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False Form | True Form
67742676 Art Legendary Sreation Kitsune 263
Name Koushouku
Kanji 紅色
Romanisation Koushoku
Personal Status
Birthdate February 16th
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Family Kitsunes
Partner Raisan
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation Land of Hot Water Symbol Land of Hot Water
Previous Affiliation Aokigahara Rainforest Symbol Aokigahara Rainforest
Team Crimson Duo
Classification Sensor Type
Academy Prom. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Jutsu Transformation Technique

Koushoku is a Kitsune from Aokigahara Rainforest and is young Raisan's annoying summoning. Together with Raisan she forms one of strangest odd ball duos known to man.


The first time she is seen is when Raisan was on one of his various aimless strolls, which often got him lost, Raisan finds an injured Kitsune which he mistakes for a human girl and nurses her back to health, feeding her, treating her wounds etc. After a few months she's finally healed and can take care of herself again, Raisan bids her goodbye but she insists that she comes along with him to pay her debt. From then on they become a sort of tag team duo until one fateful day when Raisan accidentally comes in her room while she is undressing and discovers that she has a tail and fox ears. Shocked by this Raisan questions the Kitsune and discovers she is not human but is in fact a summoning. When the blonde asks where is she from but she refuses to tell him but agrees to become his summoning. From this day on they formed one of the most hilarious tag team duo of all time.


Koushoku is a calm, laid back individual who enjoys annoying her summoner and friend Raisan. Between her and the boy she is the shy one, only ever talking in the presence of her master. During her free time she enjoys flustering him by making showing off her 'assets'. Besides this she constantly flirts with him as a sign of


Koushoku has long, light brown hair, light blue, slitted eyes and . She wears a white silk Uwagi with a fur collar, underneath this she has a blood red Kimono which reaches down to her toes. Besides this she sports fox ears and four tails in total.

In her true form is a fox with golden - white fur. On her head she has a tuft of fur on her head, which resembles a lock of hair, around her neck she has a luxurious mane and has six tails, each with a tip of red.


Koushoku is a Kitsune originating from Aokigahara Rainforest and as such specialised in disguise techniques particularly the Transformation Technique. With this she fooled Raisan for months into thinking that she was an actual human girl. Although she has not obtained a nature element she is renowned for her skill in Taijutsu. Although this is not the reason why Raisan summons her his reason for her summon is often for tracking. Due to her incredible sense of smell she is perfect for tracking missions.


  • The author has gained permission from the original owner of the Kitsunes page to create a summon.
  • The Kitsune's name was chosen due to the colour red often being associated with fire.

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