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Kai Yokatsu


July 25






190 lbs

Gender male


Blood type




Home country

Land of Lightning

Hometown Kumogakure


Inumaru Saizu

Previous partner(s)

Zutto Saizu

Affiliation Kumogakure
Previous affiliation(s)



Team 9, Team Saizu

Previous team(s)




Previous occupation(s)


Highest rank




Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age

6 yrs. old

Chūnin Prom. Age

10 yrs. old

Jōnin Prom. Age

12 yrs. old


Nature Type

Lightning Style: Lightning Rod

Lightning Style: Branding Rod Lightning Style: Limelight

Lightning Style: Four Pillar Bind

Lightning Style: Electromagnectic Shocker

Lightning Style: False Darkness

Lightning Hound

Lightning Style: Sixteen Piller Bind

Earth Style: Mud River

Earth Style: Mud Wall

Earth Style: Earth Spear

Water Style: Water Deluge

Water Style: Water Gun

Water Style: Water Shark Shotgun Jutsu

Ninja Art: Substitution Jutsu

Ancient Ninja Art: Dark Sealing Container




Smoke Bombs

Metal Wire


Katana (Only while wearing full battle uniform.)

Exploding Tags

Makabashi Spikes

Kai Yokatsu is a Jonin class shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He has served the Village in a variety of roles, including: ANBU Black Ops Squad Leader, Jonin Commander, and currently, he is serving as both the chair of the Jonin Council and leads a three-man cell of Genin as a Jonin Sensei. The Jonin of Konaha hold Kai in very high regards, as evidenced by his numerous leadership positions. During his time in the ANBU, he carried out a number of high-ranking assassination missions, all of which were against S-Class enemies. Listed with one of the highest bounties in the Bingo Book, Kai is well known across the Five Great Nations as "Kai the Assimilator, due to his unique ability to imitate jutsu through the use of him Omoigan, his clan's Kekkei Genkai.

Kai has been nominated on several occasions for the position of Hokage, but he has turned down the offer every time. The Daimyo of the Fire Country has personally requested for Kai to join the Twelve Ninja Guardians, but Kai has also declined the offer.


Kai Yokatsu was born into the Yokatsu Clan, a well-respected but modest clan.


Kai is a tall, relativity fit ninja with brown hair and brown eyes. His typical attire consists of the standard Leaf Village flack jacket and blue pants, augmented with fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back of the hand. When chairing meetings of the Jonin Council, he will often wear a white Haroi, which strongly resembles the standard Kage attire.

During his day in the ANBU, he wore the standard attire, although he also wore the white cloak, designating him as a chief. During one of his battles, he was injured by a sword, which caused a large gash across his chest, extending up towards his left eye.


Even though he maintains an active schedule as a Jonin instructor, he presents a calm and laid-back demeanor, even during intense missions. In battle, Kai's deceptive calculating and composed personality allow him to analyze a situation objectively and determine the best course of action. Due to this approach, he is often sought after to serve on various Village councils; he has even been appointed chair of the Jonin Council.

As a general rule, Kai avoids conflict whenever possible and attempts to take the past of the least resistance. However, despite his laid-back and aloof personality, he is deceptively cunning and will manipulate his opponents to achieve his desired results.

In order to keep suspicion low and "to keep chatter down," Kai maintains a fair amount of distance from villagers. Despite this, he is quite kind and makes every possible attempt to be helpful and courteous towards his fellow shinobi.

Even though Kai is reserved, certain issues will cause him to rile up with zealous anger.


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Kai is widely regarded as an extremely potent combatant, easily able to fight on par with most opponents. His calm and calculating nature, as well as his unique insight into battle tactics and jutsu construction make him a match for virtually any opponent. Prior to the appointment of both Kakashi Hatake and Naruo Uzumaki, Kai was nominated by the Jonin of the village, in both instances, for the position. He is well known by the moniker Kai the Assimilator due to his ability to understand, naturalize, and imitate most ninjutsu and taijutsu, as well as the ability to retain these jutsu.

Due to his experience as a Jonin Sensei and as an ANBU Squad Leader, he is well versed in battle tactics and political situations of the Five Great Villages. During Kage Summits, Kai is always utilized as the escort, and he has also been dispatched to other villages to handle conflict resolution. He is also sought after by the Five Nations to lead training exercises for ANBU Black Ops.


Kai is able to use Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning release, all to maximum potential. Kai possesses vast amounts of chakra as well as precise chakra control. A resourceful person, Kai is able to effortlessly combine multiple jutsu into one, successive attack, which significantly reduces his opponents

Kai is able to use multiple jutsu in quick succession, which


Although he is not the most physically intimidating opponent, Kai's physical strength is deceptive. He is able to


Kurai (dark) is Kai's special ability. The technique centers around his scarf, and it becomes the basis for a very powerful genjutsu, and various ninjutsu. Once Kai has removed his scarf, it grows and expands over a large area, comprable to an entire forest. The scarf then becomes a chakra infused barrier that allows no one to get out, but anyone can get in, and once they are in, they are not affected by the jutsu. From here, Kai has complete control over the entire area. The downside to this technique is he can only expand it during a period where is not touched. This is perfect for two on two combat, but dangerous for one on one combat. Kai can use a variety of darkness related jutsu, and he can make the entire barrier pitch black. From here, Kai can see what is going on in the area, but his opponents cannot. However, if he has a teammate, they will not either. Kai can change his appearance while in Kurai, and can also preform physical stunts otherwise not allowed by the laws of gravity.



Character Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Kai Saizu 5 5 3.5 5 5 5 3 5



  • Kai has completed 1,777 official missions, 149-D Rank, 279 C-Rank, 667, B-Rank, 498 A-Rank, 184 S-Rank.