Kyora Omoi





Rank:Genin (Highest scores on Graduation)


Eye Color:Light Green

Hair Color:Light Green

Attitude:Caring but doesnt like to show it, Very tomboyish

Hobbies:Increasing her hand sign speed

Likes:A fascination for the color green

Kyora's Synopisis

Born a tough girl in the leafs badstreets as they call it. Kyora had to learn the meaning of tough and therefore started to act tomboyish. To get respect, she also became friends with Shobu for being one of the toughest girls, as Shobu was one of the toughest boys. She has excellent chakra control but but her hand sign speed is below poor as observed by many. She is also very smart considering her older sister taught her a lot about being a ninja.


Nin: Multi-Kunai Barrage

Gen: Torture Coffin (Learned from her Sister)

Tai: Leaf Hurricane

Based On

a lot of her persona is based on my girlfriend she can be very tomboyish, and she also loves green as her favorite color.


Im never gonna back down ( To Sensei)

You callin me out ( To Shiro)

Good at least half my team is good ( To Shobu)

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