability to manipulate the cosmos on a small scale level. This allows him to create all sorts of different constructs, be it defensive, or offensive. By pulling in celestial energy, Kisui can create small, but incredibly dense orbs of cosmic energy that seem to pull in on itself. Anything or anyone caught in their paths have the potential of being pulled in and crushed into nothingness, a black hole in the palm of his hands. This is one of the many powers Kisui is capable of with his manipulation over the universe itself. He is also capable of creating barriers that have a dual phase gravity. With normal gravity on the inside, the outer part of the barrier has an attractive gravity, allowing it to pull in and crush most attacks that hit against the barrier. With the return of Kisui's sight, he can use his Rinnegan to further enhance his cosmic manipulation. Utilizing the Deva Path, Kisui can enhance the sphere's destruction influence, allowing it to pull in even other Truth Seeking Balls, destroying them completely. By enhancing it with the Human Path, the spheres absorb the opponent's soul until there's nothing left. Utilizing the Asura Path, the spheres gain the ability to shoot tiny versions of themselves. Anything they come into contact with become weighted down significantly, due to the incredible amount of gravity coming down upon them. In some cases, it can crush Kisui's opponents outright.


Ninjutsu is Kisui's dominant skill. A good number of his skills were support based ninjutsu techniques made solely to benefit himself and his allies, giving them a strong edge over their opponents. By utilizing Blueprint, Kisui can alter the landscape to give the advantage to his allies, creating choke points they can utilize to cut off their opponents from their allies. By utilizing it for defensive purposes, Kisui can create large structures that serve as protective barriers to defend his allies from attack. These structures can either be stationary to serve as temporary fortifications, or mobile in order to provide autonomous cover. Kisui can also create barriers that react to a technique's chakra signature, allowing it to intercept and block the attack from getting through. By utilizing his Complete Weapon Summoning, Kisui is capable of arming his opponents with whatever weapon they request, as long as he has the chakra to summon it. These ninjutsu skills make him an invaluable buffer that can be the defining advantage his allies would need.

Years of intense training has given Kisui a strong ninjutsu base while having only a handful of techniques. Despite his little amount of techniques, Kisui uses them beyond their normal potential, using them for newer purposes. Intense chakra reduction training has ensure that utilizing his techniques use up as little chakra as possible, allowing him to create many powerful weapons and barriers without having to worry about overusing his chakra. He's constantly improving himself, and his techniques become powerful as each day goes by as Kisui continues to break new boundaries for his techniques. There is no such thing as a plateau for Kisui, as he is endlessly expanding the usage of his techniques far and beyond what they were created for. His Blueprint technique has turned into an artform, capable of creating constructs straight out of someone's imagination. Whether they're simple barriers or even constructs that look like sentry towers, nothing is a problem for him as long as his chakra allows its creation.

Yin-Yang Release

Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint: Out of the ninjutsu Kisui prefers, he sides with techniques that can create. This makes Blueprint one of his signature ninjutsu techniques. A technique that's both simple and complex, his variation takes the daedal hand of nature and grasps it, allowing him to manipulate landscapes that are part of the laws of nature. Trees, the ground, these are his tools. All he needs is to apply his thoughts and Yin-Yang energy into their creation. By envisioning his changes, he applies Yin energy to create the shell, creating the basis for the change. By applying Yang energy, the changes take physical hold, transforming the landscape into the one of his choosing. But this doesn't just apply to nature. He has taken the time to use this technique to create powerful, defensive barriers.

These barriers are complex, almost living. By applying both Yin and Yang energy, along with a tertiary element like fire, he can give the barrier fire resistance, allowing the person behind it to withstand nearly any fire release technique. He can apply different elements for different effects, all serving the means of defense. By applying a more complex pattern of Yang energy, he can bring the barriers life. When combined with a tertiary element, these barriers don't appear visible. But the moment it "detects" an elemental technique nearby, it reacts to the technique, applying size and direction to block it in one spot rather than in a single, whole direction. Such an advanced use of Blueprint is reminiscent of the Landscape Altering Technique, but his utilization of it doesn't require a scroll, allowing him to use it whenever he needs to.

Yin-Yang Release: Complete Weapon Summoning: Another basis of creation, this is Kisui's second signature technique. A more advanced variation of Blueprint, this technique relies on the creation of weapons and armor. Since there's no local resources to utilize like with Blueprint, a more complex method of energy extraction is required. To kind of compensate for this, Kisui utilizes several tertiary elements. The main of these is fire, allowing the heat to create a proper substance. Then, the second tertiary element, earth is utilized, giving the heated element shape. Once the earth element is shaped into the weapon or armor of choice, water is utilized to cool it down. Once the process is complete, Yang energy is introduced, giving the creation life.

This application of different elements is quick, almost instant, but it's such a complex method of creation that even experts in all three fields it utilize are baffled as to how the elements could be combined in such a way to create arms and armor. Regardless, this is a solid technique, granting his allies an offensive edge along with himself, arming them with any weapon they require. He commonly arms his allies with weapons that have an advantage in the field of combat currently at play. Bows can be utilized to cut down on melee users from a distance, while more balanced weaponry at close quarters is utilized. If it's against a heavy weapons user, a more swift weapon is created like a sword. The weapons themselves are very light, being made of energy, allowing them to be used by virtually anyone.


Since awakening his Rinnegan, Kisui's powers have gained a substantial boost. These powers are unique to him, providing boosts to his Blueprint and Complete Weapon summonings. Among these powers is a passive absorption of natural energy, allowing him to keep his powers at their peak. Among these powers, he has also awaken five of the six Paths. His usage of these powers are just as unique as his Yin-Yang usage. These eyes can only be used when they are summoned by Zenjou, which have been sealed per Kisui's request. Though even with his Rinnegan sealed, Kisui learned he can still utilize his powers, but at a far more weakened state. With the return of Kisui's Rinnegan, these powers became much more stronger, an indication of his body accepting the Rinnegan completely.

Deva Path

One of the paths Kisui discovered when awakening the Rinnegan was the Deva path. With this path, he can provide an even greater defensive support for his allies by creating a repulsive barrier that stops and pushes back objects via the use of a minor form of Shinra Tensei. He can combine his Human Path with the Deva Path to create a full throttle Shinra Tensei, one that delivers massive damage on a spiritual level. Instead of blowing the physical body away like the normal Shinra Tensei does, it literally blows the target's soul away if used at full power, sending it to the Underworld for judgement. Usage of the Shinra Tensei at full power comes with the draw back of shortening his life span, though, so such a powerful technique is used only as a last resort. Utilizing it for defense doesn't cause this drawback, though, allowing him to provide greater defensive capabilities along side his barrier ninjutsu. The other drawback is the time period where it can't be used; Five seconds at the least when utilizing it for defensive purposes.

Outside of combat, Kisui learned how to utilize Banshō Ten'in in a unique way; By pulling objects towards him, Kisui can create temporary structures as a form of shelter when needed for emergencies. By utilizing sealing substances, he can bind the pieces together to keep them from falling apart. He uses this to experiment with the effects of gravity and its influence on the objects around the gravitational field. In combat, his Banshō Ten'in can cause orbital disruptions in areas where it's active, mimicking a sort of unstable galaxy in its newest formation. Objects caught in the field where its active will have wild orbits, even being thrown out of the field at intense speeds. By adding more energy into it, it can create a stable galaxy formation where the gravity is powerful enough to create small "planets" and "moons" that can be pushed as projectiles with Shinra Tensei, accelerated by the strong gravitational field.

Human Path

The second Path he unlocked, by utilizing his Human Path, Kisui can read the minds of a target while simultaneously removing their soul and sending it to the Underworld. When utilized along side his Deva Path, he can combine his Human Path with the Deva Path to create a full throttle Shinra Tensei, one that delivers massive damage on a spiritual level. Instead of blowing the physical body away like the normal Shinra Tensei does, it literally blows the target's soul away if used at full power, sending it to the Underworld for judgement. By utilizing it outside of combat, he can peer into a person's soul and observe their Dukkha; forms of negative energy that weigh down their soul. By seeing these Dukkha, he can help people who are troubled if they wish to accept help. Though without proper training in it, the Dukkha he can see is limited. Through training, though, his readings have become more tuned, allowing him to see more emotions than he did when he first awakened it.

Animal Path

The third Path unlocked, the Animal Path allows him to summon animals to his aid. Kisui experimented with different types of summons until he found what he considered the perfect summoning; Predatory animals. By utilizing birds of prey and land predators, he can attack from the sky or the ground, cutting off his foes and lead them right into a trap. One of his favorite summonings is the Cassowary, a large bird of prey that stands at over six and a half feet in height, weighing in at over a hundred and thirty pounds. Though this bird cannot fly, he is a fast runner, using his powerful legs to push him faster than an average human's running speed, and even beyond that thanks to the Rinnegan's powers. He has five inch long, sharp talons that can tear through metal plating and is capable of disemboweling and dismembering, delivering powerful kicks that are the among the strongest of any animal. His large body also gives him great durability, allowing him to take many hits before falling.

Another summon he likes to use is the wolf. Quick, agile and quick on her feet, the wolf can traverse through terrain unfavorable to a Cassowary, allowing her to get in spots the larger bird cannot. By using smart movements, the wolf can lead her target straight into the Cassowary's sharp talons. Though she's not as durable as the Cassowary, she can easily outrun him, using her four legs to push herself to incredible speeds, even greater than the usage of the Body Flicker Technique. Though a Flying Thunder God user might outspeed her, they won't be able to escape her sharp smelling senses. Capable of smelling human scents from up to a mile away, she ensures her target doesn't get away from her that easily. She uses her slim, agile frame to get into small areas that are hard to spot, allowing her to ambush an unsuspecting target and go in for the kill, using her sharp teeth and strong jaw muscles to deliver bone crushing and even limb dismembering bites.

His third summoning is known as the Lammergier , which is German for “lamb vulture”. It was believed that the most predatory vulture species fed on lambs – but lambs are unlikely to be targeted unless they are sick or dying. It is this bird’s penchant for hard food items that require aerial dropping to access that make it potentially dangerous. Lammergiers have adapted to favor the soft marrow inside bones, which is what remains when other vultures have stripped the carcass. To access the marrow, the bird carries the bones into the air and drops them to shatter on the rocks below. Kisui's summoning is no different, but more improved. He can fly at fast speeds given his size, and his Rinnegan grants him vision sharper than an eagle's. He is always carrying a large stone or other hard object that he stealthily drops from above, either to deliver a fatal blow on a target from below, or to get them running staight towards the wolf or cassowary. Kisui can sync his vision with the Lammergier to see what's going on from above, giving him a sharp vision that few can escape from. Outside of combat, Kisui utilizes his summons for hunting. By using each of the summons, he can target prey and kill them off for food and hides.

Asura Path

The fourth Path to be unlocked, the Asura Path has allowed him to further improve his combat proficiency. By summoning extra mechanical limbs, he can further protect himself and deliver a more brutal barrage of capoeira strikes, using the extra arms to allow him to dance around his opponents defenses. The mechanical structures also improve his physical strength and durability, granting him greater offense and defensive powers. In his right shoulder is a tri-barrel rocket launcher, with guided rockets he can control using his Rinnegan. By focusing on the rockets, he controls their movements with his eyes, guiding them straight to his target.By combining his Asura and Animal Path powers, Kisui can improve his summonings by arming them in powerful, mechanized bodies, further improving their speed, durabilty and power.

In this form, the Cassowary gains ten inch long, razor sharp talons capable of cutting through stone and metal with ease and can dismember even an armored limb. Thanks to the mechanical legs, his running speed is also improved, and his defensive prowess is greatly improved thanks to his mechanical frame. His kicks can tear a target to shreds in a heartbeat. The wolf gains better defensive stats alongside speed and senses. Thanks to her mechanical frame, her legs allow her to keep up with even the Lighting Release Armor enhanced Body Flicker Technique, said to be one of the fastest forms ever seen, second only to the Flying Thunder God. Her senses are greatly enhanced, capable of picking up human scents from up to three miles away, allowing her to use strategies ahead of time and lead them straight into the Cassowary.

The Lannmergier is also improved greatly, the metal frame slims his body down somewhat, giving him a more streamlined frame, greatly improving speed. His vision is greatly enhanced and protected thanks to see through protective layering that doubles as telescopic lenses. In this form, he can develop bombs from his mouth to drop from below, allowing him to deliver dangerous air strikes. On his wings are two machine guns that fire several rounds a second, allowing him to swoop down and cut through large swaths of enemies. The drawback to using these summons is the large amount of cosmic energy required to augment them. Outside of combat, Kisui utilizes the enhanced strength of the mechanical limbs to help build greater structures while in the wild, or to lift heavy objects blocking his path.

Preta Path

The Preta Path was the fifth Path Kisui would end up unlocking. Once again peering into the memories of Hagoromo, he witnessed him alongside his brother, battling their mother Kaguya. He witnessed him use the Preta Path against some of Kaguya's attacks. This sparked a memory link between Kisui and Hagoromo, unlocking the Preta Path in his Rinnegan. By its activation, Kisui can absorb chakra from a wide variety of ninjutsu based attacks. But since his body is pure celestial energy, the chakra ends up being destroyed, meaning it ends up being no use to him. But if he utilizes his Akkanoyogenki in tandem with his Preta Path, he can turn the chakra into celestial energy, giving him an energy source his body can actually use, allowing him to restore his celestial energy at any point in battle. By utilizing others Paths in its usage, Kisui can expand its usefulness even further. Applying the Deva Path allows him to create powerful shockwaves that both push the chakra out of someone's body, and returns it to Kisui. When using it with his Animal Path, Kisui can create animal summons that, with each bite, scratch, or whatever they have in their arsenal, siphons chakra away from their targets.

By utilizing the Human Path, Kisui can turn their souls into an absorbable resource, not only allowing him to pull their souls, but absorb them as well if need be. Though this is a tactic he rarely ever utilizes, since he questions the moral implications of taking someone else's soul as his own, especially without the consent of the individual in question. He feels like the souls of those who have been defeated should be taken to their proper place. As such, he avoids using the Human Path for such a purpose. When combined with his mastery over the Flying Thunder God Technique, Kisui can create special seals that react to the Preta Path's energy and set them into his kunai. Upon teleporting to the kunai, the effects kick in, absorbing the chakra of the targets in its blast radius. Kisui also uses it in his taijutsu. By utilizing its effects, Kisui can absorb chakra with every blow that connects, draining his opponent's energy and weakening them, shortening battles rather quickly. Though Kisui finds it hard to focus the Preta Path's energies when trying to utilize his taijutsu, so he doesn't rely on it unless he can keep himself focused.

Naraka Path

The Naraka Path is the sixth and final Path Kisui has unlocked, competely awakening his powers as the Sage of Six Paths. By utilizing the Naraka Path, Kisui can summon the King of Hell, a statue like structure capable of many different things. One of its primary effects allows him to interrogate targets for information. If their information is correct he lets them go. If it's not, the Kind of Hell strips them of their souls, sending them into the Naraka realm. The King of Hell is also capable of repairing Asura Path constructs, which he often uses on his Animal Path summons if they've been enhanced by the Asura Path, allowing them to be repaired one at a time and be ready for combat once more. When utilized with the Deva Path, Kisui can create shockwaves that the King of Hell can use to expand its reach, creating tendrils off of the shockwaves to pull in its targets, making it a dangerous, long range weapon. When given a trace of celestial energy, the King of Hell is capable of passively absorbing celestial energy from the stars and transferring it to Kisui, giving him a constant source of energy for his Akkanoyogenki, further amplifying its usefulness.

Outer Path

With the awakening of all Six Paths, Kisui became the new Sage of Six Paths. With this newfound power, Kisui is capable of a wide range of powerful abilities. Among this is one of the most powerful of the Paths, the fabled seventh Path; The Outer Path. With this power, Kisui can create rods of chakra that can both control and incapacitate his targets, rendering them immobile. This also grants him the ability to bring the dead back to life via the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Though with his concepts of life and death, Kisui always remains hesitant on using such a powerful ability, believing those who died should not be disturbed if they wish not to be. The Outer Path also grants him the ability to summon the Demon Statue of the Outer Path, a powerful summon that is said to contain the vessel of the Ten Tails. But with such power being contained, Kisui has no reason to bring back to life such a dangerous creature. If anything, he uses everything in his power to ensure it can't be brought back by creating a special technique specifically for the Outer Path; Bondage of the Demon Statue. This technique creates a splinter realm that hides the Demonic Statue in a realm of his choosing to keep it locked away. Though those with greater influence over the statue could potentially bring it back.

Chibaku Tensei

With his energies being fully tuned with Hagoromo's thanks to the awakening of the Six Paths, Kisui is granted one of the most powerful powers in the Deva Path's disposal; The Chibaku Tensei. This technique allows Kisui to create massive, planet like objects by creating a dark sphere that pulls in rock and other earthen materials, forming a large, planetoid object. With his celestial energy at his disposal, Kisui can take it a step further. By focusing points of celestial energy that shine with colors that match his Rinnegan, they pull in earthen materials much like the dark sphere. The primary difference being how great its scale is. At the center is where the star sits, which pulls in the most matter. By the time it's complete, it resembles a supermassive star, as if Kisui was creating a galaxy. Around it, smaller, "planetoid" spheres are created that slowly orbit around the star. These spheres are incredibly dense, capable of warping space-time techniques and throwing their path off completely. This means Kisui is unable to use his Flying Thunder God Technique during its use. But in exchange, Kisui can create spheres that are capable of trapping virtually anything inside its supermassive spheres. Kisui can gain control of these spheres and drop them below, causing cataclysmic damage to anything in their paths.

Truth-Seeking Ball

As the Sage of Six Paths, Kisui's powers are completely synced with Hagoromo. Among the powers Kisui has been granted, one of them is the Truth Seeking Balls. These spheres, blacker than anything in existence, orbit around Kisui, always at his back whenever he needs them. By grasping onto one of them, Kisui can shape them to whatever he sees fit, allowing him to create a wide variety of weapons at his disposal. Because of their unique nature, they're capable of nullifying virtually all ninjutsu based techniques and constructs. This can be seen against those revived with Edo Tensei, as the Truth-Seeking Balls prevent them from repairing any damage done to them by the spheres. When exposed to Kisui's celestial energy, these spheres can nullify virtually anything, including senjutsu, due to its primal properties. This gives Kisui an absolute defense against almost any form of ninjutsu, though they're still weak against taijutsu. By incorporating them onto his body, Kisui can create a special set of gauntlets on his hands that amplify his taijutsu extensively, allowing his physical attacks to deal enough damage to level a mountain range.


Kisui's was unaware of the fact he possessed the Sharingan all of his life, until recently. He spoke to a man by the name of Yoshitsune, who sensed Hagoromo's presence within Kisui. Teaching him the ways of Hagoromo's Sharingan, he taught Kisui how to awaken his own Sharingan. With Yoshitsune's help, Kisui's Sharingan came to light, already fully matured thanks to his experiences, with three tomoe set around the Sharingan. His Sharingan is the Eye of Insight (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan). This allows Kisui to observe his opponent so sharply, he can determine their movements before they even begin to utilize them. He can also copy virtually any technique by just observing it once, though Hiden based techniques and Kekkei Genkai techniques are exempt from this. The Sharingan also increases his passive observation, allowing him to see things that the naked eye would overlook, allowing him to see things out of place that others wouldn't even give a second glance.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Kisui's MS

Kisui's Mangekyō Sharingan.

Further training by Yoshitsune, this time utilizing genjutsu to put him under strenuous circumstances, allowed Kisui's Sharingan to evolve into the Mangekyō Sharingan. This powerful dōjutsu allows Kisui to utilize a very unique power not normally seen in the Mangekyō Sharingan before or since. Kisui can create a nebula that gives him the power to make anything he wants to, without the tertiary elements that his Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint and its contemporary techniques require. With his left eye, Kisui creates the nebula cloud, giving it form out of the particles in the air. This dust, colored beautifully like the cosmos, is manipulated by his right eye. His right eye gives the nebula shape, shaping it into the object he is imagining. Then, both eyes give the cloud physical form and control over the object to prevent it from being misused by his enemies. The drawback to this is the nebula must maintain its physical shape throughout the transformation, and interrupting it would require him to restart the process. The time taken to transform the cloud is dependent on the size of the object. The bigger the object, the more time is necessary to give it shape.

Flying Thunder God Technique


Kisui demonstrating his Flying Thunder God and Complete Weapon Summoning techniques.

The Flying Thunder God Technique is a personal favorite of Kisui. Always choosing to use it for strategies, Kisui's utilization of the technique is methodical in nature. Utilizing a unique set of different kunai, each one is marked with a special seal, each in numerical order. These kunai allow him to teleport to different locations one by one, allowing him to dominate the battlefield in key locations, providing him an excellent advantage not just by speed, but by also surveying the battlefield prior to battle, giving his allies key information should he not be able to rely on the summons of his Animal Path for any reason. By combining his usage of the Rinnegan's Deva Path with his Flying Thunder God Technique, Kisui can create powerful shockwaves that send opponents flying. By combining this with a tertiary element, he can provide elemental shockwave damage. By using his Complete Weapon Summoning technique, Kisui can imbue different weapons with the seal's formula, often choosing to use it on arrows. By firing them from a bow, he gets more stability, speed and distance out of them compared to a kunai, allowing him to teleport to key locations in a pinch.

By combining his Asura Path, Kisui can teleport to the spot of choice and provide covering fire for his allies via the rocket launcher summoned from his shoulder. By imbuing his arrows or kunai with energy from the Animal Path, instead of teleporting himself, Kisui uses the seal as a gateway for his animal summons, allowing him to summon them in locations away from him, allowing them to defend or scout key locations on the battlefield. When utilizing the Human and Deva Paths alongside the Flying Thunder God Technique, Kisui can create trap kunai that set off shockwaves that deliver spiritual damage, allowing him to drain the energy from his opponents. Overall, Kisui's utilization of the Flying Thunder God Technique is all about being as intelligent in its utilization as possible, ensuring no opportunity is wasted in its use.


Kisui's intelligence is incredible. Constantly thinking of his next move, he watches the battlefield very carefully, watching for even the most subtle change in surroundings. If he sees a change, he reacts to it in an intelligent and calm manner, using his ninjutsu to change it over to his allies' advantage. Every battle is like a game of chess to Kisui, and he is the rook that protects his allies with powerful buffer techniques that give them an offensive and defensive advantage against their opponents. His strategies rely solely on teamwork, and as long as he has a team to cooperate with, he can see them through as efficiently as possible. Kisui also utilizes his Flying Thunder God technique intelligently, using it to great lengths for when he has to go on the offensive. Prior to battle, Kisui places several formulas, each marked with a numerical symbol and an elemental or trap seal close to the formula, allowing him to create an area of effect entry attack.

When Kisui fights on his own, he takes everything into account; The playing field, the opponent he'll be up against, and even the weather during that fight. Everything is a factor for Kisui's strategies and he puts every factor to full use. When Kisui's formulating a strategy, they can be intricately drawn out. Nothing is left out when Kisui formulates a strategy, taking note of even the smallest details for his strategies. He never runs out of ideas and can improvise on the fly should his original strategy go awry. By focusing on how his opponent fights, he can develop a midfight strategy from there and figure out how to defeat his opponent as intelligently as possible. Every fight is like a chess match for Kisui, and all he's looking for is the check mate. All he needs is one of his pawns to trap his opponent's king or queen and he can emerge victorious.

His intelligence is both his blessing, and his curse. Long after the battle is over, strategies and counterstrategies run through his mind like water through a stream. Ideas constantly flowing through his head one after another into the endless void that is his vast intelligence. But for Kisui, he wouldn't have it any other way. It's his intelligence that has gotten him far in life. He constantly keeps his mind sharpened, free of redundancy. He's always reading something new, even if it's ancient. If he hasn't read something before, regardless of its age, it's new to him. Kisui's open to the ideas of gaining knowledge and looks for every opportunity to expand. He is capable of deciphering ancient languages and chemical reactions due to his constant reading. This intelligence has also expanded into music; Kisui plays the piano as a means of escaping the world. His emotions are played into every note, something that requires the knowledge to do so.

Possessing a vast knowledge of the Universe, Kisui knows more about the galaxies surrounding the solar system than nearly anyone else. Having written down and applied the theories of the speed of light, the Big Bang and many other things related to the universe in the Shinobi world, he has become a figurehead of scientific advances, paving the way for the future and building a reputation as one of the first cosmologists in the Shinobi world. It's this knowledge of the universe that gives him a joy of learning something new about the vast galaxies that make up the universe everyone lives in. He has written countless pages, mathematical equations, artistic representations and valid theories detailing the formation of the universe from the Big Bang, the properties of black holes, etc.


Having spent years of speed training, Kisui's speed was already at a high peak. This would be further increased by learning the Flying Thunder God technique, which allowed him to travel at even more incredible speeds. By utilizing his Flying Thunder God technique, his roles as a support nin were increased, allowing him to teleport to his allies and pull them to safety should one of his barriers fail to stop a technique. Constant chakra reduction training has allowed Kisui to use the Flying Thunder God technique without it putting a dent in his chakra supplies. His speed and almost apparitional usage of the Flying Thunder God technique has earned him the moniker of "Wraith of Kumogakure" (生霊の雲隠れ, Ikiryō no Kumogakure). Those that have fought him say they saw a spirit, one of large build with silver hair that took over him moments before Kisui used the Flying Thunder God technique to deliver a powerful finishing blow. Kisui's base speed was already high from years of speed training, and learning the Flying Thunder God technique essentially quadrupled his speed capabilities. Since using the Flying Thunder God technique no longer requires a large amount of energy for Kisui, he can use it constantly without worrying about his energy supplies dwindling. This lets him take control of the battlefield with his speed, setting up traps for his opponents as he flashes from one formula to the next at speeds faster than the human eye can blink. By using his technique intelligently, Kisui ensures that the Flying Thunder God is enough to create an opening against an opponent that he can take advantage of.

Kisui has trained under the spirit's beliefs that one's body should move as smooth as water. As such, Kisui trains to keep his stride as smooth as possible, ensuring that nothing drags his step down. He has ran through thick mud countless times to improve his speed and stability while running in unfavorable territory. Thanks to this intense training, Kisui is capable of running through unfavorable terrain as smoothly as running through hard ground. Though this doesn't keep him free from everything. Obvious hazards like mudflows and powerful streams are capable of knocking anyone down, regardless of their strength, and Kisui is no exception. Further expanding on his speed training after his close defeat against Matenrō, Kisui once again put his body to its absolute limit, using the newfound energy of the old Sage combined with his own to push himself to limits he's never pushed himself to before. Training in the harshest sandstorms the deserts of Sunagakure had to offer, every time he trained, he found himself able to resist the harsh winds of the desert, almost able to keep a jogging pace in the sandstorms. Weeks of training strengthened his legs to tremendous amounts, allowing him to run almost at a natural pace in the desert's unforgiving atmosphere.

Thanks to his new training, his speed has more than tripled from its already tremendously high amount. At this pace, he can almost keep up with his Flying Thunder God technique, which he had been using as a bench mark for his training. By calculating the time it takes to teleport versus the time it takes to run, he found his Flying Thunder God technique is only better by mere seconds, showing that his speed is at an elite pace. He continues to train his speed until one day, he can surpass that benchmark, turning him into an incredibly fast shinobi. Another benefit to his strengthened legs and improved speed is he can fluently deliver strikes almost faster than the brain can comprehend, delivering blinding fast kicks and blows that leave an opponent unable to retaliate. By utilizing his Asura Path to mechanically manipulate his legs, Kisui's speed gains an even greater boost. After a single step, he's already gone in an instant, having moved so fast, time around him nearly freezes for a moment. This moment lasts as long as a flash of lightning, but because time has slowed down immensely, a flash of lightning is all Kisui needs to get the job done. His speed is incredible at this rate, outspeeding the likes of A and Minato Namikaze. But the usage of this requires a lot of energy and is to be used only when the opportunity is right.

Ultra Speed

Kisui's Speed

After the loss of his Rinnegan, Kisui could no longer rely on the Asura Path's speed boost. So once more, he began going back to basics. Using the physical cushioning of the cosmic energy flowing through his body, Kisui once again began pushing himself beyond the limits where most people are unable to go any further. By utilizing his already high speeds, he allowed Suijun to create a pocket reality where the gravity was much greater, where he pushed himself even further than ever. With each time he got accustomed to the gravity, he had Suijun increase it even further. After weeks of intensive speed training, Kisui's speed has reached its absolute limit. Now, Kisui can move at speeds that the human brain cannot even begin to process. By the time an opponent throws an attack, Kisui has already began dodging it before the brain can send the energy to the nerves required for the opponent to throw the attack. He is fast enough that his opponents would chase his afterimages thinking it was him. His peak fitness allows him to keep this speed going at all times, turning him into a super-speed powerhouse.


5655237-aerial combat

Kisui's capoeira prowess in mid-air.

After his fight with Akagi, Kisui learned that taijutsu is a very important field of combat to utilize, having seen what his puppet Dragon was capable of. After leaving the desert following the battle, he began training in in taijutsu. His spirit began to help him, once having been a practitioner of taijutsu during his days among the living. Teaching Kisui what he knows, the spirit gave him tips on how to defend against strong attacks and counter off of an opponent's momentum. Kisui's elusive nature made him fitting for a semi-capoeira based fighting style, allowing him to use elusive movements in tandem with crippling attacks. Having spent five years of constantly training in his taijutsu, he's become a stronger combat practitioner. Capable of a wide variety of elusive physical attacks, Kisui confuses his opponent with constant evasive movements combined with powerful strikes made stronger by the momentum of his movement. By moving with an opponent's attack, he can transfer the momentum of his opponent into a counter attack, delivering an attack twice as strong.

Though his knowledge in taijutsu is quite vast, he uses it only as a fallback skill. A sort of last resort should someone be strong enough to break through his barriers. This does not make him a slouch in the department. If he has to, he can stand his own with his taijutsu long enough to either have his allies recuperate or until there's an opening he can exploit for a powerful counterattack. He has great defensive capabilities with his taijutsu, capable of intelligently blocking or evading physical attacks that leave his opponents wide open for a counterattack from him or his allies. Though he is skilled, Kisui is very conservative about who he chooses to fight back with his taijutsu. If the opponent he's up against is too strong for his taijutsu, he'll engage in evasive tactics to break the distance between him and his opponent. Thanks to intensive speed training, Kisui has developed a tremendous amount of leg strength, allowing him to deliver crushing kicks that leave his opponent off guard. To ensure they do the most damage, he aims his kicks in vital areas more susceptible to taking damage, like the floating rib or behind the major part of the thigh. This ensures that every kick will deal the most damage and drain his opponent of their stamina.

Once again, Kisui found himself expanding on his taijutsu following his close defeat against Matenrō, he continued his training with Raido X, who taught him the physically demanding style of capoeira. Intense training in the harsh, unforgiving environment of Sunagakure put his physical limits to their absolute test, and every training session that passed, he was able to set a new benchmark. After Raido left Sunagakure to continue on a mission. Kisui began training himself more and more, pushing his body to the limit, training his taijutsu alongside his speed in the unforgiving sandstorms of Sunagakure. Thanks to his intense training, his skills in capoeira are near their peak. Now, at a tremendous physical peak, he can perform a brutal array of endless kicks and feints that leave his opponent completely off guard, allowing him to dance past their defense and deliver crushing blows that leave an opponent unwilling to fight him again in close quarters. His constant, blindingly fast movements allow him to dodge and counter attacks just on his moves alone, no longer having to rely on blocking to defend against physical blows. The strength in his legs are great enough to where he can shatter stone with a well placed kick.

Finding himself more immersed within Sunagakure's culture, he learned of their specialty in taijutsu; A style they named Shifting Sands. This style involves graceful movements combined with the deadly form of chakra exertion. He spoke with some of the experts in this style and they agreed to train him, seeing him as one of their own for how long he had lived there. From there, he learned how to combine it with his capoeira, creating a powerful variant of the Shifting Sands. Thanks to the training he received, Kisui learned how to exert the celestial energy he possesses from his hands and feet more fluently than before. Before each movement, Kisui pushes celestial energy out of his feet to give him an extra boost of speed to increase the momentum, velocity and impact of his kicks. Just before impact, he delivers a swift blast of chakra that compliment's the kick's immense power, allowing him to deal devastating damage to whatever he happens to hit. Every movement he takes has him flowing celestial energy with each graceful step, the sand moving with him as if joining in a dance. This sand hides his movements, making him a difficult fighter to counter against while the celestial energy gives the sand a glorious hue of different colors.

With his memories unlocked from one of his past lives as the original taijutsu master, his skills reached what could be considered their peak. With a passive strength that rivals the opening of the Fifth Gate, Kisui's skills in taijutsu were pushed beyond the limits of the human body. He has pushed himself to limits where the normal human body would have broken long ago, and he keeps moving on. Every punch, every kick, even with his power held back as physically as possible, can cause incredible amounts of damage. Even a simple snap of his fingers can deliver a shockwave that brings his opponents to their knees, a shockwave that can reach great distances, even heard from villages far from the shockwave.

Rinnegan Enhanced Taijutsu: One of the biggest things Raido taught Kisui was how to utilize his Rinnegan paths more fluently in combat. By teaching him how to use his Human Path, Raido taught him how to deliver punches that slowly drain an opponent's spiritual energy without having to rely on the Deva Path's Shinra Tensei. Raido told him that the more Paths he learned, the more he'd teach him on how to utilize them in close quarters combat. Utilizing his Asura Path, Kisui can use the extra limbs to further increase his lateral movements, allowing him to set up an even greater array of combinations that leave his opponent wide open for a powerful strike. By utilizing a piledriver, Kisui can imbue himself and his opponent with energy from the Deva Path, increasing their gravity to greatly increase the force of the impact. Kisui is capable of increasing the gravity enough to leave a crater upon impact. A clothesline can be devastating when imbued with the power of both the Deva and Asura Paths, increasing the gravity of the arm itself with the Deva Path and mechanically amplifying it with the Asura Path.

Tornado Knee: Counter Step

Counter Knee

Kisui's utilization of taijutsu tends to involve using as little energy as possible. As such, fluid movements and smooth blocking are a must for him. The Tornado Knee: Counter Step allows him to use little energy in delivering a powerful counter attack. To do as much damage as possible, Kisui aims for the jaw if he can, severing his opponent's equilibrium and leaving them open for further attack.

Hunter Skills

"When you're in the thick of the forest, you've got everything to make a perfect trap; Location, allocatable resources, and most of all, isolation. This gives you plenty of time to turn the forests into a living death trap for your pursuers and allow you to escape with as little blood on your hands as possible."

Because he's traveled for so long, Kisui has learned to turn the forests into his ally. Every shrubbery, every tree and every small hill can be turned into a trap to slow down or stop his pursuers entirely. Kisui can turn forests shinobi know by heart into unknown territory in an instant, either changing the layout of the forest with his Yin-Yang Release Blueprint or fill it with traps that make his pursuers second guess the forests they called home. Kisui's just at home in the forests as he is in a village, capable of using the thick forestry to hide himself from opposition while he makes his escape, making him a talented escape artist.

Kisui can also craft tools by hand meant to hunt animals if he has to stay within a forest for any extended period of time. Though he could easily create one with his complete weapon summoning, he chooses not to in order to keep his chakra levels low enough to prevent him from being spotted by sensory nin. His hunting skills are proficient, capable of felling even the strongest beasts by hitting a vital part of their body, be it an artery or even the heart itself. Kisui can also carefully skin an animal to use its pelts for either a makeshift blanket or even for trading should he find himself back in Sunagakure. There's always a profit for fur to make clothing with so Kisui grabs what hides he can during his trip back.

Incognitive Abilities

"When you're a wanted man and in a heavily populated area outside of your safety zone, the last thing you want to do is stand out. Do everything you can to conceal your appearance while at the same time, looking like a normal member of the public. Overdoing it could end up making people, especially your pursuers, suspicious of you."

Kisui's skills at blending in with a crowd have made him a very hard to spot target for pursuers. By using sunglasses to conceal his Rinnegan and every day clothes normal people wear, he can basically turn himself invisible, using the crowd as his cloak against any pursuers. Every day it's a different outfit to ensure that he doesn't raise suspicion. He learned how to do this by picking up tips from some of the villages he went to, taking each of them to heart to make sure that he can do everything he can to keep hidden from any pursuers, especially those from Kumogakure. Thanks to his cosmic energy, his energy can no longer be detected by sensory-nin, as they are only able to detect chakra, not its primal state.

Energy Supply

Having absorbed the energy of the cosmos, Kisui's energy is no longer derived from chakra. His energy has reverted back to the primal, celestial archetype known as "cosmic energy". This energy originated prior to the rage of the Shinju. The Shinju's rage disrupted the balance of the planet's energies, corrupting the energy with its physical essence. This energy found itself within the spiritual energy of Kaguya, transforming itself into chakra. This chakra would spread around the world, passed on from generation to generation until any cosmic energy left on the planet was small if not nonexistant. The only energy left was what resided in the cosmos, deep in space where it originated. Thanks to Kisui's celestial inheritance, he was able to absorb this celestial energy, eventually "purifying" his body, removing any trace of chakra he once had, replaced with the cosmic energy. This energy consumes less than what chakra would, allowing him to use techniques that would be considered chakra intensive more easily.

Spiritual Bonding

During times of duress, Kisui was once able to combine his spirit and the ancient spirit together with Yin Release. When the spirits bond, Kisui uses Yang Release, giving him a completely transformed body; His physique is greatly increased, his hair becomes long and formed into front tails, and he dons an ancient suit of leg platings. He essentially takes on the form of the ancient spirit's original body, with some of his physical attributes combined into the body. The form is temporary, but helps replenish his body's chakra levels while also giving him a boost in his other abilities. Due to awakening the Rinnegan and Hagoromo's energies, bonding with his spirit has become more difficult, almost impossible to do. Though he can no longer bond with the spirit, he can still gain the spirit's spiritual energy to increase his energy levels if he needs it.


"Every swing of the sword is a play of momentum. You have to move with that momentum to ensure that little effort is put into swinging the sword as possible. You want to make sure every swing has as little resistance as you can get out of it. That's what makes a clean sword strike."

At one point, Kisui could bond his spirit with the ancient spirit, gaining most of the knowledge the spirit had during life. One of the skills the spirit was masterful in was kenjutsu, being a traditional samurai. Capable of quick, precise strikes, Kisui can utilize combos to leave his opponent open for one well timed and powerful strike to bring down his opponent. By utilizing it with his Flying Thunder God technique, Kisui puts his moniker of Wraith of Kumogakure to good use, being the last thing a person sees before their fall. By utilizing his Sage mode, Kisui can put his kenjutsu to great use. By manipulating the air around him, he can utilize natural energy to sharpen the air with every swing of his sword, creating razor sharp swaths that cut through his opponent. No longer able to rely on the spirit's bonding to improve his kenjutsu, Kisui began training himself in the art of the sword. Though the spirit couldn't bond with him, he at least taught him everything he knew about the sword art. Putting in more weeks of training, Kisui began to hone his skills with a blade so he'd be ready for nearly any confrontation. Carefully selected movements while keeping a strong stance helps him deliver strong, efficient slashes. By utilizing his Rinnegan, he can get a sense of where his opponent's attacks are going to come from and defend against them with the proper stance and formation. His style isn't flashy or elegant, but it gets the job done, nonetheless. His style could be described as the movements of a traditional samurai, using moves that only attack, counter, or defend.

Once again on his journey to unlock the memories of his past lives, he stumbled upon another; One of a prestigious master in kenjutsu. Her skills were incomparable, capable of splitting entire mountains, turning them into valleys with but a single swing of her sword. She pushed herself, and the capabilities of her sword, further than any swordsmen before, and after her time. It's been said she has subdued entire armies with just a single swing of her sword, and most armies surrendered the moment they saw her on the battlefield. Legends say that Madara Uchiha once drove himself to match her kenjutsu, but not even he could reach her level, a testament of her incredible skills with the sword. Having merged her memories with his own, Kisui gained not just her skills, but improved them even further. With his combined, physical strength, Kisui can take the powers of his sword to levels never seen before. By coursing some of his perpetual celestial energy into the blade of his sword, Kisui can add his strength to the blade, making it virtually unbreakable, and sharper than even the finest edge. His incredible skills with his sword combined with his indomitable strength make him a true master of kenjutsu. Kisui prides himself in his capabilities with his sword, taking his skills further each and every day.

Making that master's kenjutsu his own, Kisui has pushed it into levels not even he thought were possible. By coursing his celestial energy into the blade, he makes it durable and sharp, but also incredibly weightless, thanks to basically syncing it to his spirit, making it not just a tool, but an extension of himself. He is also capable of releasing the celestial energy stored into the blade to create a powerful wave of energy that can cut through virtually anything it touches, even the air itself. By using this at the last second of the apex of his swing, Kisui can deliver two attacks at once in a relatively short period of time. Combined with his ultrahuman speeds, Kisui can swing his sword faster than the human eye can comprehend its movements. Even when it seems like his sword has clashed with another, he has still delivered a blow against his opponent, who was unable to see that he redirected the movement of his sword at the last possible second, utilizing every part of his body's muscles to push the movement of his sword to incredible speeds. With his strength, he has split plateaus in half with but a single swing, and has once almost turned a part of land into an island when his sword cut through the earth itself and nearly split the land away from its coast.

Wound Regeneration

Every member of the Iyoku clan possesses a unique property. Whenever damage is sustained to their skin via cuts or other surface wounds, these wounds will, over time, length varying on severity, rise upwards to the surface of the skin before peeling away as dead skin. Kisui is capable of the same ability. As long as he refrains from physical confrontations as the wounds heal, he can heal deep cuts in days and shallow cuts in mere hours. This dead skin eventually blows away in the wind, leaving behind skin that has been untouched as if the cut was never there.

Timeline Assimilation

Another ability granted by his unique variation of the Rinnegan is the ability to peer into his alternate timelines and absorb the powers of them. Using this ability, he peered into two different timelines; One where he regenerated after a fatal event, and one where he never left the village and instead became a member of ANBU. From there, he absorbed powers from both of them, further enhancing his powers. By absorbing energy from the first altered timeline, he gained access to both the Kekkei Genkai Lava Release, and a mastery over Earth Release. This particular form of Earth Release is the manipulation of a wide variety of stones, allowing him to create virtually any stone his altered timeline has come into contact with. This includes one of the strongest stone on the planet, Lonsdaleite, a stone made from a meteorite smashing into a limestone deposit, fusing the minerals from both rocks. Amongst this is the ability to detect faint vibrations in the ground to determine a target's location. Because his body is more refined in his current form, he does not gain the drawbacks his regenerated self had with using Earth Release, allowing him to use it freely. Absorption of his ANBU timeline self grants him an enhanced perceptive state, allowing him to see even the tiniest details in his surroundings. This even means observing minute details in his opponents a person normally wouldn't perceive. With this energy, he can tell when someone's pursuing him by very subtle changes in his surroundings, things that seem out of place are brought to full light in Kisui's eyes.


Story Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Overall 5 4 5 5 4 5 4 2.5 34.5


"And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for the shadow is mine, and so is the valley."

"My Rinnegan has been returned. With it, a newfound sense of passion and determination has filled me."

"Everyone starts off the same; A stone of marble, untouched by time and age. The things we do chip away at the stone like a chisel and hammer. One mistake might chip off too much, but by accepting our mistakes, we can make do by touching up on the cracks and blemishes. At the end of our lives, we are a magnificent statue, carved by the steps we took, the things we had done."

"To err is human; to admit it, superhuman."

"Courage is not the absence of fear; It is acting in spite of it."

"When you're backed into a corner and everything seems like it's over, it's not. You can come back from anything. I've gone on from that incident and have ... a somewhat normal life, the ruler of a great land, a wonderful daughter. ... All the things I never thought I could accomplish in that moment, I've done it."

"There's more to using the powers of the Rinnegan than just the physical aspect. Your spirit has to be perfectly tuned to your Rinnegan. Otherwise, your body will reject its powers. To mold your spirit into your Rinnegan, you need to let its energies coincide with your own. If your body's energy becomes familiar to the Rinnegan's powers, so, too, will your spirit."

"In this life, I am infinite."

"All the possibilities. No limits, just epiphanies."

"You are not alone, in the eye of the darkest storm. We are the lighthouse shining a lamp from the shore to bring your journey home. You are not alone, use this song to lead you home. We are what's left of the love that can pierce through the callous life you spent undone. We are the legacy that's left to breathe, the winds to sail you home."

"Though much is taken, much abides, and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are... One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

"There's something inexplicably beautiful about the dark. You don't really appreciate it until you have nothing else to see but that. The loss of sight, for me, is not some sort of curse, but a greater understanding of what I overlooked."

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, because their words had forked no lightning they do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright. Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, and learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight. Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my Father, there on the sad height, curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

"Sometimes you have to take chances, if only to give one to someone else."

"It's like in the Great Stories, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer. Those are the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too young to understand why. But I think I know now. Folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going because they were holding on to something-that there's some good in the world, and it's worth fighting for!"

"The nice thing about no longer having chakra, is knowing just how much of a corruptive influence I can be against chakra based techniques.

"If there's one thing I learned, it's that life will throw us a bad hand more often than we like. Now, we can choose to fold, give up before the dealer spreads the cards, or we can try our luck with the hand we've got, see where it takes us."

"I like drinking coffee alone and reading alone. I like to journey alone and walk home alone. It gives me time to think and set my mind free. I like eating alone and listening to music alone. But when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realize that even though I like being alone, I don't fancy being lonely."

"My sister always said there are three things all wise man should fear; The sea during a storm, a night with no moon, and the wrath of a gentle soul."

"Fear. That one little tic that makes us just stop at a moment's notice as it wraps itself around us. Why does it stop us so? Because we let it. We let fear run our lives because we believe it's more stronger than the courage we can achieve. But that's not true. Fear's strength lies in the illusion of its control. If you grasp your courage and take control of it, you break that illusion. Now, you ask me what I fear. I have but one fear, and it's more rational than others. It's failing to protect someone when I knew I had the ability to. That's something you should be scared of, not be scared of the irrational. What else do I fear? Nothing. Because I don't let fear control my life. I control my life, not some foolish illusion."

"You never deprive a man of the things he loves. Of the people he loves, especially. If you take them away, I'll show you why they name storms after people."

"A hero's fate is never anything but tragic."

"Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

"One of the most basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection just doesn't exist. If perfection existed, our universe wouldn't exist, and, in turn, neither would we."

"You've just gotta know when to be happy. We have to expect that not everything in life will go our way, and that we'll always suffer at some point in our life. But eventually, that suffering will turn to happiness. You've just got to decide when you want that suffering to turn into happiness."

"Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless; but no matter what happened, or what will happen, you will never lose your value. Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who love you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know, but by who we are."

"All comes down to today, and either, we heal as a team, or we're gonna crumble. Inch by inch, play by play. Until we're finished. We're in hell right now, gentlemen. Believe me. And, we can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell... one inch at a time. The margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the fight, every minute, every second. On this team we fight for that inch."

"Please excuse me while I rearrange your organs in alphabetical order."

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness."

"We can't just expect to find our path in the world by doing nothing. Footprints aren't made without walking through the sand."

"We all need something to believe in. Otherwise our lives are the same every single day. Just.... living, not enjoying it."

"Wisdom comes from years of listening when you'd have preferred to speak."

"Don't let anyone throw you off your path. Wherever your arrow lands, follow it, and don't let anyone stop you."

"You can't wrestle demons without becoming stronger in the process. The only trick is to not grow horns yourself."

"You have three faces; The first face you show to the world. The second face, you show to your friends and family. The third face, you never show anyone."

"You can't be everything you want... but you can't know what you can be or the true nature of yourself until you've tried everything. That is the meaning of self-discovery."

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

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