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It was a beautiful sunny day.Miyako Senju was in the training fields improving he weaponry skills.She was throwing shuriken at pinpoint accuracy.Suddenly,She stopped and looked at the Hokage faces and said "one day I will be like you lady Tsunade".She then continued on with her training.

Kasumi Ring was in the training fields just training to get stronger. She was throwing shurikens at targets, getting them all in the center. She heard Miyako, but said and said nothing. She was very interested in supporting people who wanted to become like someone who they admire. But in Kasumi's case, she doesn't admire anyone.

Miyako saw Kasumi and she was fired up she wanted someone to spare with."hey you there.Care for some one-on-one action?"

Kasumi threw a shuriken at a target and looked at Miyako. "Sure. But I won't go easy on you." she said. She got her self in position to fight.

"haha that's what i want to hear,By the way my name is Miyako...Miyako Senju." Said miyako as she got ready for battle.

"Kasumi Ring." Kasumi said as she got her weapons ready. "Ready?" she asked Miyako. But she didn't wait, she threw shurikens at Miyako.

"Child's play" said Miyako as she deflected the shuriken with her kunai and she threw three shuriken at Kasumi.The three shurikens were attached to Wire Strings,Miyako ran her wind chakra in them to increase their sharpness.

"Childs play? Honey, you didn't see anyting yet." Kasumi said. She dodged the shurikens but got a little scratch from one of them. She threw three more shurikens then threw explosive kunais.

"Explosive kunai,eh?" Miyako asked.As she said "Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu!!!!" digging into the ground she dug underneath Kasumi and attempted to use Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu.

Kasumi took out a kunai and waited for Miyako to attack. She was watching her own moves carefully.

As Miyako was attempting Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu.She used Earth Release: Earth Spear to harden her grip.

Kasumi felt Miyako's grip onto her ankle. She felt herself going into the ground, but that didn't stop her. She moved her hand with the kunai in it, trying to stab Miyako.

Thanks to Earth Release: Earth Spear Miyako wasn't hurt at all by the kunai.After pulling Kasumi in the ground she got out watching the poor Kasumi as she was stuck.

Kasumi glared at Miyako after she got stuck in the ground. She tried her best to move her kunai to stab the ground, having a plan in her mind.