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The kitsune, or tailed foxes, have a certain ability to be in tune with nature that allows them to control certain disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, or tidal waves. One of the original kitsune wrote the methods for using these abilities in a scroll that was sealed away in the kitsune realm, deep inside the palace of a kitsune ruler. These techniques were based on the elemental rules for shinobi, using chakra instead of other choice energies. These techniques could, in this case, be considered jutsu. A major difference though is the fact that only the chakra of kitsune can activate these techniques, and only pure-blood kitsune at that. This implies that very few people in the human world can use these techniques, as most other kitsune were killed off in a wave of hatred towards the race. The history of the techniques and their activation methods after this purging was supposedly lost, but that is up for debate. As explained before, there are five of these techniques, all based on the five different elements of the shinobi table. These are:

  • Katon: Hanguri-kaen
  • Fuuton: Kajou Setsudanki
  • Suiton: Shininami
  • Tsuchiton: Rikojou Soshaku
  • Raiton: Seimitsu Kantsuu

These techniques are all considered forbidden if ever accessed by human hands, and are extremely dangerous. The kitsune are known to only use them in times of need or great danger.

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