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"Oh yes, a nice and rainy day... fuckin' lovely."
— to Shinobu Yosomono

Kureno Yosomono
Full Name Yosomono Kureno
Highest Rank Unknown
Age 22
Gender Male
Village of Origin Unknown
Chakra Type Wind, Fire
Classification Mercenary, S-Class, Missing-Nin




Kureno acts mostly in a laid-back and indifferent manner. He is considered to be one of the calmest members of the Yosomono Clan, commonly responding to situations with sarcasm and wit. He easily gets bothered when interrupted from a certain objective, or piece of work, which leads him to get easily annoyed with partners Shinobu Yosomono and Junichiro Yosomono. Despite this, he only continues to act on his sarcastic nature, sometimes even annoying Shinobu.

In combat, he is highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical, a common trait of the Yosomono Clan. As a member, he has incredible self-control over his emotions, allowing him to remain cool-headed and calm under most situations. If is difficult to tell whether or not he is caught off-guard due to his nearly inhumane surpression of emotions. For provocation, he will even taunt his enemies in order to blind them emotionally, allowing for him to fight much easier.

The only person Kureno seems to openly express respect for is his partner Taiki, which is returned back towards him. He seems to refer him as a master, commonly using the term "dono" as a honorific to address him. This is not minded by Taiki, who seems to hold a well-placed respect for Kureno.



Kureno's sword.

The level of Kureno's strength remains mostly a mystery, even to his own friends. The only prominent ability shown so far was his incredible agility and dexterity, which allows him to react reflexively to attacks used against him. He is both accurate and coordinate and his attacks, making it impossible for his opponent to counter his movements with untrained eyes. In order to make it easier for his opponent to do so, , he wields a giant halberd as his primary weapon, limiting his own movements. He seems to wield the sword with little effort, signaling great physical strength as well.

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