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Basic Information:

  • Name: Kujirakage

The Kujirakage is the leader of Segakure no Sato. They are generally the strongest in the village, although their idealology has helped them get into their position.

After being given their position they are given a mansion to live in, their faces carved into the wooden wall behind that mansion.

Shodai Kujrikage:

  • Name: Lilow Triti
  • Rank: kage
  • Village: Segakure
  • Blood Type: A+
  • Chakra affiliation: Water
  • Affiliation: Segakure

The Shodai Kurjikage (First Whale Shadow) was the founder and leader of the Hidden Current Village until his death. Lilow was said to be a fair and kind ruler but a fierce enemy to those that would dare harm his people

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