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"Vision? What do you know about my vision? My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Now ask yourself. Are you really ready to see that vision?"
— Kurumi to council members

Kurumi Yuri
Current | Past
GA - Kurumi - Righteous Goodness Pro
Name Kurumi Yuri
Kanji 百合胡桃
Rōmaji Yuri Kurumi
Titles Mother Nature (大自然, Daishizen)
Kurumi of the Blackwood (胡桃唐木, Kurumi no Karaki)
Himitsu (秘密, Himitsu) (??)
Nature Girl (じょしてんち, Joshi no Tenchi) (Kamiyo)
The Progenitor (太祖, Taiso)
Personal Status
Age Part III: 16-17
Part IV: 25-26
Gender Female Female
Height (5'8)
Weight (129 lbs)
Blood Type A
Hometown Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Affiliation Land of Yang Symbol Boruto Land of Yang
Previous Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Occupation Daimyō of the Land of Yang
Ryokkai Clan Progenitor (Future)
Clan Hatake Symbol Hatake Clan
Yuri Symbol Yuri Clan
Family Shigemi Hatake (Mother)
Kiyoshi Yuri (Father)
Tsugumi Yuri (Sister)
Kanata Yuri (Brother)
Kadan Yuri (Brother)
Kamiyo Ōtsutsuki (Lover/Husband)
Hashirama Senju (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Tsunade (Great-Great Grandmother)
Dan Katō (Great-Great Grandfather)
Sannoto Senju (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Yami Uchiha (Maternal Great-Grandmother)
Sakumo Hatake (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Sayuri Hatake (Maternal Grandmother)
Kakashi Hatake (Maternal Grandfather)
Kirei Yuri (Paternal Grandmother)
Seika Amamoto (Paternal Grandfather)
Himizu (Cousin)
Tsurigane (Aunt-in-Law)
Kiyomi Yuri (Aunt)
Katoku Hatake (Uncle)
Yasaki Hatake (Uncle)
Kamiwaza (Son)
Kouki Ōtsutsuki (Daughter)
Katsumi Ōtsutsuki (Daughter)
Rank Part III: Genin
Part IV: Jōnin
Classification S-Rank
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Tailed Beasts Kanzeon
Nature Type Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Enclosing Technique
Unsealing Technique
Water Surface Walking Practice
Tree Climbing Practice
Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage
Wood Clone Technique
Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique
Wood Release: Hotei Technique
Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
Wood Release: Several Thousand Hands
Creation of All Things
Wood Release: Wood Dog Technique
Wood Release: Wood Bird Technique
Wood Release: Nativity of Nature
Woodland Goddess: The Tree of Origin
Wood Release: Creation of Kṣetrapālas
Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands
Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
Sage Art: Gift of The Thousand Handed One
Wood Release: Nature's Pillar
Fortitude of the Forest

Kurumi Yuri (百合胡桃, Yuri Kurumi) is the youngest daughter of Kiyoshi Yuri and Shigemi Yuri. Born with innate potential, her future as a kunoichi of Kumogakure looked bright, as she appeared ready to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister and brother. But it was not to be unfortunately, as during her first chūnin exams she was gravely injured by fellow competitors, whose combination of impure water and lightning release proved sufficient for paralyzing her from the legs down. In consequence, Kurumi was confined to a wheelchair for what the doctors said could be an indefinite time; it is unsure if Kurumi will ever walk again. The loss of a fledgling ninja career proved to be highly depressive for the young girl, especially as she watched her older siblings and cousins flourish in the field. So she took solace in the one place a person in Kurumi's situation could; her mind. The girl put to work her brain and her yet untested intelligence in a variety of disciplines, particularly the sciences and history, accompanying her older sister at the library whenever Kurumi could.

Kurumi's cunning combined with her intelligence and sharp wit proved to be sufficient for placing her within Kumo's council chamber, a fact unheard of at her tender age of 15. However, just like the ninja prodigies of old, Kurumi had come into her own, just not in a way most had expected, particularly from her early days as academy student. But with her aptitude and political clout, she silenced the naysayers, similar to the efforts that Gaara used when he became a Kage at her exact age. While her family worries for her health, Kurumi declines their sympathies, shooting for a level of power befitting her capabilities; Lightning Daimyō.

However, as life often plays out, there were unexpected twists and turns, one which ended with a restoration of what she had lost; her legs. While the analytical portion of her wanted to know how this came to be, Kurumi jumped on the opportunity, seeing her mobility as an asset that she could not take lightly. Sixteen years trapped within the village and the dark years of retreating to the confines of her mind had left her tired of seeing the village walls; no longer did the stale council room appeal to her. Nor did Kurumi want to return the confines of the ninja; she had tasted real power. With this in mind, she left the village and her family behind, the freedom of what lay on the other side beckoning to her adventurous desire and intellect's hunger. Kurumi was now a missing-nin; the secrets and info that she possessed coupled with her yet unproven return to form had made the young woman into a liability, as she turned her back on the place she once called home.

With the settling in of life as a missing-nin, one who was solely committed to her research above all else, Kurumi felt the pangs of loneliness finally settling in. Despite keeping her temporary base in reclusive grounds, Kurumi began to establish more of a presence within the village of Konoha. It was there that she met Kan Korimachi and his wife Naomi Senju; only later would she realize that the latter was her great-great-great-grand aunt, explaining their shared Wood Release KG and the aptitude for creative uses in regards to this coveted bloodline limit. The woman also served as resource for explaining the mechanics behind some of her brother's more powerful techniques (particularly the content of the forbidden scroll Kurumi copied) while giving Kurumi inspiration for drawing up more potent aspects of the wood. Having a place to enjoy a home-cooked meal was another aspect that Kurumi enjoyed and greatly missed. Put simply, despite the relatively consistent attacks by other Kumo-nin seeking to return her home, the visits to the couple's home gave Kurumi a sense of normalcy that she lacked in that turbulent time. They were truly a home away from home.

The zigs and zags of life persisted however, as the young woman, now 18, came across a seemingly hostile presence within her domain. Wisely choosing an indirect confrontation, their meeting would give rise to something Kurumi lacked knowledge of: a cousin. The rogue that remained unmentioned within the Yasaki household, the dark cloud in the man's conscious. Yet, the two were family, and shared an identity as missing-nin who had left their mark on shinobi world for better or worse. Himizu proved to be the one capable of convincing Kurumi to abandon her current territory in pursuit of world travel, and with this in mind, the new-found cousins left the Land of Fire to gallivant the world. It was during these journeys that they discovered what would become the Land of Yang alongside its hidden village; Tokugakure. Upon entering the boundaries, they discovered an unfortunate truth; the entire operation was being run by one man. While he had done an admirable job as both Kage and Daimyō, even helping establish ties with a potent village in Eigakure, it was clear that two people would be more effective at jobs pertaining the largely exclusive offices. Considering they had nowhere to go as missing-nin, the cousins decided to take on the challenge of revitalizing the village and country while increasing its standing within the greater world. In this mold, Kurumi took on the role of Daimyō, becoming the official leader of the country at large.


The birth was complete. Last of the line and the youngest child, Kurumi Yuri, had entered the world for better or for worse. Born 15 years after her eldest sister and 13 years after her eldest brother, Kurumi was thrust into a gap of experience, compared with two siblings who were well on their way to attainment of the jōnin rank. However, this would be no concern to the innocent baby, shielded from the world's instability and vices by her parents and kin. Growing up in a loving home and under the watchful eye of Tsugumi proved beneficial for Kurumi, watching her relatives excel in the various disciplines of the shinobi world was both exciting and challenging for the young girl, who despite being a toddler felt a fire and ambition to join them on their quest as ninja of Kumo. Tsugumi once remarked that as a child, Kurumi had more motivation to become great than she did. Such a statement surprised Kurumi's parents, but then again, it could be derived from perspective; both Kiyoshi and Shigemi grew up as the oldest child of their respective households. Thus they didn't necessarily understand the need as the youngest to prove themselves, and escape the shadow cast by those who came before them. Such a misunderstanding did not upset the girl however, no, she was instead preoccupied with striving for excellence, regardless of the reputation her parents and relatives had built. So for the time being, Kurumi contented herself with playing ninja alongside her brother, before tailing her older sister to the library and other educational institutions. It could be argued that hunger for knowledge had already been fostered.

But soon the day came, through convincing on Kurumi's behalf by her older sister Tsugumi, for the former to be enrolled in the academy. It was clear that Kurumi's brilliance was developing at an astounding rate to the point that a more structured setting would be needed for further growth to be awakened. Thus, on a springtime day when Kurumi was 7, she was formally enrolled in the academy, placed in classes with similarly bright pupils. From the get-go, her intelligence was strongly rooted in the Kumo's academia, particularly the likes of ninjutsu, a craft that quickly became her strongest aptitude, only matched in proficiency by the art of genjutsu. Such complex and ultimately critical inner workings of the subsequent techniques fascinated Kurumi, giving rise to a complete breakdown of the process, a question that would be unexpected from a 20 year old jōnin, let alone a 7 year old academy student. However, such advances where commonplace as far she was concerned, as she easily outstripped other gifted individuals within her class to focus on more rigorous material suited for those of higher ninja ranks. Shigemi in particular considered her daughter's blossoming skills comparable to Itachi's vibrant display of wisdom. It was soon apparent that her knowledge had outgrown the academy, something that Kurumi lamented slightly but took as a sign of her personal progress. Thus she graduated a year later at the delicate age of 8, officially a genin of Kumo.

With her primary education complete, Kurumi turned her energies towards collaboration with her teammates, seeing them as essential to her progress towards the vision of a full-fledged ninjahood. Many could see though that Kuru was special however, her teamwork illuminating her impressive collaborative mentality rather than dimming her intellect. It reached the point where the team's jōnin sensei took it upon himself to teach the young girl, seeing her excellence as too good of a thing to waste. However, despite her ambition, Kurumi learned to keep her expectations tempered. While she was more than content to enter the chūnin exams that following year, the team's overall unpreparedness cautioned her against such a rash action. Thus she became a study in patience, using her abilities to coach her teammates to levels where they could seamlessly attack, defend and coordinate with relative ease. In this regard she became a second sensei of sorts, learning and applying the significantly more advanced strategies and techniques personally taught to Kurumi by her sensei and integrating them into a grander scheme. Such efficiency made it clear that she would most likely be the squad's leader in a given situation where their sensei was absent.

Following the two years of preparation, the squad was deemed ready in both jōnin's and Kurumi's eyes. Many were surprised that Kurumi didn't try to bogart the team into the chūnin exams earlier; they were confident that her prowess would have been sufficient for carrying the entire cohort to the coveted chūnin rank. However, Kurumi didn't operate in such selfish notions; she preferred that the entire team be up to par, seeing it as an opportunity to check her motivations against such an exercise in patience. She was confident that it would be rewarded with an uninterrupted boost to chūnin thought, as her team's overall collaboration gave her no cause for concern against the other teams. Kuru couldn't have been more wrong however, though there was no way for her to know at the time. The first round of the chūnin exams went decidedly smooth, her team effectively trumping the puzzle to easily pass onto the second round of the exams. Once all had been completed for the prior round, her squad was assigned a earth scroll to hold with the goal to capture a heaven scroll before returning back to the exam base. Such a simple act seemed almost an insult to Kurumi's savvy. With a well-coordinated plan, Kurumi and her team efficiently eliminated opposing groups who possessed earth scrolls, effectively targeting the heaven scroll bearers in their stead. The task itself was rather boring in a similar mold, as the group attained the necessary scroll with little difficulty.

It was on their return that the genin encountered adversity, or rather Kurumi did, for her teammates were nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to her, the vice known as jealousy had gripped their hearts, refusing to let go of it's hold. Thus they intentionally left her open to ambush by hostile genin squad, who themselves were bent on remedying the embarrassment they had suffered earlier. However, the girl's cunning and sharpness proved to be more than a match for the group of three, as she efficiently incapacitated one before dealing with the other two. A lapse on her part proved to be her undoing however, as the formerly incapacitated individual turned out to be a water clone, which seeped around her into a significant amount of water, trapping Kurumi from the waist down. Before she could arrange a switch, the latter two struck her down with a combined bolt of lightning that traversed through the water through her entire body, though it remained concentrated in portion where the water source was located. She had only time to scream out before the girl fell into a pit of all consuming black. Kurumi did not know that through some act of awakening conscious that her teammates had doubled back, realizing the vile of what they had done. Nor did she understand that they had defeated they opposing group before carrying her back, looking to perhaps atone for their grievous sin. No, all she knew was darkness before nothing at all, having succumbed to a deep state of unconsciousness as a result of her body's defense mechanism kicking in.

The girl awoke in a hospital bed, back in her native Kumogakure, surrounded by the concerned faces of her entire father's and good portion of her mother's family. Part of her wondered what they would look at her in such a way, until the prior events came crashing down upon her memory. Kurumi's intellect had long figured out that her teammates had willfully abandoned her. It was clear some naivety prevented her from realizing her general proficiency had been the source of such a shameful action. However, Kurumi decided that she would address such an issue later; a sense of numbness prevailed within her body, though it had receded into the area from her waist down. Out of impulse, Kurumi tried to wiggle one of her toes, only to notice that it remained stiff and unmoving. A rising panic threatened to take hold of her, calmed only by her ability to move other parts of her body, such as her arms, hands and upper torso. Then the critical details of what had transpired as a consequence of that attack hit her; she was paralyzed. Such a revelation brought an unexpected tranquility to Kurumi while creating a temporary growth in maturity. For then she cried, her tears soaking her mother's and father's clothing as they comforted their sobbing daughter. She cried for the loss of a ninja career before it could truly begin, the betrayal of teammates that she had trusted, the paralyzing state that most likely marked an end to the short stint of independence. The doctors came in to deliver the prognosis, only confirming Kurumi's suspicions before adding the unlikelihood of her walking again. They noted that Kurumi would most likely be confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life.

With the final tests complete and the doctors administering what they could, Kurumi was released from the hospital, a new perspective thrust upon in the form of viewing the world from the seated position of a wheelchair. Upon reaching home once more, the newfound maturity that had been realized in the hospital vanished, to be replaced by a solemn, nearly consuming depression. Kurumi watched in the coming months from the sideline as her family and clan members flourished within the field that she had planned on dominating, building names for themselves for furthering Kumogakure's reputation as a Great Nation and one integral part of the Shinobi Union. Their abilities had far surpassed her own, then again, they had been on this earth longer than her. Kurumi tried to seek comfort in the fact that her team's betrayal had not gone unpunished by her sensei and her clan, but she still felt hollow and empty. All the stories of various adventures and missions told to her by a variety of relatives returned to her; she would never experience that. It became noted to her just how powerless she felt; this must have been what her teammates experienced each time she showcased one ingenious display of talent after another. For Kurumi it dawned on her just how central the idea of being a shinobi was to the members of her village, to the point where other routes and options seemed nonexistent. In a sense, she was groomed for the position of becoming a splendid ninja who would leave her mark on the village. Because of this, Kurumi couldn't help feeling defeated, as if she had failed in the job handed to her. It only grew worse as the people around her began to whisper that her career was over, some in a teasing manner while others opinions dripped with pity. Such an environment gave her tunnel vision, preventing her from pursuing the simple act of adaption, that is adjusting her techniques for her current wheelchair bound state. The prevailing opinion only reinforced her sense of helplessness that was felt initially, causing her to succumb to the idea that her career was truly over.

Her family's worries deepened with the onset of this depression; they knew what being a prodigious shinobi meant to her; it was ingrained into the fabric of Kurumi's being. But they didn't know what to do, for the paralyzed portion of her existed in an indefinite state, one that had failed to be remedied by the doctors at the hospital. Though they tried to cheer her up with stories of their exploits, they only seemed to depress the young girl further, causing Tsugumi to have the foresight to cut her family off in order to spare her younger sister further misery. Gone was the vibrant, lively young girl who was a staple of what Yuri clan members were like, in her stead was a subdued individual who had withdrew into her own mind, finding it to be a haven from the constant examples of what her life should have been. Spending some much time enveloped in her own thoughts brought a quote to her head; "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." After such remembrance, the quote remained untouched, though it gathered steam with her pysche. For surely there was something could do with this wealth of genius at her disposal! Kurumi's thoughts remained settled upon this quote and tentative idea, tossing it back and forth as her 11th and 12th birthdays passed. It was then that she asked her sister Tsugumi to do something that they hadn't done in years; go to the library. This pattern was soon adopted by the two of them as a means of reforging the bond from earlier years. For Kurumi it was an act of necessity, as it gave her a much needed purpose in life. She chose to dedicate her time there to a variety of subjects and disciplines within the philosophical and scientific realms; the occupying questions and complex formulas proved to be a calming mechanism for Kurumi. These were things that she could solve.

With the knowledge of the world beginning to crowd itself into her head, Kurumi's ambitions were reshaped and sharpened by the new direction she trekked. She left behind her dreams of being a ninja; she knew that for now at least, such an idea was impossible for to attain. So Kuru set her sights on the next best thing; the Kumogakure Council. The de facto legislative body of the village, their vested power particularly that of the council head was considered to be on equal footing with the Raikage. With this in mind, Kurumi focused on her studies, pursuing them with a gusto that had been conspicuously absent from the past few years of her life. While most of her siblings wondered where this revival had originated from, they didn't question it; they were just glad to see the daughter, sister and cousin that they knew beginning to return once more. Of course, this partially dissipated when she declared her ambition to become a member of Kumo's council. Both of her parents and a good portion of her family rejected this, citing the political games and general manipulative nature of that realm. However, it was once again Tsugumi who came to the aid of her sister, this time joined by their brother Kanata. Both cited in retort their sister's incredible intellect and ever growing body of work. They also pointed out the practical aspect of having another Yuri Clan member on the council, particularly one with her capabilities. Lastly, they noted the revival that their sister experienced with this new ambition in mind, and that the political clout of their family would help protect her from malicious individuals. Thus the parents and other important members grudgingly agreed to help appoint Kurumi to the council, succeeding when she turned 15, crossing the line from a young girl to that of a young woman.

Earth Between Her Toes

Kurumi began to settle comfortably into her seat as other council members arrived. A little over a year had passed since had been officially appointed to the group. There, she quickly made her presence known, refusing to be a wallflower in the face of veterans. While they initially regarded her boldness with disdain, they eventually grew to respect the young girl, whose many hard pressed weeks in the library had armed her with a wealth of historical knowledge and derived lessons. Despite this, Kurumi learned to restrain herself when necessary; she had learned the hard way in the exams that jealousy can run rampant, particularly when you least expect it. More importantly, if Kurumi was going to make the headway she wanted, she needed allies, and most of them wouldn't take a condescending young woman seriously. So there were times where she had to bite her tongue despite wanting to fall prey to a previously hidden complex. So far though, her plans were going well, as Kurumi began establishing herself in the upper echelons of council; her process of steady integration brought her further in the ranks while helping her appear less threatening to the status quo. That is until it was too late for them react anyways. Part of her recognized that six years had already passed since she was rendered paralyzed in that situation she was in a hurry to forget. Despite such a large time passing, the loss of her career still bugged her as she began wheeling home from the offices. Out of irritation Kurumi stretched her paralyzed legs taunt, feel the crack in her toes as they lost the tension of the day.

However, one thing stood out as Kurumi as replayed those words in the shower, stretching her legs before bending them toward her for easier scrubbing in her seated position. It was apparent to an outside viewer that some of the naivety still existed within Kurumi's frame of mind, ignoring the fact that her previously paralyzed feet and legs had just moved on their own for the first time in several years, rather than laying in a comatose state like they normally did. Perhaps it was the slate of important decisions that prevented the young woman from seeing such a things, but nevertheless, she went about the rest of her business for that night undisturbed. Well, undisturbed minus a tingling in her toes and feet as the formerly overloaded nervous system begin to function at a new normal. As her legs became more acclimated to a new status quo, Kurumi continued her usual daily routine, which consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, getting dressed for the day, before partaking in several meetings. The fullness of such a routine continued to prevent Kurumi from seeing tell-tale signs, such as when she would twitch her leg in annoyance because the meeting's conversation was deviating. There were also occasions where she would crack her toes or rotate her ankles, having stretched during break. Surprisingly, these were what gained her attention the most, as normally her ankle roll would result in nothing happening, that part of her leg remaining as unyielding as ever. Curious, she began moving different portions of her lower legs, before seeing them responded rather easily.

Kurumi decided to keep such a discovery to herself that night as she returned home, preferring to continue wheeling innocently about throughout the house until curfew came. Returning to her room, the girl decided to sit on the edge of her bed and kick her legs, gazing in wonder as such a simple action became monumental to wheel chair confined lady. Part of her mind jumped ahead in excitment; could it be possible that she could at least stand on her own? With the safety net in place in case she fell, Kurumi tried. While wobbly at first, eventually her legs held firm, revealing the young woman at her graceful height of 5'7. Satisfied that this was enough progress for the time being, she sat down once more on her bed's edge, contemplating the significance of this. Deciding it was better to sleep on it though Kurumi undid the covers, before pulling them up and falling into a restful slumber. The following day brought further progress to her discovery, as she was able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom with veritable ease, as if her previous situation had never occurred. Such a fact filled Kurumi with glee as she began to dance, her prior personality of energy and vigor returning with her regained mobility. Deciding that it had become time for the wheelchair to retire, Kurumi placed it in the corner of her room. Despite falling into disuse for a little over six years, Kurumi's legs felt strong as she walked into her council meeting, gasps following her as people noted her missing wheelchair. She settled into a normally unused chair as the meeting commenced, though whispers persisted about what happened to allow her to walk once more. Once again, she could truly feel the earth between her toes, a fact that contented Kurumi greatly. Her regained walking ability did not go undiscovered however by the rest of the populace; particularly her family when they noticed her walking throughout the village unhindered.

Loyalty to Intellect Only

In particular, some began to wonder if she would resume her ninja career, to which Kurumi laughed. Such a notion amused her; why she stoop for that when she had tasted real power? However, Kurumi's returned mobility had brought questions to her mind, ones that had remained buried during her time of disability. Foremost among them was the opportunity to leave the village; it wasn't that she had hated her family but rather the desire to her expand her research beyond the village's borders became her consuming drive. Put simply, she outgrown the archives that Kumogakure could provide, and she desired what secrets and abilities the other villages held. Thus in her mind, it became imperative that she cut ties with her former stomping grounds in the pursuit of what she held dear; knowledge. No longer reliant on the help of others, Kurumi handed in her resignation letter, much to the surprise of the council members, who had began to expect and respect Kurumi's concise yet articulate demeanor. Many assumed however that she planned to resume her shinobi career now that she was no longer handicapped; not a single one suspected that she would abandon the village entirely. But that Kurumi did after changing into more suitable travel clothes and storing materials and goods into a scroll. Satisfied that she had everything would be necessary for what would become a trip on the run, Kurumi disappeared into the night, taking all the information that she had stored within her min along for the ride. Her family would wake up the following morning to find her missing, and after consulting the council, Tsugumi eventually figured out what her sister had done, and was gravely disappointed as a result.

It was decided that a small squad of Anbu shinobi would retrieve the young woman, whose intellect combined with her extensive knowledge was a asset for the village and liability when not in the village's ranks. They also noted it might be necessary to incapacitate her, but nothing further, as her relations to the Raikage and noble Yuri Clan combined with her abilities made her too valuable to kill. The four man squad then departed the village, Kurumi's retrieval their priority. Because of their skills they were able to track Kurumi fairly quickly, catching her just before she was set to cross the border between the Fire and Lightning. The anbu managed to surprise the young woman; after all, she hadn't expected them to track her down so quickly. However, she adjusted and began to the squad, quickly proving to them that words would be useless. After all, she knew with her return a guard would be placed upon her to make sure she didn't attempt such an act again. In this regard she fought with aggression, temporarily overwhelming the group with some well-timed attacks and feints. Like all good anbu though, they recovered and began the process of beating her back. One must consider the fact they were anbu-level shinobi, and that Kurumi had been out of practice for the better part of 6 years. So the battle appeared to be at its conclusion, as they cornered her. At least, that's what they thought, before sinking into oblivion. Once she was sure they were completely submerged, Kurumi utilized her secondary technique to reach their location below, before using the tunnels she had created to crush the squad completely, leaving them in small pieces. They were anbu after all, so she couldn't take chances with them potentially escaping. Once that messy act was completely, she emptied her lunch out on the forest floor; the feeling of having killed for the first time proving to be overwhelming for the young woman. With that task completed, she shook her head to clear it, before noting that with the exception of her hurling, she didn't feel a drop of remorse or any other emotion for what she had done. Part of her wondered if she should be disturbed or worried about that. The thoughts soon disappeared however as she left the scene, beginning her next chapter in life.

A Place Beyond Her Own

A Monkey in the Trees

Main article: A Monkey in the Trees In the months following her departure from Kumogakure and the Land of Lightning, Kurumi encounters another missing-nin, the fun-loving individual known as Haigatake. He then shows her the initial process of the Floating Stone, a prized fighting style among the Mikazan that he learned senjutsu. He serves as her first contact with people from the other nations, while ultimately being a guide to the target of her research; the illustrious Konohagakure.

A "Capture" That Is A Lesson

Main article: A "Capture" That Is A Lesson In this, Kurumi encounters one of the many individuals sent after the woman to capture her. Though he instead offers to help increase the vitality of her skillset or should she decline his offer, leave her alone. Perhaps surprised by this sudden turn of events, she decides to accept, seeing it as an opportunity to improve herself and gain insight on the scope of her adversary's abilities, allowing her to formulate strategies should they ever be on opposing sides again. Among the tasks that they were to work on was the elusive senjutsu, a specific type of energy that the woman desperately wanted to get her hands on in order to broaden the kekkei genkai she inherited.

Good Is Relative

Main article: Good Is Relative

Mending Broken Ties: A New Family From Old

Main article: Mending Broken Ties: A New Family From Old

The Establishment of a New Dynasty

Upon being convinced by her cousin to tag along, Kurumi left her forest home, though the place itself remained as a gift to the variety of life that flourished within its confines. Freed of her commitment, she bid goodbye to her adoptive family, though she would later learn that Naomi was in fact a blood relative as the sister of her great-great-great-grandfather Hashirama. Either way, Himizu and Kurumi hopped on the road once more, globetrotting through the vast domain that was the shinobi world. The note of the S-rank missing-nin having a companion in Kurumi proved sufficient to persuade would be bounty hunters from pursuing the two, knowing that they were already formidable on their own never mind together. So, the two were free to enjoy the countryside as they wished, visiting various nations as the Land of Snow all the way to the south where the Land of Focus (formerly Land of Tea) resided. It showed Kurumi especially just how much the world had advanced in the time following the 4th war. In her mind, it would be suffice to say that the Shinobi Union would soon have competition among the other villages for being the dominant power on the continent and beyond. However, such things didn't bother Kurumi, after all, she was currently a spectator, enjoy what the world had to offer her while adding to her stores of information. Little did Kurumi know that in time she would be among these nations seeking to further their own standing in the larger world. For now though, she was free to revel in her newfound innocence of political affairs, having distanced herself from those council days.

An Addition to the Household

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Political Games

Main article: Political Games Having established herself as the ruler of the Land of Yang, Kurumi begins the process of alliance building, starting with the renewal of an allegiance towards the people of the moon. Recognizing their potential valuable commodities as a way to bolster trade and the economic strength of her nation, she signs off on the new deal. Only to begin a day of relaxation with the ambassador she had just discussed information with. Maybe it was a tour of sorts to familiarize him with the place he had just pledged his country to coordinating with, or perhaps something more. In the end, there appeared to be some budding feelings, whether or not entangling alliance will follow is anyone's guess. Though the latter option appears both enticing and altogether quite plausible.

Times Have Changed

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As a child, Kurumi was considering to be an extraordinarily bright and hungry for knowledge. Among her favorite pastimes was accompanying her older sister to the library, an activity she would resume later after overcoming her depressive state of mind. She was also noted to be spunky and tomboyish, preferring to wear boy's clothing instead of the typical girl clothing she was forced to where when she was too young to decide. This also translated into confidence that Kurumi would get her way despite any hindrances or obstacles placed in front of her by others, particularly her parents, who sometimes found their youngest child's brilliance to be disconcerting. However, what was most notable about her younger iteration was a sense of warmth and happiness. She truly loved her family and the friends that she made throughout her academy days, and placed an nearly absolute trust in their abilities and faithfulness. It would be this conceived naivety that proved to lead to the end of her ninja career, something that she realized in the months after her paralysis diagnosis. Put simply, however, Kurumi proved to be the light of her family's life, her easy-going nature resting hand in hand with her genius intellect, allowing the sides to mediate each other.

Guarded. That is what would sum up Kurumi and the proceeding two years after being paralyzed by that potent attack in the exams. This first came from the recognition of her teammates' betrayal in the months after the exam, for which they were punished by their shared sensei and Kurumi's clan in a most severe manner. However, that act shook Kurumi's optimistic principles to the core, turning her into a pragmatist of sorts. That combined with her induced depression from being indefinitely paralyzed & the lost of her ninja duties proved to be a heavy burden on the 10 year old girl, one that forced already bright individual to mature even faster. It was a process that proved deeply concerning to all family involved, as Kurumi's easy smile was all but banished from existence. The pain of all this humiliation caused her to reevaluate her position of human nature as inherently good. She would later adjust it to a more appropriate ideology of some good apples, and some bad apples with neither being dominant, at least initially. However, despite her outward lack of productivity Kurumi began to sharply increase her internal awareness and observance. In other words, Kurumi wondered what else she may have possibly missed while existing in a state of ignorance. This personal evaluation proved to be the critical piece of what helped her rise like a phoenix from the ashes of her depression and self-pity. The proceeding portions of her personality where the fruits of this labor.

Kurumi of the Strong Will

Kurumi Strong & Compassionate Nature

A symbol of fortitude.

Of the four, this is Kurumi's most commonly utilized persona, to the point where most people consider her incapable of anything else. In this mold, she has little patience for pity, dismissing it as one dismisses a dog barking at the wind. The facade is commonly showcased in council meetings and with her clan, though she softens it slightly when she is talking with her family. Most sum up this form as the epitome of will, that is as unmovable as a mountain, particularly when Kurumi is focused on something she is passionate about. The farce itself is made up of a professional demeanor, one that is unbowed in the face of fellow council members' years of experience. There are times where it can be mistaken for arrogance, though whenever it threatens to get out of hand, Kurumi will rein it in. Other times those portion of her pysche can appear cold and detached, as she seeks to further her own goals and ambitions under the guise of "benefiting others". If anything is clear about this however, it is that she will refuse to back down in the face of strong opposition, using all the tools at her disposal in order to defeat it. Put simply, she has neither time for pity or the faint of heart, with Kurumi's will forming a one-track mind that seeks its final destination.

It could argued that this domineering personality formed as a defense mechanism of sorts after the loss of her ninja career and plunge into depression. Others would say that it was possibly forged from her overcoming that depressive state, becoming a person who is stronger in spirit even if her body has grown weaker. Kurumi herself denies the former reasoning as the explanation for the personality's dominant nature, pointing instead to the environment that she currently exists in, stating that "weakness of spirit" is simply not an option. It is brought into further clarification when it the gap of experience between Kurumi and her fellow council members is noted. Thus she is truly relying a powerful will informed by her near-perfect intuition to retain her state as a up and coming member of Kumo's prestigious council, knowing very well that mistakes can't be made and insecurities can't be shown. Otherwise, she would risk invisibility, if not literal and figurative dismissal from the council's larger decisions. To Kurumi, it is of the utmost importance she has a hand in the council's most critical proceedings, hinting at a lurking inferiority/superiority complex within this mold.

Kurumi the Compassionate

Kurumi Thoughtful

Traces of compassion and vulnerability.

This is considered to be a secondary portion of Kurumi's persona, taking a backseat to her display of fortitude and strong will. However, this is what most of her family members encounter when they interact. While vulnerability is a rare sight within this side, it is nevertheless there to be found. Once again however, it is reserved for those who she feels won't judge and pity her for the content of her situation. Otherwise, this is where Kurumi is perhaps most empathetic, the difficulties of her life's wild turn allowing her to "walk a mile" in someone else's shoes. Surprisingly, this can leak through her public personality as well, as Kurumi believes it is important as a stateswoman to possess the attribute of compassion for a variety of circumstances. It has proven to be a important piece of how she has built popular support within her village despite her young age, suggesting a charismatic side to this persona as well.

Kurumi the Silly & Immature

Kurumi Rare Moment Immaturity

A rare sight indeed.

Most people don't know this side of Kurumi, as she neglects to reveal it in public and most private settings. One could call it the consequence of the events that had befallen her in the past. Another reason came from the personas she normally displayed; it wouldn't make sense if she showed this side, contradicting the hard work that she placed in building her political prestige. Others estimated that she simply wasn't capable of such lowly emotions anymore, having grown to a point where she was wiser beyond her years. However, one person has witnessed this side of her; her grandfather Seika Uchiha. Because he is her grandpa, Kurumi doesn't feel judged nor pitied by him for her situation, something which she is grateful for. Also, his gruff demeanor puts her at ease, allowing her dispose with her sometime cold and professional temperament and simply act her age, if not younger. While in this state, she is also socially witty, arming herself with comebacks as the two banter back and forth about life. Kurumi also lacks the strict diction and stereotypical "upstanding citizen" design, content to poke and crack jokes. She has also done her fair share of pranks, mostly at her grandfather's prodding, who hated to see his granddaughter down.

In her opinion, Kurumi calls this side of her "the devil may care" region, where the consequences aren't necessarily a concern for her. It sometimes rears it's ugly head when she is in an argument with her parents, particularly over the nature of whether or not she can still be grounded, as she believes that her council status and prestige warrant the dismissal of such an "antiquated" notion. Otherwise, this rarely revealed side is considered to be fun-loving, having a need for speed, and is generally a joy to be around. Kurumi tends to teasingly blame her grandfather for the further development of this risqué side, claiming his gruff, somewhat callous yet ultimately loveable demeanor had started to rub off on her. Sometime before the accident however, it was hinted that this side may have been the dominant thread with her personality, though after such circumstances, it all but disappeared as the young girl succumbed to low-level depression. In that sense, it could be warranted that this portion was the "original" Kurumi, before her intellect became the crutch she used to navigate life.

Kurumi the Just

Kurumi Kumo Council Meeting

The strength to do what's right forged from being wronged.

The second to last in manifestion, it could be considered a fusion of her compassion and strong will into something greater. Some of people of dubbed this portion of her personality as a Guide of the People, with her intelligence having transcended into wisdom as she guides Kumogakure to a more prosperous future. A holdover from her fortitude is her mostly uncompromising nature, as she seeks to do right by her people, remaining uncorrupted by the political schemes that run rampant in such fields. However, at the same time, Kurumi will do away with this when she recognizes a compromise's necessity for the benefit of a majority of people. However, she tries to avoid the "sacrifice of a few for the good of the many" as often as possible, noting it's grievous consequences when used improperly. In this sense she possesses a vision of a more unified people, noting it's necessity in the wake of a jumbled world still scarred by war from so long ago.

Kurumi the Scholar

This wrinkle to the young girl's persona is more of a quirk, having lurked within her mindset before awakening as it's own individual within the fold. It most commonly permeates the other aspects of her overall mindset, with the notable exception of silliness. The act itself originated from Kurumi regaining her motivation, after arising from extended bout of depression. Put simply, the act forms the backbone of her inherent ambition to be as worldly and well formed as possible on a variety of disciplines, notably the histories of her own and other villages. She sees this in particular as an opportunity to add to her arsenal of political clout while deriving lessons from the mistakes of the past. When in this frame of mind, she tends to use highly advanced vocabulary, tending to lose her audience in the details of what she is attempting to explain. There are times where she is prone to rambling as well, needing someone, namely her older sister Tsugumi, to cut her off in an attempt at sparing the listeners from information overload. Despite this, it is clear that when Kurumi speaks, she finds whatever she was previously studying to be fascinating, showing a level of excitement and engagement that was sorely missed during those dark days.

It is noted that this aspect is most commonly associated with her work in the political sphere both as a member of Kumogakure's council and later the Daimyō of the Land of Yang. When in this frame of mind, she often becomes cold and calculating, setting aside subjective things like emotions for the precision of numbers and facts. Kurumi is noted to have little care for stories that "tug at the heart strings", preferring to adopt a policy of the sacrifice of the few for the good of the many. When using this, she'll adopt mannerisms that allow her maintain some aspects of her other traits, lulling individuals into a false sense of confidentiality. Her manipulative skills stem from this regard, having learned how to nuance her way through security and other obstacles to attain the knowledge she seeks. The idiosyncrasies of language become her best friend in this regard, serving as another tool in her arsenal when it comes to toying with the adversary. Though normally restrained, she may exhibit some tendencies towards ruthless if not outright cruelty, an unfortunate holdover that has originated from her grandmother and cultivated by the unfortunate happenings of her young life. Simply, put, she cares more for the knowledge and the personal freedom that is necessary to gather it then the value of lives. It is estimated that this serves as the harbor for those unfortunate murders.

GA - Kurumi - Present Smug Pro

Smugness + Calculating = Trouble.

Since her break with the village and subsequent rise to feudal lord of the Land of Yang, Kurumi exhibits a calculating demeanor tempered by a flippant visage. She is shown to be rather light-hearted in just about any situation, making fun of her adversaries regardless of their strength. Due to great strides being made in terms of her abilities, she exudes a certain arrogance, expecting victory to be a certain thing rather than optional. In her mind, it is essentially a guarantee. Such a thought process leads to the occasional underestimating of those she battles, leading to somewhat precarious situations that she displays an aptitude for evading. Only reinforcing such a sentiment. However, she will make note of her error, even delivering a compliment albeit a backhanded one. Likewise, her grandmother's temperament for viciousness remains deeply encoded within the woman, affording her disposition necessary to strike viciously at any moment. A predator disguised in the visage of a beautiful woman that aims to make her country known. One who will brutally and completely decimate its foes should they threaten the sovereignty or safety of her land and its people.


Kurumi Yuri

Kurumi wearing her secondary getup.

Kurumi from a young age was rather independent with her wardrobe; unlike her older sister, she exhibited a disdain for the color blue for undisclosed reasons. However, as a toddler and younger child, her mother often dressed her in subtle shades of purple that would bring her plum colored eyes and contrast well with Kurumi's honey brown hair. This extended into her early years at the academy, where she would often sport some article of clothing that made use of this earlier pattern. In Kurumi's personal opinion though, such color matching bored her and she later opted out of the largely purple attire. Instead, she followed a more tomboy route, where jeans and a jacket of similar design to Boruto's. She completed the look with black shinobi sandals and a white shirt underneath the jacket. At that time, she also opted to begin wearing her hair in a relatively high ponytail, a habit that she maintains today. Despite her clothing choice in Kurumi's academy days, many of the boys still considered her cute in spite of intimidation by her already sizable intellect.

With graduation, Kurumi's typical attire remained largely unchanged, with the exception of a Kumogakure headband worn around her forehead. She would later wrap it around her right forearm instead, finding it more comfortable. At that point she began to grow out the bangs, which partially covered the sides of her forehead protector. It should be noted that over the next 2 years, despite her consistently tomboyish appearance, Kurumi began to mature, drawing the admiring eyes of men and women alike who admired her for the potential she held in a variety of fields. However, this relative continuity ended with the accident, confining a then 10 year old Kurumi to a wheelchair suited for a person of her stature. With the loss of her ninja career came the destruction of her Kumogakure headband, as it provided her too many memories of what could have been. Along with it went the tomboy clothing, Kurumi instead donning a simple nightgown and undergarments as she let her hair. Put simply, she aimed to remove all traces of her previous life, dropping into a sense of agony for what was once hers; a career as kunoichi of Kumogakure. It was noted that the colors of the clothing she wore reflected this somber and depressive mood, choosing color that were dreary and somewhat inexplicable compared to her previously spunky and cheery nature.

For the next couple of years, the only change was the wheelchair, as it was outgrown and replaced before being outgrown once more. Despite her mournful appearance and state of paralysis, Kurumi's body continued to mature uninhibited in that dark time. Some part of Kurumi noted this changed as her figure became relatively buxom for her age, though her lack of public interaction meant few noticed or realized the change. With the return of Kurumi's intrinsic motivation however, her attire underwent another evolution. While she kept some cues from the past, such as retying her hair into a high ponytail and adopting the jacket that she had missed for so long (though it had to be resized), Kurumi began to dress in a slightly more feminine manner. As opposed to the normal boy jeans she used to wear frequently, Kurumi began wearing a type known as jeggings, recognized for their relatively snug fit. She would also occasionally wear leggings, enjoying the comfortable attire as she accompanied Tsugumi to the library on a regular basis. She also added a secondary appearance; a black and red suit. Like the other leggings, it was form-fitting, but this time to her entire body. It could also be noted that it matched the color of her current wheelchair, itself a combination of red and black.

Kurumi Swag

Kurumi's newfound confidence after regaining her mobility.

Because she was out of the public eye for so long, Kurumi's newfound womanly figure appeared more pronounced to the male population, only to be furthered aided by her clothing choices and attained maturity. Put simply, she was appearing less and less like the girl they knew and more like a young woman who carried ambition. After regaining purpose and creating a vision, Kurumi had been shown to carry a smirk on her face, though at the sight of the people she knows and loves, this smirk can quickly evolve into a radiant smile, one that warms the hearts of any lucky enough to witness it. Some consider it to be one of the only remainders of the confident girl who had left for those chūnin exams five years ago. In addition, her appearance was soon to change once more as she was successfully appointed to the Kumo's legislative body; the Kumo council. It is perhaps the only time where she doesn't wear clothing that is at least somewhat form fitting, preferring to respect the dignity of her appointment by adopting the council robes that her fellow councilmen and women wear during those meetings. However, once the meetings end, she is more than enthused to take them off, finding them to be restricting outside of the office. While some question her thinking, Kurumi considers it embracing her sexuality and appearance something she wasn't able to enjoy in her previously depressive state.


Kurumi in the Early Yang Days.

However, between the time she left the village and took up residence in a new land with her cousin Himizu, Kurumi changed greatly. She was noted by the few who had encountered in the past and present to have become significantly more feminine, opting to let her flow freely instead of in the previously common high ponytail. For the purpose of uniqueness, she also added a small braided section that is parted to the right of her head. In her mind, it serves a naturalistic function, despite having no such purpose. Gone are her tomboyish clothing from the past, in their place are jeans coupled with simple beige sandals and a purplish blouse. The woman completes the look with a simple necklace made of gold. The overall change has shown Kurumi blossoming into that of a gorgeous young woman, her radiant amethyst eyes taking in nature around her, as if she were to assume a guardian role should it's livelihood be threatened. Some of noted that her hair is no longer brown, having lightened to the color of honey while contrasting beautifully with her eye color. The alternative to this clothing is that of a formal daimyō, including in Kurumi's words "that ridiculous headpiece" and ceremonial robes and garb. In her opinion, the whole setup is simply too hot for practicality, though she knows the importance of emulating the great nations in order to gain their respect. It is perhaps these strong opinions about the daimyo's garb that remains of Kurumi's tomboyish tendencies, though her newly flourished appearance has caught the eyes of many men in her newly adopted homeland.

GA - Kurumi - Home Among The Flora

Home is where the heart is.

A sign of her growing affinity for nature is Kurumi's current appearance. She has grown taller as a result of her burgeoning vitality, standing at about 5'10. Notably, her lavender eyes have become a more muted violet hue, reflecting the purple of the nighttime sky. Her build has become rather curvaceous, endowed with mother nature's graces as the woman has come into her own. Always playing on the corner of her lips is a ghostly smile, threatening to break into a full, heart-warming grin as she surveys the world she now calls home and the people that look to her for their protection and prosperity. Her outfit is a mix of both formal and informal, daring and conservative in some measure. Just above the crown of her head is an arrangement of flowers, signaling the harmony she possesses with the natural world. Budding with a brilliant orchid color, it sets off the deep purple hue of her eyes while coordinating with the other shades of violet the woman dons. Notably, the back of her hybrid dress is left open, baring the jagged lightning scar from her chūnin exam misadventure. For her, it's a sign of pride, recognizing how far she has come since that day. Beyond, that she has frilly white sleeves with red trim attached to black forearm length gloves. Around her waist is an easter purple "belt", surrounding the scarlet and sable salsa dress cut to show a generous amount of her left leg. Lastly, she completes the attire with thigh high stockings and onyx pumps, but soon after removed these to return to her barefoot ways.


View of Kurumi's Homeland From the Edge

Kurumi's nation sized forest.

As the daughter of the former Root Leader and the current Raikage, not to mention countless other relations to noble clans and powerful individuals, Kurumi's wealth of inherited talent was unquestioned. Coupled with her cultivated genius, the ceiling for her potential was extraordinarily high, if not higher than her siblings and immediate family. Many considered her capable of surpassing her grandparents on both sides, all of whom possessed exceptional abilities in their own rights. While at the academy and as a genin, Kurumi never truly specialized, showing an aptitude for a variety of ninja arts that befitted her status as an elite genin and elite tactician. It has been hinted that she inherited her incredible intellectual abilities from her mother's father. Despite having career ended before she could truly develop some fearsome capabilities, Kurumi's intelligence remains undiminished, and in the wake of her new goals, it is constantly refined so she can lived up to her self-imposed billing as the future daimyō of the Lightning Country.

However, time is the great healer of all wounds, even those deemed severe. Thus the recovery of her mobility was both imminent and achieved. With full mobility once more, Kurumi began recuperating the skills that she had lost once confined to a wheelchair. The most obvious display of her reawakened aptitude was a powerful affinity for ninjutsu, particularly those of the nature transformation variety. She began adapting the use of several lower level ninjutsu techniques for her own purposes before moving on to more complex types such as camouflage. The ease with which she mastered these showed that the mind that had been adapted for political affairs retained its capability for the shinobi arts. Unfortunately for Kumo, Kurumi's interest in a shinobi had waned, and she decided it was time that they were left behind for better things. Her reawakened might soon reared its head when a squad of Kumo anbu were deployed to retrieve her. There were no survivors, as she subdued all of them with a few simple applications of Earth, before crushing their bodies completely. She would go on to master the fundamental portions of the Floating Stone fighting-style taught to her by Haigatake, improving her melee prowess greatly, while minimizing the likelihood of adversaries tracking her and successfully restraining her. Perhaps the greatest to her vibrant display of growth was the awakening of her kekkei genkai; the Wood Release. With it at her side, she has truly become a force to be reckoned with, comprehending its idiosyncrasies with frightful accuracy.


This forms the bulk of Kurumi's abilities, and is said to inform the other skill sets that she is capable of using. Since she was a child, she had displayed a natural aptitude for deciphering highly complex techniques that her parents and later her sensei taught her, noting the techniques workings, strengths and weaknesses. Despite not inheriting the Sharingan, Kurumi has displayed a keen eye and excellent observational abilities that makes the dōjutsu largely unnecessary in her mind. She has shown the ability to formulate plans on the fly without a prior structure in place, and sort through various plans and strategies as they become obsolete over the course of a battle. Kurumi in particular is highly skilled tactician, capable of using expressions and words to throw her opponent off balance, creating an opening that she can utilize. Put simply, she is well-versed in psychological warfare and displays insightful wisdom about its usage and effectiveness. This extends to having a silver tongue that helped Kurumi talk her way out some difficult situations while also defusing tense situations within the council room. In particular, one of her favorite pastimes is to lead an opponent on, allowing them to settle and become comfortable before springing her strategy upon them. Also, she is highly capable of changing plans at the drop of hat when one fails, or executing a new one on the spot without being inconvenienced by a lack of preparation time. It is estimated that her IQ is high, most likely around 190-200, placing her in Shikamaru's range of intellectual capability.

Historical Knowledge

As a child and into her days as a council member, Kurumi had always maintained an interest in history, one that was nourished by endless days spent among the archives the library had to offer such a curious young mind. With such resources at her disposal, she quickly learned the ways of the world and the people that are within it's boundaries. Such research has given her knowledge of the Uchiha and Senju clans, along with their constant feuding during the Warring States Period. Such knowledge extends the individual kekkei genkai each group wielded, particularly the Sharingan and derivatives as well as Hashirama's KG known as the Wood Release. The latter proved to be of extraordinary interest to her once she found that she possessed it as well, thanks to ancestry from both her mother's and father's side, with each containing at least one Wood user in the last century. It is the largest reason that Kurumi wants to visit Konoha, noting that it would be the most likely place where she can fully realize her gift utilizing the archives of the First. Her knowledge also extends to other notable clans from the major villages, including the Yuki and Hōzuki clans of Kirigakure, the former maintaining her interest for their infamous Ice Release kekkei genkai. For Kurumi it is of primary concern to track and maintain information on all of the most notable KG wielders as well as the clans they hailed from, before moving on to those with powerful hiden that Kurumi might research for her own purposes at another date.

Besides growing and collecting all she can on particular clans, Kurumi also possesses knowledge of various historical events, including those that happened outside of her village. This includes the Uchiha Clan Downfall, the destruction of Konoha by Pain, among other events. The list also includes more minor details, such as Zabuza's extinguishing of over 100 academy students while not being a student himself; by extension Kurumi took note of his niece's exploits which were of a similarly vicious and cold-blooded nature. Perhaps her greatest treasure is understanding events correlations, such as Hanzō's betrayal of a group he formerly admired at Danzō's behest, which in turn lead the former's assassination by Pain, before having his entire family line exterminated. Her information even extends to the earliest days of chakra, particularly Kaguya and her sons, along with their battle that shaped the world's future. In particular she remains knowledgeable of the chakra's origin as ninshū before it was morphed into war ready ninjutsu. While it could be questioned how such a person attained a large reservoir of information, Kurumi would refuse to divulge her sources, some of which came from places that were shady at best. Though her silver tongue combined with a sharp wit allowed her to be privy to information that no citizen or non-Anbu shinobi should be privy to. It should be noted that Kurumi is not static when it comes this portion of her abilities; she continues to compile all the data she can in order to inform her own blossoming abilities in ninjutsu while staying one step ahead of her opponents.


Life going According to Plan

Execution of simple manipulation.

A young master is what she would call herself, and unsurprisingly many agree. She displays considerable usage in the art of psychological and physiological warfare, more than happy to utilize past grievances and sins as leverage in order to unbalance the opponent. This stems from thorough research on the opponent, knowing their mistakes, and reading their body language for a moment of weakness that she can capitalize upon for her personal agenda. Going hand in with this is ability to the play the actress, slipping into roles depending on what the situation calls for. It is with surprising ease that she can fool even the most pragmatic of individuals, allowing them to buy into whatever scheme she is selling. This is perhaps the most disturbing part of her abilities, as she can easily displace her own rather complex personality for simpler overtones at the drop of hat, sliding into the new perspective as if she was born that way. In this regard, she considers the world a chess board that is meant for her entertainment, seeing people as pieces with various values that can either be an asset or a liability. However, Kurumi also yearns for an equal in intellectual prowess, someone who is capable of matching her manipulative capabilities among other analytical traits; in her mind, that would be the ultimate chess game.

Chakra Prowess


Nature Transformation

Kurumi's Wood Construct

A wood construct of Kurumi's creation.

Kurumi has shown proficiency with both the Earth Release and Water Release. A more recent discovery of hers was that the two elemental chakra merge to form the powerful bloodline limit known as the Wood Release, making her one of the few people to naturally carry this within her system. It was shown that this in particular stems from her father's side, in particular her grandfather, who was shown to be the last possessor of the KG. Unlike typical users, her Wood Release is pure black, appearing to be the color of a chasm. After pursuing its roots to Konohagakure and it's First Hokage, she managed to track down the scroll possessing several potent Wood Release techniques within its confines. For her style of Wood Release, Kurumi has shown exceptional aptitude with shape transformation, or as she coins it, "dynamic style". Among her first techniques mastered were the oni and it's counterpart the dragon. She will often use the latter for traveling purposes, allowing her to cover sizable distances in a short amount of time. As for the former, it serves as a battle avatar meant for clashing with a large cohort of individuals or other avatar, though Kurumi has yet to test it out against a Uchiha or Mangekyō Sharingan wielder. She also uses it to form smaller beings, such as dogs to protect her blind side when confronting many hostile adversaries.

She also has shown a unique ability to combine her Wood Release with Sensory Perception in a variety of ways. The most obvious is utilizing her limit's connection to the forest and nature to tap into the entire environment, allowing her to see or more specifically feel any individual, be it human or animal, with in its reaches, allowing her to plan accordingly. She also displays an aptitude for using a similar vein with her creations. Because they stem from her Wood Release, she is able to utilize their senses, in particular a bird's eye view as it flies overhead, scoping for any potential hostile individuals. Despite this, the connection is not quite perfect yet, as she cannot completely utilize their perception as if it were her own, though she has partially remedied that with the use of clones as a medium or third party. Kurumi theorized that if she were to gain senjutsu, that this sometime faulty connection would be entirely resolved, allowing her to use it for it's full potency. In addition to this, she has shown the ability to merge with the habit that she resides in, allowing her to remain undetected to sensors as her body is converted into the wood and bark of her surroundings. However in her mind, the greatest achievement she has attained was mastery of the Hokage's most potent attack, allowing her to improve her attack power greatly, much to the chagrin of her enemies. Like her sensory perception, she hopes to attain senjutsu so she can realize the technique's true potential. It is noted that her Wood Release is incredibly stable, withstanding a variety of attacks and natural phenomenon while not showcasing some as a crack.

Wood Release Rebirth Within Nativity

A Coinciding of Interests.

Kurumi has showcased a similar proclivity for the Earth Release, the first hint that she may have inherited her grandfather's limit. With it, she can manipulate the earth in order to trap her opponents within the ground. Likewise, she can travel beneath the surface in order to surprise an unsuspecting antagonist with a leg grab. As with her Wood Release, Kurumi is prone to a more dynamic approach with her attacks, drawing inspiration from nature to create beings that will act upon her command. It is suspected that she may have picked up some other Earth Release techniques as well, particularly those meant for crushing, as the hapless Kumo anbu found out when they confronted her. She professes to have some skill in the Water Release, though by her admission it is not to the same level as her Earth Release, largely because she didn't focus on it as her primary means of attack. Nevertheless, she is perfectly capable of applying shape transformation in order to form a trumpet for a highly concentrated blast, as well as utilize effective substitutions when combat becomes tricky. Her ultimately goal in this realm is to master the technique of the Second Hokage, in order to prove her savvy with the secondary element of her bloodline.

With the passing of years, Kurumi's prowess with her the Wood Release grew to new heights as the simple function of creating roots became a subconscious act. No longer did she rely on the simple effort of creating hand seals; the roots and trees which would serve as the basis of her varied attacks became second nature to her. This was not without it's problems however, as initially her control over such a function was limited at best, causing roots to occasionally grab and ensnare unsuspecting allies and individuals. Such a function was improved with diligent training on Kurumi's part, allowing the roots to be utilized for more practical purposes. Because her version of this seemingly basic technique originates from her body, it is capable of serving as a potent defense mechanism in times of difficulty, particular those of high danger, allowing the woman to protect her blindside and other vulnerabilities during tribulations in battle. The function of this mechanism is extraordinarily similar to Gaara's sand, being comparable in speed and durability while remaining flexible under heavy attacks. In particular, because of her wood's unique properties, the wood would bend in such a situation, like that of electrical wiring and railroad tracks. Put simply, it serves the function of spreading the force of the attack of the entire surface area of the wood protection, minimizing if not negating the attack's ability to penetrate Kurumi's construct. As for the protection's activation, it occurs within the subconscious, obeying the body's natural instinct and insight for danger, allowing it to act long before Kurumi is able to do so. Such a function has proven useful in battle, particularly against large squadrons and those who favor highly destructive attacks. Kurumi has even credited this function with saving her life on at least one occasion.

Should such a defense mechanism be bypassed by a extraordinarily fast or devastatingly strong opponent however, Kurumi has learned to naturally harden her body into that of a quebracho tree. Dubbed the "ax-breaker" tree by many individuals, the tree that served as the inspiration for this ability requires a couple tons of force just to make a small dent. It's fortitude is at a level where swords and steel weapons easily break against Kurumi's person when they make contact, acting as powerful persuasion against any assassins. Because she is capable of manipulating the density and heft of this attribute, it has since become a natural function of Kurumi's person, protecting her organs from weapons that seemingly found their mark, only to snap in half before leaving no traceable damage behind. Another useful consequence of this ability is that Kurumi is capable of rendering herself to be extraordinarily light, bellying the durability and subsequent slowness that would be expected from such an aspect. Thus, she is fully capable of retaliating at astounding speeds after the individual is left dumbfounded from the ineffectiveness of their attack. Kurumi has stated that the impermeability of this attack is comparable if not equal to that of the Shikotsumyaku, and she would be the first to admit that it's function served as the inspiration for creating this ability, recognizing the latter's durability. It's protective attributes were particularly appreciated when Kurumi became such a visible figure within the world upon attaining the mantle of Daimyō and having to deal with a a group of tricksters/back-stabbers.

Consequences of Protection

The slaughtering of entire anbu squadron.

However, her subsequent discoveries would yield more fruit for Kurumi's offensive capabilities. While noting the strength of and more specifically speed of her now permanent defensive mechanism, Kurumi worked to turn such a thing into a more offensive product, endowing her with the ability to create constructs of various sizes at mind numbing speeds. Using her rudimentary wood/root protection as a medium, Kurumi cultivated this aspect to into offensive firepower, overriding her primary defensive function so that not only would it defend, but protect. The result was a potent shifting ability from that of a basic wood shield into mediated constructs such as a dragon's head or the human technique. Ending with Kurumi safely encased within it's exterior while the construct does its damage to the foolhardy adversary. It is noted that the speed of the change is incomprehensible to most individuals, as their eyes simply witness protection then destruction, they being subjected the latter occurrence. Kurumi considers it to be one of her more adequate ideas, creating a seamless two fold plan within the confines of her subconscious, enabling her to punch far above her weight in battle.

However such a brilliant mind was not finished with the implementation of her growing mastery, as she noted the First Hokage's excellence with the Kekkei Genkai drove her to utilize the blessing in a variety of creative and ingenious ways. Taking note of her particular version's sensitivity to sound, Kurumi sought to combine it with the realm of genjutsu. With her ability to create entire forests in one sitting, the latter learned to infuse subtle genjutsu within its confines, creating a powerful capturing effect. The genjutsu itself starts as sounds, reverberating through the treetops and around the immense area, ensnaring those unfortunate enough to be there in its grasp. Because the genjutsu itself originates from the growing forest, it is perpetually there, resulting in a multi-layered genjutsu suitable for dealing with large groups of adversaries. As such, a simple genjutsu release is no longer sufficient for breaking out of this genjutsu, as it will simply reactivate. Kurumi created this ability for the purpose of dealing with potential invasions by rival nations of the Land of Yang, and as such grants this protection to its hidden village as well. The latter has not mentioned if she is capable of imbuing this into existing forests, though it's been hinted by her that is possible.

Perhaps another creation with an invasion in mind is was that of a veritable army built to with stand some of the most capable and atrocious coups that this often unpredictable shinobi world has to offer. Since they originate from Kurumi they are likewise imbued with her wood-making abilities, allowing them to create constructs and weapons of their own to aid them in battle. What makes them even more dangerous however is their connection to the woods and earth. Similarly to Gaia's son, if they are destroyed or even outright obliterated by an opponent, they will simply reform, as long as they are connected to the earth or its products. The result is a potent standing army that could potentially fight indefinitely, allowing them hold the line against multi pronged attacks and full scale pursuits. In that regard, they serve as exceptional backup or a second team to the Tokugakure shinobi, while helping to weedle out the village's or country's adversaries into smaller, more digestable numbers. For the sake of strengthening their prowess however, Kurumi used a Yang Release technique in order to increase their potency and decision making skills, giving them a more "alive" aspect compared to her to her normal wood constructs. She also managed to isolate and imbue the group with a nasty side-effect should they ever be best or successfully destroyed by an invading power. As a result of their extreme potential they possess, the location and existence of these warriors are a closely guarded secret of the Yang Daimyō, who knows that their power could fall into the wrong hands if such a thing was ever to leak out. No one knows where they are housed, and the Yang Daimyō herself has locked away the part of her mind that knows in the case people snooping around.


Raised in the confines of Kumogakure, Kurumi would begin interacting with various weapon types from a young age, most notably kenjutsu, a typical pastime of most Kumogakure ninja. It is said that she is proficient enough with the village's Cloud-Style to utilize it in various situations with different types of swords, from katanas to cutlasses to broadswords. Her aptitude is high enough that she can cross swords with swords specialists and hold her own if not temporarily overwhelm them with her skill. Despite not expanding her capacity for the art into other sword styles, she nevertheless remains knowledgeable of them, searching the styles for weaknesses should she per chance battle an opponent with that specific type. It is also noted that she can recognize what sword style her adversary is a practitioner of by sight alone, allowing her to coordinate her defenses and attacks accordingly. Kurumi is also shown to be proficient in shurikenjutsu, having learned to manipulate kunai and shuriken from the time she was capable of holding them. In particular, she has learned how to apply chakra flow to the former in order to increase its reach, allowing her to clash against sword practitioners without possessing the weapon herself. She also has shown some novice abilities with a bow and arrow or kyūjutsu, able to create an opening by assaulting the opponent with several arrows shot from her bow, both of which come in ready supply with the help of her wood release. Despite this, Kurumi rarely resorts to this, noting it to not be her greatest strength in battle and only relying on it should the numerical advantage not work out in her favor.


Kurumi Bojutsu Practitioning

The Speed of Kurumi's Bōjutsu

Of the many bukijutsu styles that were at the young girl's disposal, this proved to be the one that spoke to her. Considering there were precious few practitioners within Kumo's confines, Kurumi relied on her own intuition along with various instructions from the few people she could track down in order to master the style. But the style itself would be nothing without a staff to use it with, so Kurumi was left with the difficulty of finding one. That is, until she gained the capabilities to create one herself. It's design was rather simple, being composed of the onyx coloring that defined it as one of her own manifestation. Sized perfectly for height and style, it is capable of growing and shrinking with her as Kurumi ages. It lacks the ceremonial pomp and pageantry of most signature weapons, but Kurumi prefers it that way; it allows the weapon to remain inconspicuous when not in use. Because the woman has utilized this style as a physical complement to her mind since she was nothing but a child, Kurumi has proven to be highly capable of discerning one's mastery with this potent yet overlooked tool. It allows her to effortlessly judge whether one is capable of this fighting style before they have even picked up the staff. This eagle eye extends to the weapon itself, as she notes the craftsmanship, wear and tear, and general durability of a fellow bōjutsu practitioner. In particular, she can analyze their weaknesses with the art, capitalize on any weaknesses of their weapon, and effortlessly subdue them with bō. She has christened the bō with a fitting name of Hashira (柱, Hashira) for the central function it forms within her abilities, while allowing her to counter the gods she faces.

The staff's origin as a Wood Release construct serves many purposes within Kurumi's usage of the often disregarded art. Because it is essentially and extension of herself, she maintains the ability to manipulate it's dimensions and surface area at will. With a simple twirl motion, she is able to shape the staff into a durable shield, protecting her front from powerful ninjutsu attacks. With a few more seconds however, she can also lengthen the construct to protect her sides and back, before returning it to the original form. In conjunction with this aspect, Kurumi is capable of growing roots from the staff while attacking an opponent, allowing her to ensnare them in her grasp. Because this variation ties back to Kurumi, it allows for a low-level form of chakra absorption, as the roots further weaken the opponent while she continues to beat them. Since the bōjutsu fighting style is largely centered around blunt power, Kurumi has learned to isolate the Earth and Wood portions of her staff to further increase its density, allowing her to crush bones and skulls with appalling ease. Kurumi compares it to having a weighted staff on hand, while able to manipulate it's heft at the drop of a hat. Another advantage of the staff's propriety to change sizes is that Kurumi can fend off multiple opponents at once in the case of disadvantageous numbers. Should Kurumi choose to throw the staff, she has learned to apply earth or water chakra to amplify it's speed and strength, allowing it to do further damage. Should the thrown staff miss it's target however, Kurumi can detonate the construct, causing the earth to act as shrapnel and projectiles that still deal exceptional damage to the opponent. Perhaps the most useful aspect of her weapons is her ability to hide within its dimensions, in a similar mold to Kisame's disappearance into Samehada. Since they share the same chakra signature, Kurumi can have a clone wield the bō while she resides within, awaiting a perfect opportunity to strike.


This is perhaps the most recent addition to Kurumi's arsenal, having been adopted upon the discovery of a purer source of natural energy; the earth itself. The task itself proved difficult for even Kurumi's prodigious abilities, with progress made largely due to her inherited Kekkei Genkai. This served as the foundation for her aptly named tree senjutsu, using herself as a medium to draw from the existing world around her. Her brand is noted to be particularly strong and more easily accessible in heavily forested areas like the Land of Fire and the Land of Yang, forming a backbone that she can draw from. As expected, when activated she receives an exponential boost to techniques pertaining to Wood Release and its derivative nature transformations. The differences are most notable in minute details, such as the amount of time it takes to generate specific elements on a massive scale, their general resiliency against attacks stemming from their weaknesses, as well as overall durability. In particular, Kurumi is able to replicate some of her great-great-great-great grandfather's most coveted attributes, endowing the woman with greater offensive firepower and more potent sealing abilities respectively. Likewise, she had devised several ways to build up natural energy while remaining mobile, especially those with more minimal chakra cost. If that fails, she resorts to strategies that will buy her enough time to implement the gathering. Most importantly, once activating Sage Mode, Kurumi's eyes are the only portion of her body or face that changes appearance, signifying her as a fully-realized sage. Though this was not always the case.

Nature Goddess Mode

Kurumi's Nature Goddess Mode

The Pillar of Her Senjutsu.

A complete harmonization. That is what this final been equated to when Kurumi first manifested this evolution. As noted by the name, this is a design far beyond the simple reaches of basic senjutsu. If to be trusted, this is the work of a higher entity. The woman herself undergoes an extensive transformation, becoming more rustic in her appearance as the senjutsu injection rips away her mortal flesh, replacing it with the make of a woodland diety. Her becomes wild and unkempt, her hands lengthen and taper into claws, and the trees and plants infuse themselves onto her being. Her eyes also lose their purple coloration, becoming a shade of immortal forest green. Perhaps the most notable change is that she is no longer restricted to a stationery battle setting when gathering senjutsu. Instead, her body is remade into a vessel of trees, plants, forest and fungi, become a natural habitat for dormant natural energy. Freeing her to move around the battlefield when engaging adversaries. It is noted that as she walks, various fungi and wildflowers grow, inhabiting the path she treads. Because she has synchronized with the natural world at it's most minute level, the very earth becomes an extension of her will. Kuru can bend the laws of infertility to her own personal agenda, capable of spawning groves the size of countries in areas as barren as the Land of Wind, regardless of what logic says. And because they are tied to her life force and have received her blessing, such constructs can sustain themselves regardless of the inhospitable landscape.

Perhaps more interesting and sinister is that Kurumi can replicate the effects of White Zetsu pores. She can use the basic hospitable components of the human body to grow plants on her enemies, ones that will feed off their body in parasitic manner until it has been robbed of its nutrients and chakra. As noted, the pores themselves appear unidentifiable to the eye, allowing them to float undetected when she releases them and lets them attach to opponents over the course of a battle. Like Zetsu pores, they expand over time; she can alter their growing patterns depending on a whim in order to increase their effect on the target, crippling them and making them vulnerable to her whims. Or, she can slow their adjustment period in order to allow for discretion, giving her a "bargain" that she can call in at any time in order to subdue the opponent. It is noted that her constructs are augmented even further when she is in the form, possessing a durability that rivals the strongest of metals and failing that, regenerating at speeds that appear unimaginable. But are ultimately the result of life force acclimated in a greater form, endowing her constructs with incredible resiliency. As for the woman herself, her physical parameters are increased greatly, able to shake off physical devastation with a mere shrug, and put herself back together should the attack prove effective. Perhaps more notable is her ability to transform into a variety of creatures and beings as if they were no more than a second skin, moving beyond the humble Transformation Technique as she molds her life force into the new entity, shaping every aspect of their being in a way that makes them undeniably original.

The Woodland Goddess

The one who guards the lands under her personal protection.

Of more important note is Kurumi gaining access to the coveted altering technique while in this form. Like her variant of transformation, she can easily mold entirely existences with the power of her imagination, grasping upon the basic materials of her wood release as clay and her life force as the breath of air to awaken the individual from their slumber once they have been completed forged by her hand. Her ability to make and remake using these mediums only reinforced her Mother Nature mantra, nursing and building a new world and civilization from her own blueprint. It also granted her a new name; The Progenitor as she built her own web of people who inherited the gifts she bestowed upon them, before tucking them away from the corruptive influences of the human world. Perhaps the crown jewel of her abilities lies in the origin of chakra itself; the world tree. Having harmonized with the site as it molded the young woman and injected its will into her, the tree endowed Kurumi with a fail safe; the ability to bring forth a new tree should the old one succumb to its demise. Noted as a grandiose exercise the amount of power necessary to bring forth this effort is staggering. With Kurumi used as a medium for its growth and sustenance. Though in return, the world's natural energy becomes her food source, bringing with her the power to cause cataclysms that rival her ascended cousin. Truly remaking her into a god that is to be feared by the world below. Though such an occurrence is not without its merits, while the ultimate technique has been largely relegated to the back burner as she further researches its power.

As an extension of her abnormal existence, she retains a revolutionized version of her great-great-great-great grandfather's healing abilities. Able to draw from the earth and woodlands in order to heal herself in an immediate manner. Though more importantly, she can utilize herself as an medium to heal the injuries of her compatriots, able to wipe away wounds and restore a body's natural vitality. It shown to be strong enough to repair broken and amputee limbs, leaving the recipient feeling as good as new. It is unknown if the technique can counter the effects of Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones, but due to it relying on the vitality of Yin-Yang as opposed to the more mediocre basis of yang, it is not completely out of the question. Though Kurumi remains curious about its limits, testing it in a variety of circumstances in order to prove and disprove her cultivated hypothesis. Nevertheless, she estimates that at full aptitude, she could easily restore an entire military should they find themselves in significant trouble. A fact that is unsurprising given her ability to bring forth life wherever she walks, causing locals to speak of the woman with reverence as a protector of the Mother's gifts, serving as her guardian, champion, and giver while she slumbers in the world below the surface.


These were taken prior to Kurumi's paralysis:

Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part III 3 2 1.5 5 2 2 2 2 19.5

This was the progress made with Kurumi's subsequent recovery and growth as a kunoichi:

Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part IV 4.5 4 3 5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4.5 33.5


  • According to the databook(s):
  • Kurumi's hobbies are researching the world at large and gaining the power to carve out her own legacy.
  • Kurumi's wishes to fight the Third Raikage, Hashirama Senju, Kiyoshi Yuri, Killer B, and Tobirama Senju. For the latter, she wants to attain as much knowledge as she can about the KG they share, whether it is through battle or comparing notes.
  • Kurumi's favorite foods are blueberries and other fruits, enjoying their natural sweetness and/or sourness. Her least favorite foods are primarily vegetables.
  • Kurumi completed 15 missions prior to her accident: 6 D-rank, 4 C-rank, 3 B-rank, 2 A-rank, and 0 S-rank.
  • Her primary quote is from the one and only Boondocks. This particular verse was given by Huey, the wiser and more studious brother of the troublesome duo.
  • Kurumi finished in the 6th spot of the most recent Ten Strongest Characters Iteration
  • Her primary image sources are Rosetta from Granblue Fantasy and Ayase Shinomiya from Guilty Crown.


(To Koko) "Why would I? We both know you could have finished me ages ago, particularly in regards to my current state. Besides, you don't strike me as the time to run away when more people are brought on scene. Rather, you would relish the additional attention as an opportunity to carry out more carnage."

(To Kumogakure Anbu before killing them) "All I see is Kumo-nin after Kumo-nin boasting about how fast they are, how strong they are etc. I've yet to meet an individual outside of my sister who uses their head. I mean, the mind was created for this phenomenon called thinking, in order to create plans that were either complex or simple based upon the situation at hand. Yet, very few shinobi of this village bother to utilize such a valuable asset. It will be their undoing someday, as it is for you today."

(To Herself) "Apparently there is a price to be paid for genius, and the bill of insanity has apparently called for a payment in the form of weakened to non-existent emotion. I guess all things have to come to pass sometime don't they?"

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