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Leaf Military Police Force
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Leaf Military Police Force (木ノ葉警務部隊, Konoha Keimu Butai, Literally meaning: Leaf Military Police Force)

  • Leaf Police Force
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The Konoha Military Police Force previously consisted of mostly Uchiha Clan members before the massacre. Although it was first believed that an Uchiha ancestor had founded the organization, due to the Uchiha crest being part of the organization's symbol, in truth it was founded by the Second Hokage. He handed it to the Uchiha clan as a sign of trust and good faith towards the Uchiha. Madara suggested, however, that this was just a method of distancing the Uchiha from taking part in the governing of Konoha. Some members found out this motive, and tried to rebel as a result. After Itachi massacred his clan, the duties of the Police Force fell upon the Kazuki Clan who kept the same symbol as a sign of respect for the infamous Uchiha Clan who came before.

The Konoha Military Police's purpose is to maintain the law in the village, regarded as "elite shinobi who monitor fellow shinobi." They do not have the authority of arresting ANBU members without a warrant, as the latter directly report to the Hokage.