The Kohitsujikage (コヒツジ影, Lamb Shadow) are the leaders of Hitsujikagure. They are generally the strongest in the village, although ideology and renown plays a large part in their being chosen for the position.

Three shinobi have gained this title so far. After being apointed, they are given a giant residence to live in at the border of Hitsujikagure. Although the Kohitsujikages are not being recognised as one of the Official Kages, they are part of the Official Kages from the Ten Animal Villages (ten talking-animal shinobi villages where Myoubokuzan is one of).

List of Kohitsujikages

First Kohitsujikage

Main article: Shirome

Preparing to fight! 8D

The First Kohitsujikage Shirome, wielder of the Gokakushuriken, preparing for a fight using Gokakushuriken. His wife Keiteki is at the left.

The First Kohitsujikage (火影コヒツジ影, Shodai Kohitsujikage, First or Founding Lamb Shadow), also known as Shirome, was the founder of Hitsuji, the father of Akame and the husband of Keiteki. He was famous for his Gokakushuriken ability, an incredible bloodline. With this bloodline he has the ability to change her form in that of a gigantic, monstrous sheep with immense horns he can throw at his opponents. His Gokakushuriken gives her big, white eyes, unlike most users who get red eyes. While he uses the eyes great shuriken with five hooks appear in it and they turn red. With this eyes he can analyze elemental Ninjutsu techniques and even copy them, just like the Sharingan. At final, he can summon gigantic five-hooked shuriken with his eyes.

Originally he was a lonely sheep coming from an old Gokakushuriken wielding clan, found by a shepherd girl called Heidi. Trough Heidi he met Keiteki and they became the founders of Hitsujigakure.

Second Kohitsujikage

Main article: Himawari


The 2nd Kohitsujikage was responsible for the economy and flowering of the city Hitsujigakure.

The Second Kohitsujikage, Himawari, was known for her incredible healing abilities. She was a prehistoric sheep once resurrected by Orochimaru because he wanted to experiment with her DNA. She escaped.

Third Kohitsujikage

Main article: Akame The Third Kohitsujikage, Akame, became Kohitsujikage when she turned 18. She's the daughter of Shirome.

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