Koutou Hogosha, literally meaning Soaring Guardian, is a missing-ninja from an unknown village. At some point, he decided that he was too powerful to obey his Sensei, and killed the man when he was challenged. Rather than explain himself, left the village.


Koutou, an oddity among ninja, has no chakra nature. Not wishing to fight opponents hand-to-hand, because of his constant fear of injury, he looked for another way to be a ninja. Inspired by the Rasengan, he developed his own jutsu, Gekkou no Kumoyoru. From this he created many variants.

Gekkou no Kumoyoru

Kumoyoru no Borealis

Kumoyoru no Amur

Kumoyoru no Kuzuri

He has also demonstrated the ability to, on nights with full moons, use the technique to create a strange material, colorless, which can conduct the technique into any shape he wants. He has created an armor for himself out of this, and conducts jutsu through it easily.

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