Name Kuroyasha
Personal Status
Birthdate May 20
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 177 cm
Weight 230 Kg
Blood Type 0*
Hometown Sora-ku
Home Country Hidden Leaf Village
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Uchiha clan
Occupation Bandit/ Assassin
Previous Occupation Bandit
Team The Red Eyes
Previous Team none
Partner N/A
Previous Partner none
Family Old Women
Weapons Heavy Armor, Gass Mask, Greatsword, Polar Bear cloak


Kuroyasha or Black Spirit is a Bandit that lives in the Land of Fire. Unlike Ninjas and mercenaries he makes his living by pillaging others and taking there stuff. Despite being a bandit Kurouyasha has his own moral code. He will not steal from children, he will not steal from the elderly, and he does not take from people who do not have weapons. Kuroyasha believes in the spoils of war, not plunder.

It should also be noted that Kuroyasha's face is unknown. The reason for this is due to his mask and gloves made of carbon nanotubes. This material absorbs 99 percent of light and makes it impossible to see his face.


Kuroyasha stands five feet and ten inches tall and weighs about two hundred and fifty pounds. Most of that weight is muscle which is accompany by a lifetime of scars. His skin is a shade of dark brown, similar to that of a of a ebony tree. His hair is pitch black and is kept low and even all over. Most of the time Kuroyasha can be seen wearing his carbon nanotube mask and gloves along with a long hooded red trench coat. He prefers to wear cargo pants and common ninja sneakers. When Kuroyasha goes into battle he usually comes in with his plate armor. Under his plate armor he wears thick chain mail and padded armor. The armor slows him down a bit, but its added defense is greately valued.


Kuroyasha can be described as violent. Kuroyasha has a strong love for violence and the excitement it brings. he loves to fight and to test himself in battle. When a normal bandit sees a ninja they run away and prey they escape. Kuroyasha charges forward and takes the Ninja head on. Kuroyasha is best described as a Bull. He does not know how to pick his battles. Most conflicts he charges into head first. This however does not mean that Kuroyasha is stupid. He can spot a trap a mile away and knows full well when it is time to run. However once he decides in his head that he can he is going to do something he is going to do it.

It should be noted that Kuroyasha has a strong hatred for dogs and wolves. As a boy he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and a pack of wolves. Both encounters almost claimed his life. Kuroyasha hated will drive him to kill the animals on sight. This includes young dogs and even little ones. The only real thing that keeps him from trying eradicate them all is the ninja dog clans.


Kuroyasha does not remember anything about his parents. His oldest memory was that of a old women sitting in a rocking chair on a sunny day. Beyond that he remembers huddling by a fire trying to stay war in a abandon building. Kuroyasha grew up mostly alone in the ruins of Sora-ku. There was one other family that live there that he associated with when he got hungry, but for the most part he lived alone. The old lady at the shop however knew his parents, but never told him anything about them. She said it was better that way as whatever they got themselves into she did not want him to follow the path.

As a boy Kuroyasha was forced to hunt for food in the surrounding lands and steal from those who passed by. This is where Kuroyasha career as a bandit kicked off. He would often take food and run like hell. However his burly frame and the nature of the people passing by would place him in a speed disadvantage. In order to keep what he swiped he would have to fight. Kuroyasha learned to fight though brawls and scraps. In the end Kuroyasha would only win fights due to his brute strength and determination. Speed, skill, and other factors never won him the day. It was always because of his great strength, which came natural to him.Over time Kuroyasha became obsessed with strength and began to train himself to become powerful. he started by lifting heavy stones, and then throwing them. He later moved onto crushing them with his fist and finally working out with them.

At the age of twelve Kuroyasha became a real terror. he raided and fought anyone he came across. However the image of the old women in his past and her beliefs kept him from attacking old people. A encounter with watching a grown man assault a young boy turned him away from stacking children. Over time Kuroyasha developed his own sense of right and wrong and began to apply it to his raiding of travelers. Eventually however Kuroyasha upgraded from travelers to caravans.



Kuroyasha is a self-taught sword master. All of his sword techniques and skill come from his personal experience in battle, video tapes, and sword manuals. Kuroyasha self taught style gives him a disadvantage against most formal taught swordsmen. They have moves and techniques that he has yet to face and yet to learn. On the other hand however Kuroyasha self taught moves make him harder to predict and harder to counter. While most swordsmen rely on speed and precision, Kuroyasha relies on strength and size. Kuroyasha is big on controlling space in a sword fight. He is good at keeping opponents from getting in and from getting to far away. He likes to keep them in a sweat spot in the middle. Two more things that should be noted about Kuroyasha's swordsmen ship is that it relies heavily on his Tower shield. The Tower Shield acts as his defense and repels incoming attacks. He uses his shield to shut off avenues of advance and to fight back against faster swordsmen. He also uses it in shield charges which can knock his opponents into the air. It should also be noted that he can infuse his chakra into the shield in order to make it stronger or make it resist jutsu.


Kuroyasha also wears plate armor into battle. This armor allows him to block and repel attacks without having to respond to them. Most kuni bounce off his tempered steel and with the right turn he is capable of turning the quickest of blades. Most sword strikes are useless against the armor, only the joints leave a clear opening. Under the plate armor Kuroyasha also wears chainmail and padded armor. This means that most physical blows are useless against him.

Taijutsu Kuroyasha fights with a brawler style of Taijutsu. His style is really a mix up of several other moves he has seen throughout his childhood. What is scary about Kuroyasha is not his technique, but the force behind his punches. Kuroyasha has trained himself to be a lighting bruiser. He hits fast and hard and usually aims to finish the fight in a single blow.

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