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Kuusetsu Sanitsu (空説 散逸 lit. story being scattered and ultimately lost) is a cycle that unravels the history and true origins of the infamous Bijuu, the Nine Tailed Fox. This takes place centuries before Naruto's time, and approximately fifty years after the Sage of the Six Path's.


This is the beginning of a story, but it is also the prequel, and the sequel to many others... thought lost to the ages, the time has come for the origins of one of the most infamous beings known: The Nine Tailed Fox.

When you think about it... this story didn't just take place back then, but now, as your read these words, for the people intertwined in this story come to life once more in your mind.

This story is shrouded in hatred, in death, in vengence, in blood... but somehow, it is also shrouded in love, as some intertwined in this story will soon find...

The time has come for the truth to come out of the shadows... but what bonds will survive in this story, and which shall be changed, possiblly broken, forever?


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