Fanon character

Age 23
Height 165 cm
Weight 47 kg
Blood type A
Gender Female
Current Location Tortoise
Rank Sannin
Name Meaning Don't know
Chakra Nature Yin, Yang


She looks like Kushina Uzumaki.


Talkative and a tomboyish girl. Is always beating up her boyfriend, Gekko Uchiha because he do something or said something dumb.


Kushina is the first female Abomination created by the 1st torakage. The torakage infused Kushina with Kushina Uzumaki's DNA. Kushina lefted the tiger/wolf village when she was ten and is a excellent weapon master. She travels back and front to the tortoise looking for Abomination where she meet Gekko Uchiha. The two are dating and trying to find more Abomination to kill the first. Currently Kushina has returned to Konoha and is training with Kakashi Hatake and Gekko Uchiha.

Abomination - unnatural bloodlines


Is Excellent weapon master.

Ranmaru's Unnamed Bloodline

Her traits include penetrating vision and a unique chakra particle extension. She had the ability to use her vision abilities to penetrate the walls of her small shack and view the outside world. This ability does not appear to have the range of the Byakugan, but it actually has the ability to counter that Hyuuga trait.

Kushina's vision grants her a greater ability to see ones' life force, even beyond the Hyuuga's internal chakra perception.This allowed him to determine if someone, who had recently fallen in battle, was still alive. This was something Byakugan could not sense.

Kushina could also extend his chakra out in red dust-like particles to create phantoms and hide his own chakra presence. The spectral images could be granted life-like chakra flows to confuse both normal ninja and Byakugan.

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