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Kiyoshi Yuri
Yuri Ki
Name Kiyoshi Yuri
Kanji 淳百合
Rōmaji Yuri Kiyoshi
Titles Pure (健気, Kenage)
Dark Child (闇の子, Yami no Ko)
Sun's Blessing (恩恵天日, Onkei Tenjitsu)
Ideal Disciple (絶好教え子, Zekkou Oshiego)
Agent Ki (代理キ, Dairiki)
Protector of this World (世の保護, Kono Yo no Hogo)
Kiyoshi of the White Sharingan (白万華鏡の淳, Shiro Sharingan no Kiyoshi)
Thunderclap Child (霹靂児, Hekireki no Ko)
Hurricane (颱風, Taifuu)
Eighth Raikage (八代目雷影, Hachidaime Raikage)
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Taurus May 3rd
Age Part 1: 11
Part 2: 19-24
Part 3: 32
Part 4: 56
Gender Male
Height Part 1: 130 cm (4'3)
Part 2: 187 cm (6'2)
Part 3-4:196 cm (6'5)
Weight Part 1: 40 kg (89 lbs)
Part 2: 85kg (188 lbs)
Part 3: 102.1 kg (225 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Occupation Part 2: Shugokage
Part 3: Raikage
Clan Yuri Symbol Yuri Clan
Family Kirei Yuri (Mother)
Seika Amamoto (Father)
Kiyomi Yuri (Younger Sister)
Kei Yotsuki (Godfather)
Shigemi Hatake (Wife)
Tsugumi Hatake (Daughter)
Kanata Yuri (Son)
Kurumi Yuri (Daughter)
Kadan Yuri (Son)
Nukumi Haruno (Daughter)
Rank Part 1: Jōnin
Part 2: Shugokage
Part 3: Kage
Classification Sensor
Ninja Registration HC5757
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Kiyoshi Sharingan
Mangekyō Sharingan Kiyoshi Mangekyō Sharingan
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
18px Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Big Ball Rasengan
Body Flicker Technique
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra Exertion Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Heaven's Fury
Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Summoning Technique (Inazuma, Kasai, and Mizu)
Tailed Beast Ball
Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
Yasaka Magatama

"All of this; everything I've been through up until now, from my failures and every last triumph. I did it all for the sake of my people and for the place I call home. To assume the role of Raikage would be and is the biggest honor one could hope to achieve. With earnest I seek to not only prove that the Yuri name but to serve people of this very land to fullest extent of my capability."
— A Raikage's promise

Kiyoshi Yuri (淳百合, Yuri Kiyoshi), the once prodigious son of Kumo's very own White Flower and the legendary Seishi Amamoto; a child birthed from pure love. Because of the likeness in color with his mother rather than Seika's own, the boy was hilariously dubbed "Dark Child (闇の子, Yami no Ko)" by the thrilled parent. And even at birth, Kiyoshi's status would only began to grow. Since his first attempts at speaking, Kiyoshi was noted by both parents to be an extremely happy child. Something that Seika classified as a direct trait from him.

Brought up in a world troubled with conflict, Kiyoshi would always watch as his father would leave for months at a time to help the world while it was in an impending chaos. During such times, Seika was known as the so called "Savior" by some and current bearer of the same essence once held by the legendary figure Sage of Six Paths. Knowing that his father was a person that people depended upon in such treacherous times, Kiyoshi always held a great admiration toward his father's responsibility. And from that admiration, birthed Kiyoshi's own dream. And in likeness of his father's goal, Kiyoshi would take it upon himself to use his girts to make the world a place for all.

Several years after the events of his father's many trials, the world is thriving and is seemingly in a tune of glorious peace. Seika, with the help of so many others managed to uplift the world in togetherness. From Seika's great achievement Kiyoshi and his sister were donned the children of a truly remarkable man. And then at the age fourteen, Kiyoshi experienced a life changing event that shaped him into the young man he'd become. That event would be that death of his grandfather, another great man he respected so much. Unbeknownst to the majority of people, that man had been battle a terminal illness for a little over fifteen years. It was unknown how such lively man would succumb to any form of disease. Moments before his passing, Onaka would bestow upon Kiyoshi a few words of wisdom, entrusting in Kiyoshi to take over the clan when he would become of age. Though Kiyoshi accepted his responsibility many years before Onaka's death, such words inspired Kiyoshi even more.

After learning all that he could from his grandfather, Kiyoshi began training under his godfather to master his lightning release nature. Due to their close bond, and Kiyoshi's impeccable learning skills, the young man was dubbed the Ideal Disciple (絶好教え子, Zekkou Oshiego). And after years of training, Kiyoshi's skill over his lightning and water had become renowned around the country bringing him to be known as Hurricane (颱風, Taifuu) by those witnessed his growth. It was even so that most of great villages noticed his innate potential, and as such, with the blessing from Kei and the Shinobi Union; Kiyoshi was announced as apart of the next generation of Shugokage (守護影, Safeguard of the Shadows) immediately succeeding his master's title.

Years after his acknowledgement from the great nations for constant successful results, Kiyoshi met one who would later become his greatest ally and friend. As life went on, Kiyoshi would stumble across his and later marry his soulmate; who also happened to be Katoku's elder sister. With his life beginning to change for the better upon having his first heirness. From which, he would be able to grow into a stronger man and leader; thanks to the many experiences along the way. With his reputation soaring across the shinobi world at large, it was only by fate that the man earned the trust from the people of lightning. That thought alone, enabled Kiyoshi to be granted the seat of office as the Eighth Raikage (八代目雷影, Hachidaime Raikage). Entrusted to establish and uphold tranquility to the Lands. Despite his rather busy timeframe as Kumogakure's beloved leader, Kiyoshi always seem to find time for his family, making him not only an incumbent Raikage, but a well-endowed family man among many other things.

All good things must come to an end. A saying held especially true to its meaning. And after many years of Kiyoshi's clean and prosperous reign, it took the third child to force the Raikage's hand. His once beloved daughter, longing for independence and control of her own destiny, defected, stealing the lives of those who dare challenge her. Choosing to keep his ties with the village, it left the man with no other than to deemed her an enemy of state. A decision that started turmoil along his household. The hostility gave way for another child to be brought into the world, pulling this family back together once more. The man's own acts of treason would later surface into the light, rooted in the form of a young woman; who would later be confirmed as his daughter.


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Born in Kumogakure --were people of darker skinned seem to inhabit-- Kiyoshi is amongst the many dark skinned shinobi in the land of lightning. A trait which was inherited from this mother, Kirei. And like his mother, Kiyoshi's skin color is somewhat lighter than most; something that his father proclaimed as "Sugary Brown", which is Seika's prevented way of complimenting Kiyoshi's mother's light brown complexion. The day of his birth, Seika was surprised to see that Kiyoshi had such darker skinned that he. Taken by surprise and in a joking matter; Seika dubbed his son as " Dark Child", a somewhat comical name that their whole family would grow to love.

Young Ki

Kiyoshi's cornrow hairstyle

However, Kiyoshi's skin color wasn't the only interesting trait he possessed. Among with his light brown skin, Kiyoshi also possessed his mother's dark brown hair, which was quite long at such a young age. At times Kiyoshi would wear his hair in a massive afro, or even in cornrows. Between these two styles, Kiyoshi normally chose the afro over the braids. This was ultimately due to Kiyoshi's braids being pointed out as being too normal or common in their society. It was uncommon for those of darker skin to have dark hair as well. As usually one with dark skin is usually seen with lighter hair that contrasted with their skin. It was after a little encouragjng words from his father that, Kiyoshi would accept being different from everyone else. And as he gets olfer, Kiyoshi adopts an even more differed hairstyle from most people in the lightning country. From his liking of cornrows Kiyoshi had developed a hair style that was seemingly a combination of short dreadlocks along the top of his scalp, with cornrows lining the sides and back. It can be said that Kiyoshi's hair is a distinct feature that certainly sets him apart from the rest. In shorter term, it was "Simply Unique". Continuing from his hair style trend as a kid into his adulthood over the course of years, Kiyoshi allowed his dreadlocks to grow nearly halfway down his back. It was with his election into office that Kiyoshi desired not to keep his excessively long hair and eventually decided to keep them cut short, reaching only to about shoulder length before recutting them every so often.

A characteristic possessed by neither of his parents, it was highly unpredicted that Kiyoshi wouldn't inherit his mother's crystal blue or even Seika's onyx black eye color, but instead, Kiyoshi was born with his grandmother's (Seika's mother) recessive gene of gray colored eyes. An eye color that was truly dazzling to the liking of many, something that was said to compliment his smile a great deal. Claimed to be a beautiful awe inspiring sight to many; unfortunately his light colored eyes were almost always covered behind his dark lens of his glass. As they seemed to be shades if some sort, they glass were meant to help Kiyoshi see clearer in normal settings. And along with his glasses brought major confusion of why he would need them to begin with. As many thought that with his known lineage and relations to the Uchiha, that Kiyoshi wouldn't need such mechanisms to see properly. And it wouldn't be until Seika's death when Ki would finally gain his clan's dōjutsu of insight. And with the dōjutsu's activation, the gray hue changes not to red but his world famous white coloration.

Ki Afro

Kiyoshi wearing an afro

Though Kiyoshi had always considered himself to be a "looker", which was boosted by those to complimented his handsome features. From his good looking charm, Seika often takes full credit; ranting on days about how Kiyoshi looks originate from him. Most of which were extreme exaggerations, and hilarious family topics to enjoy amongst themselves. Even with Seika's many exaggerations, it was unmistakable that Kiyoshi's facial features derived directly from his mother. All expect, Kiyoshi's jawline and shape of his cranium, which both massively resemble Seika's own. With such excellently craved facial structure, most people (especially women) are almost prone to grabbing, touching, feeling and even pinching on Kiyoshi's face. All of which started with Kiyoshi's older sister: Mihaya. She usually does it to tease or even annoy him.

Growing up, Kiyoshi was considered to be very scrawny. While at the time, it was acceptable at his short stature of merely four feet and three inches. Though no one actually paid much attention, Seika would always seem to be the one to point it out randomly. And from his light weight, Seika often playfully teased and joked by lifting a young Kiyoshi off the ground by both legs; which would fit in one of his massive hands. Naturally as a growing boy, coupled with his father over excessive training habits, Kiyoshi became quite physically fit. Despite being fit, Kiyoshi had adopted horrible eating habits from his old man. It was even often a competition between the two on who could eat the most in the shortest time. And in most instances, Kiyoshi would claim victory over his father's previous records. At the age seventeen, Kiyoshi had seemingly reached his prime of physical fitness. A build that was comparable to Seika's younger years.


Kiyoshi's hair as a teenager

Despite not being as tall as Seika was growing up, Kiyoshi has developed to be quite a tall individual, standing just about six foot by his seventeenth birthday. Even with his horrible eating habits, Kiyoshi body possess a fat percentage of less than two. Not appearing to be at first glance, Kiyoshi possess quite a muscular build, not one such as the past raikages. But with his muscularity, Kiyoshi's durability is peaked; able to take an impact directly to his abdominal region and show little pain from said impact. Like Seika, Kiyoshi's hands are quite massive, and like them, which compared to Kirei and Mihaya's his hand practically swallowed their much smaller ones.

From the many different standpoints in his life, Kiyoshi has had many different fashionable changes in his wardrobe. As a kid, Kiyoshi's attire was rather simplistic. From his years in the Kumogakure academy he wore a plain white T-shirt that seemed to be a little large for his scrawny stature, not only that, but his pants were somewhat baggy. His Kumogakure forehead protector was usually loosely hung around his neck. As a chūnun, Kiyoshi had adopted the hidden cloud's more traditional wear with one strapped flak jacket, leg warmers and sandals. And at the age if 17, the years of his young adulthood, Kiyoshi tends to wear more modern style clothing for nearly everything he does. He dawns a simplistic plain white dress shirt with the top opened slightly revealing his sternum. The sleeves of thr shirt are typically rolled up just below his biceps and trailing down in arms he shorts long sweatbands, that seem to cover majority of his forearms. He wears dark blue or black jean pants, that aren't as baggy as when he was younger with white or sometimes dark colored sneakers. Years prior to gaining a seat in the Kumogakure office as Raikage, Kiyoshi had grown into maturity. Due to his man made many adjustments to his wardrobe to fit his rather casual and professional lifestyle. Appearing as a large figure among the people of Kumogakure, Kiyoshi typically wears a longed sleeved dress shirt with causal black or any dark colored slacks.


Compelling in characteristics....................



Noted as the son of a great hero, Kiyoshi was predicted to become a prodigy from the very beginning. It was somewhat known that Seika would pass his extensive experience to his son. And when it did actually happen, there was no surprise as to how quickly the young man would develop. Ever since the age of eight, Kiyoshi was brought up in rigorous training at the wishes of his father not to grow "soft" in times of harmony. For when comes the unexpected, the world's most important heroes will need to be ready to defend it will their all. A philosophy that stuck with Kiyoshi for many years, even after Seika's passing.

That select choice of words, bred determination and motivation into Kiyoshi's mind. And from there, he would could to grow. Because of who his father was, Kiyoshi was taught the many mysteries of the shinobi world. From each lesson, Kiyoshi was presented a new way of thinking, a wider angle to preserve human life for what it is. With the exclusive training given to him by Seika, Kiyoshi quickly surpassed all those in his academy class. Reaching level considered to be only imaginable at their young ages. Continuing from such an early age, Kiyoshi gradually grew in both maturity and skill faster than anyone would ever imagine. With each step, he pushed harder, greatly rising up in ranks as he strived. To simply be greater than his father was.

With such prowess in both mind and body, to was guaranteed that he would be one of, if not the strongest shinobi of the Hidden Cloud. Even withnot being an transmigrant of the two, Hagoromo himself even stated that Kiyoshi's prowess was equivalent to either Asura and Indra; a shock in even to Seika. And then, it was the day of Seika's passing. Out of his development and similarity to Hagoromo's sons, Seika would bestow upon Kiyoshi, a name similar to names given to Naruto and Sasuke. A name that was Kiyoshi's official blessing to continue to uphold Seika's will long after he would be gone. And from there Kiyoshi would be furthermore known as the Protector of this World (世の保護, Yo no Hogo). Long after Seika's death, Kiyoshi had continued to prove himself and eventually becoming Raikage

Chakra Prowess

Chakra, a power that originally belonged an ancient tree; known as Shinju or God Tree. Having grown from the blood of the deceased during the era of endless wars during the dawn of the human race. See and worshiped as some sort of god. When Kaguya Ōtsutsuki ate of the fruit that Shinju bore, she became the first person in history of earth to wield chakra. With her new-found power, she proved to be great enough to singlehandedly ended all the wars that plagued the lands. Her sons, Hamura and Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, were the first people to be born with chakra. Hagoromo spread chakra to others through a practice called ninshū, intended to establish peace by using the chakra to connect people's spiritual energy so that they would understand one another without even talking. However, the people did not use chakra in the way that the Sage had hoped, they would instead use it to connect their inner spiritual and physical energies. And together, they kneaded their inner chakra to amplify and weaponise it, creating what is now known as ninjutsu.

Since being spread by Hagoromo, chakra has become a form of life energy that all individuals produce to a certain degree; those use their chakra down to depletion will die. Produced within the "chakra coils" that mainly surround and connect to each chakra-producing organ, the energy circulates throughout the body in a network known aa Chakra Pathway System, which is highly similar to the cardiovascular system. Though history shinobi have learned to generate more chakra and release it outside their bodies through tenketsu to priduce techniques known as jutsu. Though, it isn't normally visible to the human eye, though it can be seen in situations where a person releases as much of their chakra as possible. In some cases, chakra is able to be perceived by those wielding Dōjutsu.

Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one's "stamina", are moulded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī, English TV: Mental Energy) is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. These two energies becoming more powerful will in turn make the created chakra more powerful. Therefore, practising a technique repeatedly will build up experience, increasing one's spiritual energy, and thus allowing more chakra to be created.

Chakra Control is a skill needed to master nearly all forms of shinobi combat. As stated above, chakra Control revolves around the manipulation of ones physical and spiritual energy. And with having an efficient control, one can use chakra at a greater capability through acts of ninjutsu. As a child of Seika, Kiyoshi had begun training in this area generally around his early academy years. At first he didn't think he'd have much control over his chakra as it paled in comparison to his father's. Despite this, his control greatly outmatched by the likes of his classmates, earning him an "unfair" advantage over the others.

Due to this edge, Kiyoshi found it fairly easy to perform most simplistic techniques, by using these abilities, they would not exhaust nor deplete his reserves by much. With constant training and longing for becoming the best he could possibly be, Kiyoshi pushed himself to obtain his idea of perfect chakra control. Not only did he train with his father on a daily basis, he even took the account of his very own attempts at training would he gradually increase the formidable control. Despite his rapid growth, Kiyoshi would still seem to want to uplift his results. Results that he personally felt that could be improved. Even with Seika's praise to Kiyoshi's vastly growing abilities, he sought to bring it even higher. Knowing that he couldn't allow himself to slip when it was so close.

His skill constantly grew to greater extents as he basically tortured himself to the brig of complete chakra exhaustion, and on many occasions had to be treated by his father. Time and time again, he warned and threaten Ki to be patient with himself and learn to relax, that the skill with eventually be mastered to his expectations. Ki would only took Seika's words as inspiration to try harder. At this point, his skills greatly surpassed that of any kid his age, the mere age of 14. His control over his was refined in many ways, almost absolute for such an age. Things such a tree climbing and water practice were well within his grasp. To even do such things required no conscious decision and almost seemed as if it were automatic. Using such took barely anything for his levels, minimalistic at most, none such wasted energy or effort.

While still under the tutelage of his father, It took him several months to perfect to meet his own personal standards. And with this training at a constant pace it initially became a lifestyle. Before Seika's death, Ki had finally reach his ideal level of utter perfect control. Having an absolute grip over his chakra, gave way to new doors of opportunity learn a vital limitless variety of styles and forms of ninjutsu. Even with some of the most chakra taxing techniques, Ki would use the bare minimal amount and still complete said at a desirable capacity. With this he is able to conserve chakra without any unnecessary wastage. A skill that involves changing the shape and movement of chakra, reconstructing the size, range, and overall effectiveness of a technique. Applying chakra to enhance one's own abilities. This also meant that the process in which it takes to perform the acts was substantially shorten, able to prepare and execute a technique in a matter of seconds.

As a descendant of the Senju and Uchiha Clans, Kiyoshi was born with extremely large chakra reserves. The amount of chakra he possesses is incredible, considering of where his lineage resides from. Kiyoshi chakra has been noted to be on a level near Seika's own. Through years of constant training his as a lifestyle. ki's mastery over the flow and control makes the massive reserves of his be expanded to allow constant days of fighting on edge until complete exhaustion.

In addition to his overwhelming amount of chakra, Kiyoshi's chakra is also quite powerful. This strength of which could rival Asuna or Indra transmigrants. It is even stated, that if Kiyoshi attempts to share his chakra with those who unworthy or with low control, it would highly poisonous and could even kill the person his is,intending to help. Much like his father's own, when forced onto the physical plane, Kiyoshi's chakra can create massive disturbances in the atmosphere.


Otherwise known as Ninja Techniques are capabilities that allow it's users to do certain things or skills that they normally would be incapable of doing. Usage of the techniques vary greatly depending on purpose. Like the majority of skill forged by shinobi, ninjutsu (which is the most common) required chakra for its usage. Well over a millennia ago, Ninjutsu was first ever utilized by the progenitor of chakra and the known shinobi world, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. And as the first wielder of chakra, she used her abilities to singlehandedly stop any and all conflict. And with her sons being born with chakra, they attempted to change the world with Ninshū. The Shinobi Sect, waa the religious and the peaceful precursor of ninjutsu created by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. The concept of ninshū were meant to give people a better understanding of themselves, as well as others, and lead the world into an era of peace.

As the son of the reincarnated Sage, Kiyoshi grew up in the teachings of both Ninjutsu and Ninshū. From these teachings at an early age, Kiyoshi became very adept in this field. By such, many of his teachers labeled him as the "Perfect Student", because he was able to quickly grasps the things he learned. At the merely age of five, Kiyoshi learned to use the Uchiha's renowned fireball technique with great proficiency. Not only was he able to successfully use it, Kiyoshi had even surprised his father with the sheer mass and intense of his fire power. Kiyoshi's overall skill and versatility in ninjutsu continues to expand even in his current state

Chakra Exertion Technique: This technique is one that provides Kiyoshi was the capability to express his chakra in a physical medium. Kiyoshi had first adopted this technique after taking note of his father's usage. Seika had explained that it is performed in a similar manner that elemental techniques are used. With it, he can use the elements present around him, rather than his own chakra to conjure said element. However, this technique was not utilized as a medium to manipulate the elements, so Seika would establish a version of his own to not only extend the reach of his chakra to fulfill a variety of purposes, but with Senjutsu and the Magē Arts nintaijutsu, he could manipulate any opposing elements within that area. By siphoning his chakra to the environment around him; such as the air, Kiyoshi gains the ability to extend the reach of his chakra to wide distanced, dependent on the quantity of which it was used at the time.This can be used as a medium to control specific techniques, or even be used as a potent means of intimidation. With such practice, Kiyoshi became with adept in its usage. And with the raw potency of his chakra, Kiyoshi can push it to the point of massive disturbances to disrupt or repel some opposing forces. And even so, with a single portion of his chakra released Kiyoshi change the direct of the wind. Despite not being in possession of the Rinnegan, Kiyoshi can further release his chakra to seemingly effect the flow of gravity itself similar to that of a full scale Shinra Tensei.

Rasengan: an A-rank technique birthed into existence the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Inspired by the Tailed Beast Ball, Minato spent three years developing the Rasengan to mimic the tailed beast technique. Under the tutelage of Seika (who learned it from Naruto), the rasengan was the first advanced technique he had began using. By applying the shape transformation to the concept of chakra flow, Kiyoshi would successfully create the ball of chakra. He continued to develop in skill and control of chakra, Kiyoshi eventually mastered the technique within a week's time. With the mastery of the rasengan, he would then begin training to increase it's size and even attempt to empower it further with Nature Transformation despite it being a deadly force all on it's own. With more practice, the effectiveness of his rasengan increase with each consecutive usage. And by this mastery, Kiyoshi was able to achieve it's even more powerful variations. As a testament to his usage, Kiyoshi's rasengan has the capability to completely obliterate a mountain in Kumo with a single thrust.

Body Flicker Technique: Flicker Technique is a high-speed movement technique. And by using the Body Flicker, Kiyoshi can move short to long distances at almost untraceable speeds. To any observer, it may appear as if the he has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination. As implied, the body flicker is normally used to move the body from one location to another at intense speed. But just like several shinobi before him, Kiyoshi relies on the technique for a wife variety of proposes. With his excellent control over the flow and circulation of his chakra, Kiyoshi can manipulate the overall quality of this technique when employed. After expansion of this, is Kiyoshi's unique ability to "flick" certain portions of his body; most preferably the arms and leg, and from using it in this fashion, Ki can amply his taijutsu strikes and reaction.

Chakra Enhanced Strength: A rather self explanatory technique where Kiyoshi uses his chakra to empower the force behind his strokes. When applied, this technique is generally used in his hands and feet, and with precise chakra control to release it with pinpoint timing the effect of it are truly astonishing. The concept was first created by Lady Fifth, to intimidate enemies and keep them at bay while she healed injured ninja. And for many after watching the technique in action, had to began to create their own variations. Kiyoshi was no except from establishing his own, though his natural strength is more than unreal to normal shinobi, Kiyoshi uses this to empower himself to an even great extent. An example is shown when training with Seika, as the young boy could have nearly knocked the breath out of his father. While his normal strength is able to crack mountain sides, a single full powered punch with no barrels held, Kiyoshi can reduced the mountain into a faction of its former self.

Shadow Clone Technique: A technique orginally developed by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, Kiyoshi had developed his own in hopes to increase his effectiveness in battle. It is similar to the basic Clone Technique, this technique creates copies of the user. However, these clones are corporeal instead of illusions. Kiyoshi's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the his overall power. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force. The clones can also disperse on their own or be dispelled by Ki. More often than not, Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original even users with powerful dōjutsu such as Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or even the Rinne Sharingan. Despite the original technique being known to disburse when hit by a dominating force, Ki's version seem to possess more durability that what they are known for.

Nature Transformation

Fire Prowess

Originating from his Konohagakure roots -- hailing from the world renowned Uchiha clan, a clan where it's members are born with the affinity. Despite being a third of Uchiha lineage, Kiyoshi retained and honed this natural ability under the tutelage of his father, Kiyoshi quickly rose from low level fire techniques to much higher levels with ease. Fire is most notable for its intense and aggressive burning, with a general lack of adequate defense. Albeit, after learning from Seika, Kiyoshi is able to use fire for more defensive measures. Like traditional fire techniques, Kiyoshi is able to breathe fire despite not molding the proper hand signs beforehand.

Despite not actually learning to utilize his father's Magē Arts, Kiyoshi still possess some knowledge of how the fighting style works. With this knowledge, Kiyoshi developed, in a sense, his own version of Seika's renowned Nintaijutsu. Much like his father, Kiyoshi is able to implement his fire prowess into his strikes. In parallel, spinning kicks or sweeping arm movements create arches to increase slicing range. He can create blades of fire, as a more dense version of the arches powerful enough to completely cut through water. In short ranged combat, jabs and punches can be used produce miniature fireballs and flame projectiles. From the end of each limb he can throw them down in an explosive like fashion. An extension of a melee combo, the fire can be used from his fists or fingertips and even furthering that extension of Kiyoshi can creates a long lash of fire or whips for greater attacking power. Despite his acceptable proficiency with the element, this skill lack in comparison to his others

Water Prowess

When is comes to water release, Kiyoshi is mentioned to be one if the greatest. It was even said thar Kiyoshi's prowess with water is equal the skill of Tobirama Senju, who was heralded as the world's greatest water release user of all time. Alongside this father, Kiyoshi learned from other great user to teach him the may aspects of water. His skill had grown to be so great that modern ninjutsu techniques was consider unnessecary, as he'd achieved mastery over the element that it was consider to be well above Seika's own. Now, his mastery of the element is considered to be nearlly unparalleled to most shinobi in the world. Kiyoshi's mastery of the water nature is so vast so as it allow him to conjure an array of natural disasters those like tsunamis and other water induced events. He can create extremely destructive whirlpools and even in the rare chance of manipulate clouds, offering him control of the precipitation that they produce.

Kiyoshi's mastery over the water release allows him to employ his natural chakra control to change the shape of water in his area into something different, by applying this skill, his abilities allow him to command the water to maintain that shape indeterminately. Even in the most simplistic form, this ability grants him permission to shape his water into whatever suits the situation at that particular moment. However, when combined with his father's teachings of water versatility; he commonly manipulates water from the surrounding field. Kiyoshi's mastery of water's flow is great enough to allow him to perform array of marveling feats, all from shaping high pressurized weapons to stab through even the strongest of defenses or even summoning massive tidal calamities. He can even use this ability to command moisture and shape his water into vapor.

And with flow, pressure comes in hand with any liquid body within his range; this simple application can give way to possibilities speed the water pressure and movement by extension of a liquid body. Kiyoshi's skill of this effect is great enough that he is capable of making a simple rain drop strike equivalent to the force of a gunshot. Kiyoshi can increase the circumference of his attacks that contain water. This concept can be used for really any purpose he would think of, being able cut into solid stone with ease and cause massive injuries on impact. And when moisture is present in the air Kiyoshi can pull the liquid from it and create projectiles that can be hugely dangerous in combat. This ability can even be used to exert control over weather to a certain extent, by manipulating the clouds conjured by for wide variety of different effects. And by increasing the volume of water in the clouds, as well as its pressure, Kiyoshi can further harness the effects by rearranging thick and water droplets as a shower. Water also works as a conductor of electricity this can thus allowing him to use it in conjunction with his lightning. And with his prowess with lightning and manipulating it in this instance can greatly increase the speed as well as adding extra strength to the natural lightning bolt. With such pressure and flow control, Kiyoshi is able to influence the direction and power and therefore establish whirling columns known as waterspouts.

And with his continuously improving skill, Kiyoshi also gains the ability to change the mass of his water proficiency. This is achieved by his excellent chakra control and his usage with the element of water. This grants him the ability to alter the mass of his water. This further enables Ki to compact a huge amount of water into a much smaller but extremely dense orb. These dense spheres serve as powerful offensive and defensive appliances of his mastery over the nature type. And in the same instance, Kiyoshi can easily transform a tiny droplet into a sphere that contain hundreds of gallons. From discontinued training with Seika due to his suddenly death, Kiyoshi was able to acquire his teachings of changing the temperature of his water at base. As such teachings would indicate, Kiyoshi gained the ability to alter, increase or decrease the temperature of water within range. A skill were he transform water from liquid to ice or into mist or steam in such rapid rates. His skill grown abundantly as he continued to progress down this path. And from such, with his excellent control over his chakra, he can choose to freeze certain parts of his water to get a certain effect. And when the case of his water itself being present of the skin of someone else, he can still freeze it while on them.

Fire Prowess

Lightning Prowess

Ki Storm Susanoo

Kiyoshi's Strongest Lightning Technique — Heaven's Fury

As with most of those who originate from the Lightning Country, Kiyoshi is among the many to possess an affinity for the element known as Lightning Release. First discovered at the age of eleven by his godfather, Kei. The man took a certain interest in the young boy to help in bring out his full potential in Lightning. Due to having a renowned in master lightning release, Ki yet again received another unfair advantage with his training some kids choice to outcast or disregarded his existence. Under the guidelines of Kei, Kiyoshi's skills with lightning began to dramatically increase. And due to his ability to easily grasp concepts, he was able to easily use basic techniques with little effort. And then, from proficiency he quickly begun to rise up and above learning high level techniques. Ever since becoming a exceedingly skilled user of lightning release, he adopted it as one of primary combat styles, alongside his usage of water and fire.

As Kiyoshi gradually came more adept in his affinity, he was seemingly as one would proclaim "in sync in Lightning". It was a that point where manipulating and sensing lightning became a sixtg sense. Upon mastering lightning release under Kei, Kiyoshi's extensive knowledge allows him to use a high level of technique and not exhaust much chakra. As Kei exclusive protégée, Ki learned to alter the individual aspect of lightning to give them more specific purposes to accomplish a certain task. As such, Kiyoshi can generate lightning from multiple places on his body in a matter of seconds. Through Kei, Kiyoshi was taught the multiple forms of lightning such as the famed black and white variations of it. He is even control natural lightning to a certain extent. Kiyoshi had even gained praise of Kei, as one of the greates lightning release users aside from himself.

From Kei's teachings, Kiyoshi was able to develop his own altercations to the aspects of lightning. An altercation of form is referred to the position Kiyoshi have his electricity take. At such a level of mastery, Kiyoshi is able to generate his lightning as miniature explosions or continuous beams. Waves are triggered by brute physical force with actions like stomping the ground. While beams can be put out from anywhere on the body. As well as travelling through the earth, Kiyoshi shockwaves can travel through the air, though in most cases it is deemed ineffective due to air's ability to cease the flow of electrons. In addition to this altercation, Kiyoshi also learned to shape lightning. Even with being an neophyte, shape and form was typically easy for him to grasp, he is able to shift lightning in different dimensions. Despite it being relatively easy to do, Kiyoshi sought to up the ante on this skill. And from such skill he successfully mastery shaping to a new degree. Coupled with his mastery over his chakra, he can construct rays of lightning regardless of power and size no excess chakra unnecessarily wasted. He has been able to create lightning spears among other things.

Electricity is known to move in flows known as currents. The flow of an electric current is one of the most essential aspects of lightning. Without it, there can be no electricity or lightning generated. Yet again, under Kei, Kiyoshi has a known mastery of the flow of currents; and with it, he is able to direct and guide is lightning with precise accuracy. Due to his years developing lightning prowess and ever so developing knowledge of electrical currents, Kiyoshi grow more adept with each passing day. Courtesy to the training under Seika, Kiyoshi has a refined knowledge of the chakra system. And that knowledge broke way to his perfect chakra control.

Ki Lightning Rod

An example of Ki's lightning rod

After mastering the flow of electrical currents, Kiyoshi was granted the ability to control two major aspects of lightning release; Cutting and penetration. The ability to enhance cutting power by increasing the frequency of vibrations in an electrical current. By increasing cutting power his lightning can slice through of certain defenses, this may include earth or metallic walls. By utilizing his flow of chakra, he establish lightning through any medium such as blade to enhance the cutting power. And by using enhancements of the cutting force, Kiyoshi can use it to "stab" through objects and in return, create large gaping holes.

Charging of lightning release is perhaps the most effective to use lightning. During extensive training with Kei, Kiyoshi's growth in the the understanding of electricity and lightning surprised even the Lightning Master. By understanding the principals of electrical charges, Kiyoshi understood how natural lightning was generated.Thanks to Kei, Kiyoshi was able to learn the ability to manipulate charges by individually manipulating electrons and protons. With such control over these, he can create a negative charge by reducing the amount of protons or create a positive charge by increasing the amount of protons. This aspect is known as discharge. Having control over discharge enables, Kiyoshi to generate and fire his bolts and beams of lightning much quicker. This was achieved through mastery of electrons and protons. By purposely unbalancing then atoms, he is able to increase the speeds of the currents.

Kiyoshi Lightning

Kiyoshi controlling natural lightning

Another important aspect of the lightning release of the intensity of his electric currents. The intensity of an electrical current determines the strength and destructive power it contains. Intensity of the electric current is determined by the resonations of the prepared lightning chakra. This means, the more an electronic charge vibrates the stronger it will become. Ultimately, being a stronger variant of the charge. Levels of intensity range from paralysis to flat out death sentences. And from his divine mastery, Kiyoshi granted a greater degree of manipulation. All forms of electrical currents under his chakra could be manipulated to his will. In the event where, Kiyoshi exerts his chakra onto the atmosphere, Kiyoshi can manipulate electrical currents in the area. By moving, stopping and all together altering the path of electrons and protons, Kiyoshi can, in a sense, nullify the usage of opposing lightning. Another skill acquired by Kiyoshi, with his outstanding mastery, he is given the ability to alter the brightness of even the most basic electricity he produces. By using refined chakra control, he can dull the radiating light of his lightning to hide them from the untrained eye. This method is referred as his camo-lightning as when it is use at the right moment it can blend in with the surroundings; making an excellent assassination tactic. On the flip side, Kiyoshi can in fact reverse the dull effects to become ultraviolet light that produces blinding flashes to confuse the enemy. In the rare occasion of an ultraviolet flash bang becoming too radiant, it can actually cause an opponent's skin to suffer third degree burns. The flash bang can also ignite usage of genjutsu. Not only is be able to control the brightness of his lightning, he can furthermore showcase his skill by alter the sound of lightning. These two concepts are usually used in the same instant. For when Kiyoshi uses his prowess to dull the lightning's radiancy, he also commands it to lose most of its static noise. Making it undetectable to nearly any extent. Vice versa, he turns up the static noise, making unbearable to the ears. From the unpleasant noise, it usually disrupts an enemy's focus and can even make their ears bleed. He can also cast sound based genjutsu, resulting in a double layered genjutsu used on top an enemy

  • Lightning Release Shadow Clone: A technique of rather simple explanation. Used in the same method as the typical shadow clone, Kiyoshi instead shapes electrical energy into a humanoid shape, using his chakra to refine the electrical energy into a shape and form which are identical to his own. With Kiyoshi's mastery over the lightning element, he can further manipulate them into such a very that it is nearly impossible to distinguish the real from the clones. Like the more specific a variation taught by Kei, when these clones are given an ample amount of chakra, their shapes and sizes varies among the amount established; meaning Kiyoshi is able to produce could create giants, or miniature versions of himself. Like any other clone technique the clones act as the real Kiyoshi would. As much as they are Kiyoshi, the clones are also capable of fighting as the original would, despite being exactly like the original shadow clone technique, destroying any clones similar to these would be of much more consequence than white smoke. If for any reason, one clone is managed to be brought back into his natural lightning form, the result of which may potentially be catastrophic. However, as having it stated above, it mostly depends on how much energy chakra the clone sustains at the time of its defeat. Explosion size usually range from small electrical jolts (in miniature clones) and rivaling that of grenade explosions.
  • Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder: One of the more basic implementions of the lightning release nature type. In its most simple manifestations it allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to a powerful stream capable of ripping through solid rock. This technique is the most ideal when in conjunction with a water release technique. Even eorg its more simple uses, Kiyoshi takes the technique establishes his own "flavor" to make it more personal as well as powerful. In most cases, this technique is solely used for any form of attack that Kiyoshi may decide to take. By possessing such a vast knowledge as well as capable skill set with lightning, he is given with ability to continuously incorporate his different fashions of lightning use. His use is so profound that he is not limited to using his technique with his hands. As such, Kiyoshi can generate lightning at any point within his body. When concreting the technique into powerful stream, Kiyoshi can choose to intensify or thin the stream for a certain effect.
    • Lightning Needle Creation:
    • Lightning Rod Creation:
    • Lightning Whip Creation:
Bioelectricity Control

As the name suggests, Bioelectricity is the phenomena of electricity being present with the body of living organisms. This most commonly known bioelectric system is the nervous system. The nervous system is the part of an organism's body that coordinates its voluntary and involuntary actions and transmits signals or "electrical impulses" to and from different parts of the body. As a master of lightning release, Kiyoshi is able to express the lightning prowess on himself in greatly increase his own capabilities. This application is widen similar to the Lightning Country's renowned Lightning Release Chakra Mode. But with Kiyoshi's extensive knowledge, he is able to use it to an even greater extent. And unlike LRCM, Kiyoshi doesn't gain visual boost, meaning that one by demonstration will anyone know of his enhancements.

With this new discovery, Ki grants a extended control of the processing of his nervous system, with that said; Kiyoshi has the ability to control his neural impulses. By doing so, he can activity manipulate his own pain reception to decrease its feeling or completely reduce the pain to nonexistent. And by using these impulses, he can increase his thinking process as well as reaction time and coordination. In the event of a slaughter match, where he is attempting to kill said opponent, by using his prowess in lightning and knowledge of the nervous system; with a well placed electrical blow, touch or even a electric shock, Kiyoshi would be giving access to their brain's neural networks and the rest of the body's nervous system. From there Kiyoshi is given a wide range of capabilities to end the fight. From his nervous system control, he has the ability to shut down a person's electronic impulses (brain functions), with in turn renders them unconscious. And by such, he can increase their pain reception to critical levels. He can even drain the victim of all electrical impulse, and in the process completely shutting down their brain, thus leaving them brain dead.

Five Senses Manipulation

With Kiyoshi's exclusive use of Lightning Release to simulate the inner workings of his body, not only is he able to greatly increase his speed and strength but also the individual manipulation of each if his five sense. By applying his great use of lightning to his brain, he can then adjust that specific sense to his liking or to fit any situation he may find himself in.

  • Enhanced Touch:
  • Enhanched Hearing:
  • Enhanced Smell:
  • Enhanced Vision:
  • Enhanced Taste:

Water and Lightning Combination

Discovery of a New Element

Mastery of Light and Dark

The styles of light and dark, the release of one's physical energy or mental energy. The two are known to exist on virtually all human, however depending on how strong the person's energy is depicts whether the actual nature type will present itself. In some, and not many, one can be born with both a strong mental and physical energy. In short, they can combine these efforts to accomplish feats unknown to regular shinobi. However, there have been cases, (such as Naruto and Sasuke and even Seika), where one is bestowed the ability to used the combine light and dark styles later on in their life; through Six Paths Chakra and manifestation of the Rinnegan. Unlike his father and adoptive grandfather, Kiyoshi was naturally born with these assets.

The Light Style is the nature based on the physical energy that governs vitality, can be used to breathe life into form. With Kiyoshi's usage, he is capable of quickly recuperating  wounds or fatal injuries that he could sustain in the midst of battle. As such, Yang Release also grants a seemingly immense livelihood. He also gains an amazing amount of physical force and strength. Kiyoshi's control over yang release stretches further beyond recuperation and strength. By manipulating the energy within himself Kiyoshi can create barriers to withstand effects physical attacks. However, these barriers are in no way indefinite, for they merely increase his durability to a certain extent.

Also possesses the nature known as Dark Style. Yin release techniques, based on the spiritual energy that governs imagination. As a frequent user of the Sharingan, Kiyoshi is able to use the dark style through genjutsu. Also used to create form out of nothingness. From this nature, Kiyoshi is known to possess an immense mental energy. His raw mental energy provides some protection against illusionary techniques; however, this is not known to be absolute, like any normal being, he still fall prey to genjutsu. Whenever he discovers that he is trapped within an illusion, Kiyoshi can releases it or perhaps even turn the user's genjutsu on them with a simple phrase coupled with his mastery over the Sharingan (widely depending on the situation). His vast mental energy also contributes to his control over the other elements in his arsenal. Such control allows him to manipulation an element or use that element in a place not known to usually he used from. An example of this is Kiyoshi's prominent ability to blast fire from his hands or feet. Originally an ability utilized by his father, Kiyoshi was able to be duplicate it by different means. By establishing yin within his element of choice, he can control them from great distances, a great tool for quickly assassinations

Under the training of Seika, Kiyoshi was able to further his use by combining the efforts of yin and yang to utilize them simultaneously. Yin and Yang used together is certainly a force to be reckoned with, known for its ability to nullify all acts of ninjutsu. Kiyoshi is able to use it to defend against enemy ninjutsu. Another concept Kiyoshi developed was being to combine his abilities in barrier creation and attack redirection; using this, Kiyoshi can halt if not completely disband any incoming attack. Even derived or specialized ninjutsu such as Fuinjutsu are no exception to the nullifying properties of yin and yang. Fuinjutsu is essentially a derived form of ninjutsu utilized to seal matter. Seen in once instance, Kiyoshi has shown the ability to apply yin yang to break down and nullify the properties of the fuinjutsu seal rendering it useless and ineffective.

Aside from its nullifying properties, Kiyoshi also use his knowledge of yin and yang to quicken his own recuperation time. By using his yin energy, Kiyoshi is capable of manipulating even his very own life force. Meaning that Kiyoshi possesses all control over his cells. And with this control, he can cause them to multiply in vast rates, making his heal for most wounds in a matter of seconds. As it is no individual method in its own right, Kiyoshi's healing ability is often compared to Tsunade's Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique. In the event that Kiyoshi's losing a limb, it would take at least an entire minute for it to regrow.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Space and Time Ninjutsu, self explanatory acts of ninjutsu which are able to manipulate the space and time continuum at the user's will. Throughout shinobi history, there was been countless of shinobi who have attempted to reached such a level. And with many attempts, there were only a few to actually succeed. While a major of these techniques involved instantaneous movement, some of these also included the distortion of time itself.

Under the tutelage of his father, Kiyoshi was able to learn the Flying Thunder God technique with little difficulty. And from his constant training, Ki has shown to be a distinct master of Space-Time Ninjutsu implementation. He'd gained a profound mastery over it, superior his father own version of the technique. Using the technique he could instantly move to the location of anything marked with his special seal, whether it's one of his kunai or a place or person he has specially branded. He is not just limited to teleporting himself, as he could bring others with him, by doing this with a simple touch. His mastery over the technique became so great that he is not limited to simply teleporting to a specific location, using anything or anyone to has been marked with the seal; Kiyoshi can instantly exchange places with said object and/or bring it directly to him. Seika even sports the seals on the palms of his hands.

However, flying thunder god was not the only space time technique that Kiyoshi possesses. A technique is essentially a amped up version of Kamui's short range variant. With it, Kiyoshi is allowed to rip a hole in the fabric of Space and time, to move from one place to another a near instant speeds. It was first discovered during a training session between the parent and child. While still new to his dōjutsu, Kiyoshi fought hard to keep his father at bay. Then suddenly from Seika attempting to pull Kiyoshi in was his Kamui. Kiyoshi's desire to escape accidentally triggered to ability that lie dormant in his eyes. Once it was activated, it created a rift that surrounded both he and Seika, that rift moved in the opposite direction if Seika's own Kamui, canceling one another out.

This discovery greatly shock both Kiyoshi and Seika, and was consider a great achievement by Seika who praised Kiyoshi quite a bit. However, such praise was short lived as Seika immediately noticed the draws in the technique. From Kiyoshi's spontaneous use of his unique dōjutsu, it took a huge toll on not his chakra reserves, but his visual organs themselves, causing them to bleed and such. Because of this, Seika labelled Kiyoshi's variant of this technique deemrd as Kinjutsu and warned him not to use it unless it is an absolute must. Since then, Kiyoshi was been constantly improving his use of Flying Thunder God. And with his thinking process, outstanding reflexes and reaction time greatly enhanced by his application of lightning release. Kiyoshi truly has achieve in ability of instantaneous movement.

Over his many years of uses and attempts to perfect the technique, Kiyoshi had finally achieved such a feat. In parallel to its name, Kiyoshi improve his use to much a level, that he now possess the uncanny ability to transport himself and other through his own lightning release. Meaning, wherever his lightning nature is, he can possible be. This is specifically done by using the same chakra that can place a seal into lightning, making for a more broader range of moving about a battlefield

Tailed Beast Power


Physical Prowess

A direct descendant of the Senju clan, which are originated from Asura, the second son Hagoromi Ōtsutsuki, who inherited the sage’s  physical attributes, bestowing these clansmen with powerful life force, strong physical energy and unbelievable stamina. The clan's powerful life forces grants uncommon recuperation abilities, powerful chakra, resulting in the ability to survive life ending assaults. That physical energy provides members of the clan with physically adept bodies that greatly surpass limitations of normal shinobi. And from the immense stamina, descendants of the Senju are born with vastly outrageous amounts of chakra. Despite not possessing the full blood of a Senju, Kiyoshi was no exception from inheriting these abilities. In possession of the Senju blood, Kiyoshi also maintain some of the physical abilities of the clan.

As noted before, Kiyoshi is known to be highly durable. Shown during the many fights with his father. Through countless battles and training, his durability has been raised to the peak of human possibilities. This means his muscles and body will be able to endure far more than the average shinobi. He can tank countless devastating blows, as shown from his father superb strength. Over the course of his shinobi career this genetic durability has evolved into a high pain tolerance. And with his discovery and knowledge of his own Bioelectrical workings, Kiyoshi has shown the capability to gradually reduce his own pain reception. From there he continues to amazing with his unique ability to erase his entire pain reception into nonexistent. And with his pain being virtually not there, Kiyoshi can continue to fight with a clear mind.

Being of the Senju, Kiyoshi possesses a immensely strong life force provides him amazing recovery capabilities. With this in mind, Kiyoshi, much like the greater Senju clansmen are recognized for their ability to fight continuously battle after battle. Along with his stamina, come his outstanding natural strength. Despite being of even less Senju lineage than of his father, Kiyoshi's strength is not one that should be underhanded by genetics. As a child, Kiyoshi was always noted to be scrawny and thin, but as he grew in age, he also grew in muscle capacity and strength. Despite not looking at it from an initial glance, his biceps and triceps are large when flexed. This is thanks Seika's extensive training to build Kiyoshi's muscles. With that strength, it is able to translate into rock crushing blows without the aid of chakra, able to smash through a variety of different solid objects and break bones with single concentrated strikes. And as aforementioned (as it will continue to be mention through this section), with his prowess of both his bioelectric systems and that of his lightning, Kiyoshi is able to further extend his physical abilities to go beyond his normal limitations. As such, when being able to punch earth before, he can increase his strength to be able to harm even the hardest of metallic objects..

Ever since he was a child, Kiyoshi has been known for being "quick on his feet". It is even plausible to say that his speed can be compared to the likes of renowned shinobi speedsters to date, indicating his immense mobility. The rate of speeds that Kiyoshi has achieved without the aid of chakra is nothing short of spectacular. Such speed and agility, transforms his great movement into rather outstanding reflexes and reaction time. Even Kei and Seika, considered Kiyoshi own speed to be equal to theirs. And with the combination of his superb use of the Body Flicker and his enhancement via lightning release, Kiyoshi can move up to a pace that would ultimately appear as teleportation to those without dōjutsu or increased awareness. Such ability coupled with his other accomplishments, give him a nearly instant reaction board.


Sword Fluidity

An Example of Kiyoshi's swordsmanship

Kiyoshi is a skilled practitioner of the sword arts. Like his father before him, Kiyoshi wields the Tennotsurugi, a majestical tainted black sword foraged from material outside of the shinobi world. Being two inches thick of dazzling black beauty. While in battle; Kiyoshi makes use of it's compatibility to fit almost naturally in his fighting style. Possessing a unique and special kenjutsu quality, seen rarely within the shinobi world. Kiyoshi's swordsmanship is displays something that is truly beautiful yet deadly. With smooth movements of his magical blade. With these dancelike movements, Kiyoshi had full control over the blade with relative ease, seen in several of his moves where he lifts the blade towards the sky at an angle to then bring it down towards his opponent's head, sometimes their feet, with a single flick. Generally having both speed and power behind his clean slices.

Kiyoshi's sword art is simply one continuous movement. Rather than instead of several movements though this is not simply just his blade and requires his body to be in sync with the blade. As a result, Kiyoshi moves his entire body together as rather to simply stand in a single place and a certain stance. This allows him to attain a particular flow to his sword art and increases his ability to maneuver and evade enemy attacks while delivering precise strikes of his own. More times than not, Kiyoshi attacks in linear movements, granting him the ability to cleanly slice, stab, and cut through most substances all in one fluid motion.

It is one thing to wield a sword, but it is a completely different thing to use it masterfully, as an extension of one's self. A master in his very own right. As stated above, Kiyoshi tends to incorporate his fighting style into his swordsplay. While training with his mentor and elder brother of some sorts, the two an taken a trip to the Land of Iron. Where once they arrived, Kiyoshi had met Seitei; a well known master of the sword. Where as after a bit a persuasion and annoyance from their constant fighting, she decided to training him in the teachings of Iaido. At his own accord, Kiyoshi desired to discontinue his training to find his own way with the sword. It was just that, ending his training with an unrivaled kenjutsu master, to learn and develop his own style.

Taking into consideration of the natural state of water, how it is able to flow and change at a single moment's notice, Kiyoshi began his very own kenjutsu style. Having not yet established an official name, Kiyoshi training in secret to progress his unique style. The basic idea of the art was meant for one to flow smoothly like water. To change and move when needed. Making for more versatile attacks and angles. One which proved a lot easier to alter in the midst of a taijutsu bout. A hassle at first due to his right handedness, Kiyoshi had forced himself to become equally at skill with his left just as his right; making him ambidextrous. With this style, timing and coordinate would have to be as great as flow and change. For that, Kiyoshi must know when and when not to strike with his sword, capable of switching his primary hand to continue his strikes un-withered. It was to also blend with kicks and punches with his sword strikes. To keep his opponent on defense with his constantly changing moves. To sheath and unsheathe his sword depending of the flow of his body.


Kiyoshi Guns


Senjutsu refers to the adept use of natural energy to enhance one's own capabilities. To do this, the person must be able to perfectly balance their own energy with this energy of nature itself. This task in itself proves to be difficult even for the most prodigious learners. Kiyoshi, known among the entire lightning country to excel on all fields of combat and study, struggled with grasping the concept of Senjutsu. Usually when one desires to learn the ways of the Sage arts, said person is require to attend train atop Mount Myōboku, Ryūchi Cave and Shikkotsu Forest for their knowledge and understanding of nature. These locations are known as the Three Big Unexplored Sage Regions. Despite not acquiring the training by any of the listed locations, Kiyoshi taught the bare essentials by his father.

Known master of Senjutsu and creator of the commonly known Senjutsu based nintaijutsu, Magē Kata, Seika starting to develop Kiyoshi's training at the age of fourteen. With time and unbelievable patience, Kiyoshi had slowly began to grasp detecting natural energy around, while at first he constantly confused natural energy sensing with his standard sensory. As an individual with excellent chakra control and quantity, it did not take long for the latter to quickly balance natural energy into his body. But because of his certain choice of speeding fighting, taking time to gather natural energy leaves him open for attack. As such, Kiyoshi rarely relies on Senjutsu unless it absolutely necessary.

Even with his rare use, Kiyoshi's abilities as a sage still equals to that of a perfect sage. When finished gathering the energy necessary, he is able to enter the heightened state of Sage Mode. As with all Sage practitioners, Kiyoshi's physical and mental parameters are drastically increased past his normal limitations. His strength, durability and speed are given a substantial boost. Unlike most Sage mode users, Kiyoshi doesn't gain colored pigmentation around his eyes but instead, the pupil and tomoe within his eyes change to a bright blue hue. As shown in history before Kiyoshi's time, his own adoptive grandfather was capable of dodging a point blank elbow from the Third Raikage while using Lightning Release Chakra Mode. He was even able to lift a object several times his own size with no noticeable repercussions. A mere testimony of what sages can do.

Once the gathering of natural energy is a success, Kiyoshi dawns to take his enhancements even a step further. Thanks to the special lightning release training received from his godfather, Kiyoshi brings about a simulation to his system via lightning release. Which greatly increases his strength, processing, and reflexes to their very limit. With it on top of his sage mode abilities, Kiyoshi can be considered to be the fastest shinobi alive. His speed is increased so dramatically that he actively does not need flying thunder god while in battle. His reflexes seem instant to the naked eye, he can appeared from one position to the next in a fraction of a second. Despite the many boost brought by this, Kiyoshi can only retrain the state for six minutes, given to be enough time to finish the job. While in the state of emergency, Kiyoshi can actually store natural energy within his body to access Sage Mode continuously.



Kiyoshi's Sharingan

Kiyoshi's white Sharingan

The cursed eyes of the Uchiha, better known as the Sharingan. Recognized as one of the Three Great Dōjutsu, alongside the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. And as a descendant of this clan, Kiyoshi was able to awaken this dōjutsu. It first appeared when he was in emotional turmoil with his father at the age of ten. Seika was preparing to leave for war, the war claimed to end all wars; the final stages of The Great Fifth. And in this war Seika had put everything on the line. And there was a possibly that he would not return to the loving arms of his family, unable to accept his father's soon departure --the boy pleaded for Seika to remain home-- and at that age, he simply could not wrap his immature mind around the type of role Seika played. Though he promised to return to his son, Seika would bestow upon Kiyoshi a single kiss of fatherly affection. Telling the weeping child to wait for him and that they would see each other again --- whether it'd be in this life or the next . On that day, Seika was off to end war, and with a heavy heart Kiyoshi watched as his father would leave. Promising himself that Seika would come back, Kiyoshi had unintentionally awakened his cursed eyes. Unlike the typical Sharingan, Kiyoshi's eyes would not gain the infamous crimson color, be instead his would symbolize the purity in his heart, thus the dōjutsu would brand a distinctive white hue.

These cursed eyes are known to grant their wielder two broad abilities: the "Eye of Insight" and the "Eye of Hypnotism". And to merely refer Kiyoshi as a master of the sharingan, would be an injustice to his profound usage. Kiyoshi's excelled mastery over the sharingan could be considered to be on greater skill than that of Indra's two most recent incarnates Madara and Sasuke Uchiha. Even Seika, who was a former user of the dōjutsu stated that Kiyoshi appliance is none like he's ever seen before. Despite having such superhuman reserves of chakra, the sharingan never remains activated within Kiyoshi's eyes unless they are called upon.

With the eye of insight, Kiyoshi could see the likes of chakra, and would give it color in order to distinguish it by its composition and source. Due it his Sharingan bring birthed from Seika's Rinnegan, it is capable to read chakra on the regard as the Byakugan, it can see chakra through some obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence. Kiyoshi is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips. While in combat, this allows him to see insanely quick objects and even enables predictive capabilities: he can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and with such insight, Kiyoshi is able to act accordingly by dodging or intercepting in a certain fashion. Kiyoshi also possess the physical ability to actually act on the visual information. He is able to copy most jutsu he sees, whether they be ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu and perform them with if not perfect than with near-perfect accuracy.

Not only is it unique in color, Kiyoshi's sharingan seems to also possess an array of different abilities, not known to be accessible to any other Sharingan. Unlike normal Sharingan, which only allow the insight of chakra color and flow, Kiyoshi seem to possess a the visual perception of the chakra pathway system; similar to that of the Byakugan and Rinnegan. It was later found out that this unique perception was derived from Seika's Rinnegan as some sort of genetic trait. And yet, another unique ability derived from Seika's dōjutsu prowess, his visual dōjutsu allows Kiyoshi to rip a hole through the fabric and space and time to teleport using Kamimusubi This space-time ninjutsu is noted to be highly similar to Seika's Kamui. And because of this, Kiyoshi is able to use this as passageways to his father's dimension.

With the eye of hypnotism, Kiyoshi can perform illusions that is generically known as Genjutsu: Sharingan. While there are various manifestations and purposes of the ability, the better known one is to, through eye contact, suggest thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness In extreme cases, may even take complete control of the target's body, forcing them to do exactly what he wishes; this control is visually indicated by the Sharingan's design appearing in the target's eye. As such, Sharingan users are particularly infamous known for using this ability to manipulate Tailed Beasts. And with advance usage, Kiyoshi can has not actually entered a jinchūriki's subconscious but instead has been able to enter his father's, and actually met with Hagoromo himself. And by apply this to Jinchūriki he would be able to precisely subdue the beast's chakra when needed.. With his profound skill in Genjutsu arts, Kiyoshi can implement more ways of catching an opponent in genjutsu. One way, is by getting an opponent to look at the same object as him. The sharingan also possess the ability to determine when genjutsu is being used. From there, Kiyoshi can easily dispel or even turn their own genjutsu against them.

Mangekyō Sharingan


Kiyoshi's Mangekyō Sharingan

Through the ages, there have been very few Uchiha chosen to awaken the ocular powers of the Mangekyō Sharingan. And in likeness of his ancestors, Kiyoshi awakened the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan upon witnessing the passing of a close relative, in which case, would happen to be his father. And from that, Kiyoshi gain yet more blessings of the long forsaken clan. Typically unusual for an occurrence, not known by most of his fellow clan members, Kiyoshi possesses the an exceptionally rare Straight Tomoe (直巴, Choku Tomoe) Mangekyō design, a specific pattern of the dōjutsu that grants Kiyoshi with an greater fluidity and reading capability than its kin Sharingan. Due to the sheer rarity of usage, Kiyoshi does not suffer from deteriorating eyesight or strained physical health with use. Even with prolonged appliance, Kiyoshi dies not seem to be phrased. This may have something to do with the presence of the Senju's lifeforce flowing constantly throughout his body. However, these speculation were deemed false after Kiyoshi's discovery of his father's illness. It was because of the man's energy that flowed through Kiyoshi's veins as to why Kiyoshi's eyes would never lose their light.

Through the power of his mangekyō sharingan, Kiyoshi possesses a form of ninjutsu, which has come to be known as Tenshirei. Because the technique and eyes are originally his, and because he has awakened Teshirei in both of his eyes, only Kiyoshi is capable of utilizing them to their fullest capacity. Teshirei enables him to achieve two very closely associated feats of gravity manipulation — repulsion and attraction. And even while his Mangekyō is active, Kiyoshi still possesses his former Sharingan ability similar to that of the short ranged Kamui -- known as Kamimusubi. Kiyoshi's Mangekyō appears to be retain its white color, with his tomoe actually being of that color while his actual iris color is black. The spread and converge along the edge of its iris, taking on the appearance of three intersecting ellipses with a three headed pinwheel protruding from its center.

With his left eye --eye of attraction-- this eye grants Kiyoshi with this ability to manipulates attractive force to pull matter towards him at a whim. Through its usage, It is highly possible to attract multiple targets in one instance. Using in this function opens a wide range of possibilities, such as causing them to collide and remain attached to each other, or to pull both toward Kiyoshi. Both of which are done by creating a black void within his palm. From that instance, he is able to increase the suction and rate of intensity. And on a more skilled level, Kiyoshi can directly influence small area around himself or an enemy. By such, Kiyoshi can focus him eye on a specific area and the establish an. attractive force around that person which then grabs and pulls matter toward them, holding said person under the immense pressure of debris from the surrounding environment.

His right eye --the eye of repulsion-- as the names suggests, this eyes uses it's power to repel people and objects. Similar to the Shinra Tensei, dependant on the amount of chakra that Kiyoshi puts into this eye, the strength and area of effect greatly varies. And when using the right eye as a defensive measure, most and virtually any attacks directed at Kiyoshi can be deflected, despite the size, nature, power or mass. When utilizing the right eye at maximum potential, Kiyoshi generates a massive amount of repulsive force that in turn, crushes almost everything beneath its enormous explosion. And like his left eye, Kiyoshi can also produce this ability in a set distance away from him. Doing this, he can cause random "explosions" to appear without any warning.

Depowered Ki

Kiyoshi's Depowered Mangekyō

With both eyes, the power of Teshirei is used to its fullest potential, dramatically enhancing the effects and overall efficiency of the technique. By using the eyes together, Kiyoshi then is given a desirable control over an specific area. With the powerful forces of gravity under his grasp, Kiyoshi is presented the capability to increase the gravitational weight around him. Besides the oblivious chakra build up, this is usually undetectable to most people. With this, Kiyoshi can choose to weight gravity down on a person or to lift them up by reducing gravity on them.

Upon using the respective powers of his Mangekyō, with each consecutive use, one of, or even both eyes with go into a depowered state where his gravitational powers are temporary obsolete for a set period of time. And in this depowered form, Kiyoshi's Mangekyō loses the black pinwheel that's usually present in his eyes and it only resembles his overlapping ellipses. And with awakening the respective powers of both of his Mangekyō Sharingan, known as the Double Mangekyō (ダブル万華鏡, Daburu Mangekyō), Kiyoshi would gained the ability to garner his eye's most powerful "blessing", the Susanoo, a gigantic humanoid being that surrounds and fights on user's behalf.

Kiyoshi Incomplete

Kiyoshi's Incomplete Susanoo

Nonetheless, it is said for a  Sharingan user to activate Susanoo is quite a rare event. And since it is formed through the materialization of the user's chakra, the abilities, appearance and color may vary between individuals; Kiyoshi's Susanoo appearing as material dark gray. With its simplest manifestations, he could produce extra arms or bones to increase his options while in the midst of battle. When used in more potential, Kiyoshi submerged within a spectral warrior that would protect him from most damage.

Silver Susanoo

Kiyoshi's Complete Body Susanoo

In its stabilized form, Kiyoshi's Susanoo is clothed in armor similar to a samurai, wearing robes, thick boots and body armor on its shoulders and waist. It has a long tengu nose, two spikes over each eye, a slit stretching across its mouth and three gaps on each of its cheeks as well as one on its chin. His susanoo also possesses an extra sets of arms. It wields two katanas through it's first set of arms. The second set of arms usually hold two Tenchōgyoku, making it capable of using tactics that Kiyoshi himself would use in battle. While fully manifested despite the immense size, it has enough dexterity to carefully hold someone in its hand and move in extremely fast and fluid motions. And in special cases, Kiyoshi's Susanoo can further increase its mobility by sprouting wings from its back, which are used to flying and gliding with ease.

Kiyoshi Senjutsu Susanoo

Kiyoshi's Senjutsu Enhanced Susanoo

IMG 20151105 060047

Kiyoshi's Susanoo Cloak

And to take his earnings even further, Kiyoshi is able to furthermore increase the power of his substantial Susanoo. This new level of power is achieved by infusing his chakra with natural energy. And with this done, Kiyoshi's entire changes yet again as the natural energy around his Susanoo becomes visible to even those who are untrained in Senjutsu. The clad armor of its being begins to reduce, showing more of the humanoid within its contents. The humanoid figure seems to be a lighter gray than the actual armor. The heaven jewels that were formerly in its secondary hands, tripling in the amount; appearing as six orbs floating behind it in a halo-like formation. It also possesses the ability of flight despite not appearing to possess wings. From this years of continuous upbringing and development, Kiyoshi is among the first to truly master the ocular powers of the Mangekyō Sharingan. To push his dōjutsu to their absolute limit, from such intense discovery, Kiyoshi had discovered a way to gradually increase his susanoo's effectiveness in battle. By this, it is meant to decrease this susanoo's massive size, and therefore dramatically increase its mobility. It is as if Kiyoshi, instead of being surrounded by the construct, he actually appears to wear the susanoo's impeccable armor as a chakra shroud encasing his body. Anticipated as one of Kiyoshi's most glorious accomplishments, the armor is visually similar to that of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

As it is well known, the Susanoo is a physical manifestation of the user's Chakra or life energy, as such Kiyoshi's cloak acts as a living extension of himself, embedding his will into it. Not only is his Susanoo capable of maneuvering in an easier fashion, its defensive measures are amplified to an ungodly level, being nearly impenetrable to any outside force. While dawning thus form of Susanoo, Kiyoshi receives a major boost in defenses and durability. On top of defensive increase, Kiyoshi moreover gains a spike in strength, see as the Susanoo in its most simple manifestations can cause massive disruptions, this immediately translates to an far more heightened strength factor, all while being able to retain his magnificent speed. A true tide turner in the midst of battle.