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(村は心の中に潜む, Kokorogakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden Among the Heart)
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Kokorogakure (村は心の中に潜む, Kokorogakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among the Heart") is the Hidden Village of the Land of Hearts. The leader of Kokorogakure is known as the Kokorokage (ハート影; Literally meaning "Heart Shadow"), since the village is not one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries the title is not official. The residents and shinobi of Kokorogakrue are known to be rather humble, diligent, and compassionate.

The village itself is relatively peaceful, mostly on the defending end of any attacks and wars.


The village of Kokorogakure was established around the same time as the other shinobi nations. Before the beginning of the First Shinobi World War, the Land of Hearts was a land of pure chaos. The daimyo of the Land of Hearts was preoccupied commanding the nation's military against a oncoming. coup d'etat. The rebels were
Kokorogakure Symbol

The Symbol of Kokorogakure

coming closer to taking over the Land of Hearts when a lone ninja arrived into the lands. Before this man came, the Land of Hearts had not had any experiences with shinobi. The man would later become the First Kokorokage of Kokorogakure which was established after the man single handely quelled the coup d'etat with his ninjutsu skills. The village of Kokorogakure was founded as a means to keep order within the Land of Hearts.

Not long after the foundation of the village, the once benevolent First Kokorokage had turned into a mad tyrant. The man ruled Kokorogakure with an iron fist and under his rule Kokorogakure became a dictatorship. Numerous amounts of revolutions were started up by the shinobi of Kokorogakure to overthrow their leader. It wasn't until the Kizoku, a wealthy ninja clan from another land arrived that a capable revolution was begun. With the help of the organized Kizoku Clan the shinobi of Kokorogakure drove the tyrant First Kokorokage out of the Land of Hearts.

After defeating the First Kokorokage the Kizoku Clan began to amend Kokorogakure. They organized the shinobi system of the village and ultimately restored it's order and structure. The Second Kokorokage was then put into power by the Kizoku Clan. The Second Kokorokage was later remarked to be a tremendous leader during his time.


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  • Flak jackets of Kokorogakure are red. They are otherwise identical to Konoha's flak jackets.
  • Medic-nin of Kokorogakure wear uniforms identical to those in Konoha. The only difference is that the uniforms are red.

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