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Name: Kousekigakure

Other names: "Village hidden among giant Crystals",  "Crystal Village", "The Crystal"

Location: Capital of the Land of Crystals


 The Kage of the Kousekigakure is the Daiyamondokage (Literally:Diamond Shadow). All Daiyamondokages are still Alive and the previous ones just retired.

Yamato Hokkaido

Third Daiyamondokage

Yamato Hokkaido is the currently the Third Daiyamondokage. Due to his young age, The Second Daiyamondokage, now the Daiymo of the Land of Crystals and also his father, helps him rule the village.

Notable Clans


This village's culture is similar to Konohagakure. It's an abdundant village with a police force, it's own Ninja Academy and a Ninja Stadium for Chunin Exams.

Forehead Protector

Kousekigakure's forehead protector is the same as any village, color blue & has it's
Forehead Protector Kousekigakure

Yamato Hokkaido's Forehead Protector

own symbol.White is the color of the forehead protector of it's Jonins.The violet forehead protector is exclusively for the Third Daiyamondokage, Yamato Hokkaido.  


Notable Locations

These are notable locations in Kousekigakure.

Yokkaichi Mart

Yokkaichi Mart is a Big Marketplace, fully airconditioned. It is open for 24 hours in Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays & Fridays, for four Days. It is still open in the other days, but it closes on those days. The owner of the market is the Third Daiyamondokage's Mom.

Ninja Academy

Like other hidden villages Kurogakure possess' a Ninja Academy as well. Due to Kousekigakure high technology, students begins training with basic ninja tools.

Crystal Tower

A 1000 meter Tower, It is the palace of the Daiyamondokage On the top is an observation deck.

Crystal Tower Pavillion

It is a very huge park in Kousekigakure. Many kinds of animals and plants can be found here. The Daiyamondokage also personally makes announcements in the pavillion

Diplomatic Relations

 Konahagakure & Kousekigakure has been Allies. It also good relation with the other Great Nations Like Sunagakure


 Orochimaru, Akatsuki, Otogakure & other major criminal ninja groups

Notable Ninjas

Yamato Hokkaido, Kusahana Hokkaido, Drakujin Hokkaido


  • Some considers Kousekigakure as the 7th Great Nation.
  • The Largest Waterfall in the Naruto Universe is located in Kousekigakure, named The Great Houshu Falls.

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