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Kushina Uzumaki


Kushina Uzumaki was a former ninja from the Land of the Whirlpool country, where she was profoundly known for her ninjutsu and strong-willed spirit. As a child, she was tomboyish and chattery. She, like her future son, loved to pull pranks. However, she spent most of her childhood caught up in war. Constantly living through gruesome upheavals during her childhood and seeking for a daily "peace", Kushina made a name for herself and was widely know as she grew up. In her older years, she became renowned for her beauty. During this time, she would meet Minato Namikaze and would later birth a son named Naruto.


According to Jiraiya, Kushina was talkative and a tomboyish girl. According to Tsunade, much of Naruto's personality (and his style of ninjutsu) was inherited from her. As an adult, she was shown to be very level-headed and cheerful.

Land of the Whirlpool

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