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Kizoku Clan
Kizoku Clan Symbol
(貴族の家族, Kizoku Ichizoku)
Clan Data
  • Kokorogakure

The Kizoku Clan (貴族の家族, Kizoku Ichizoku) is the oldest and most prestigious clan in the village of Kokorogakure. The village of Kokorogakure was slowly beginning to fall apart before the clan's arrival in the Land of Hearts. Things immediately changed in Kokorogakure after the clan arrived, with the leaders of the Kizoku Clan redesigning the village's structure and putting a new leader in power.

The most common trait amongst members of the Kizoku Clan is their silver-colored hair. The Kizoku Clan specializes in utilizing arrow-based ninjutsu.


The Kizoku Clan's origins do not lie within the Land of Hearts, instead the Kizoku Clan are from a country far away. The clan's original homeland and village collapsed due to the economic and government trouble. In order to escape doom, the Kizoku Clan fled across the ninja world and found refuge within the Land of Hearts. Upon coming across Kokorogakrue they at first attempted to establish an alliance with the First Hatsukage. It wasn't long till the leaders of the Kizoku Clan took notice of how bad things were in Kokorogakure. The village was young and had rather poor leadership in the form of the First Hatsukage. The Kizoku Clan leaders then recruited shinobi from the forces of Kokorogakure and lead a revolution against the tyrannical First Hatsukage who then fled the Land of Hearts. The Kizoku Clan were then accepted into Kokorogakure and placed their own leader into the position of Second Hatsukage.

Known Members