くうガやKūgayaKugaya the Ten-Tails (十尾のくうガや, Jūbi no Kūgaya)




Supposedly male


Tailed Beast


Tailed Beast


Ronin of the Hidden Destiny (Yang chakra)
none (Yin chakra)


Ten-Tailed Devastation Ball
Chakra Wave
Aura of Fear

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Kugaya the Ten-Tails (十尾のくうガや, Jūbi no Kūgaya) was a mysterious and ancient ungodly beast of destruction. They say that he (it) attacked the Earth a long time ago because in his dark heart he wanted only destruction and thrived only of destruction. Kugaya's powers are mostly unknown, but some say that he could destroy entire worlds when in his prime, and the only reason he didn't do so to Earth was beacuse he was too arrogant and couldn't imagine the possibility of him getting defeated. And because of that arrogance, the Sage of the Six Paths and the Ronin of the Hidden Destiny managed to defeat him by splitting his chakra in it's Yin and Yang halves. The Yin half, which contained all his cunning and darkness, was sealed inside the Moon by the Sage's Chibaku Tensei. The Yang half, containing his raging destructiveness, was permantently combined with the soul of the Ronin of the Hidden Destiny. The location of the Ronin along with the Yang half of Kugaya's chakra is unknown by the moment.

However, the destruction brought by Kugaya's rampage wasn't the only consequence of the arrival of this monster. Kugaya's chakra was so massive that during the attack he spewed it over the land and it lingered there even after Kugaya had been defeated. That chakra, however, was driven by the memory of Kugaya's destructive nature, and it started to gather. In the end it formed nine different beings, all of which possessed great amounts of chakra. These nine monster were what would be known as the nine Tailed Beasts, each of them possessing a different amount of both Kugaya's chakra and his evil will. It is unknown, though, whether the Tailed Beasts know of their relation with Kugaya.

Powers and abilities

The true extent of Kugaya's powers are unknown, but according to what Sage of the Six Paths and Ronin of the Hidden Destiny have ever told of him, he truely deserves his horrible reputation. Him simply walking on the surface of the world caused tremors, and according to a legend, each of his tails caused a natural disaster with every swipe. His chakra is so massive that he can attack with its power alone, and even his presence can cause damage to the surroundings. They say his chakra alone could make solid rock crack and shatter, and his heavy and evil chakra could make plants wither and animals suffocate.

Despite all of his power, his arrogance in the end proved to be his greatest downfall.


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