This article, Kitsune Kenbu: Shinikajuen, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Kitsune Kenbu: Shinikajuen - Fox Sword Dance: Orchard of Death

The user begins this genjutsu by focusing a large amount of chakra into their eyes. They then look the opponent in the eyes and implant the chakra there. The user then chooses when to activate the genjutsu trapping them in an fake world, which normally looks like a flowering orchad though settings may vary with user. The user then attacks the opponent in the genjutsu, but the attacks dont appear physically as most attacks to the body would. Instead they target the bodies circulatory, nerve, and chakra systems. If the damage is enough the user wont be allowed to move let alone heal and if the damage is too severe it may even result in death.

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